How To Avoid Pimples After Shaving?

How To Avoid Pimples After Shaving?

Shaving is a daily ritual that your father has passed on to you. A good shave with clear skin without any razor cuts or after shave bumps makes you an attractive macho man. 

But, if you experience acne after shaving, this might be a sign that something is wrong with the way you shave. Maybe your shaving method is incorrect, or you are not using the right shaving creams that suit to your skin type. Whatever the reason, the important thing is how you can avoid those unwanted, annoying pimples that appear aftershave?

To help you solve this problem, I have got some tips to avoid pimples after shaving so you can get a smooth and beautiful skin. 

In this article, you will find the reasons for occurring pimples after shaving and successful ways to cope with them. The article highlights the following topics;

  • How do the buttons appear after shaving?
  • What are the most sensitive skins?
  • How to prevent the appearance of pimples after shaving.
  • Regularly maintain your shaving tools
  • Prepare your shaving hairs
  • Apply the right shaving products
  • Finish on a note of freshness

How Do The Buttons Appear After Shaving?

Several reasons can cause the buttons to appear after shaving. It can be because of the tool you use to shave.

Indeed, the quality and wear of your blades can be triggers. This creates an allergy, and thus the formation of pimples. Also, a blunt blade will tend to cut the hair at an angle. It will facilitate the regrowth of the hair under the skin and create ingrown pimples and hair.

Your hair type can also be the cause of acne. Curly hairs, for example, are more often incarnated and cause more aftershave pimples than normal hairs. Dried hairs can also aggravate the appearance of aftershave buttons because their shaving is a little more difficult.

What Are The Most Sensitive Skins?

Despite appearances, men have sensitive skin on the face. It is not uncommon to see pimples or irritations appearing after a shave.

Even though aftershave buttons are a problem that affects most men, there are types of skin that offer more favorable ground for the appearance of these unsightly imperfections.

Due to their particular shape, the frizzy or curly hairs increase the risk of ingrown hairs.

Skin with a tendency to acne or imperfections is more prone to aftershave pimples.

Shaving at the level of the buttons already present will create small cuts, and it makes it an open place for bacteria to come and live there. As a result, you will get a vicious circle in the form of acne.

How To Prevent The Appearance Of Pimples After Shaving?

You can prevent pimples from appearing after shaving by following these smart strategies. 

Regularly Maintain Your Shaving Tools

Regularly Maintain Your Shaving Tools

The first advice I will give to anyone who wants to avoid aftershave buttons is to always shave with clean and sharp blades. Do not hesitate to change your blades regularly at the first signs of fatigue or as soon as you have reached the three shaves. It does not cost much, so it`s better to spend a few bucks more than having your face ugly with nasty pimples.

Prepare Your Shaving Hairs

Prepare Your Shaving Hairs

Put the hair system in condition by opening the pores of your skin. But how you can do this? I have got an idea. While bathing or showering with hot water, you can also place a warm, wet towel on your face for a few minutes. In addition to opening the pores, this will relax your skin and soften the hair. You can shave closer, more clearly while avoiding the formation of buttons.

Apply The Right Shaving Products

Apply The Right Shaving Products

Shaving products can play a significant role on your skin; it might leave it soft and sleek, or with bumps and inflammations. Choose the products wisely according to your skin type. Apply shaving oil that will provide extra protection to your skin. 

It will moisturize and allow the hair to recover and allows you to move the razor smoothly onto your skin. It can save you from the famous ingrown hairs; the main reason for pimples to occur. Finally, apply a mousse or shaving cream.

I advise you to choose natural shaving products and if possible organic. They are much better for your skin health and effective for a clean shave as well. 

Finish On A Note Of Freshness

Finish On A Note Of Freshness

One step that people often neglect is the aftershave creams. It is as essential as shaving preparation; this final ritual can play a decisive role in the regrowth of your beard. 

Once the blade has passed, you have to close the pores of your skin. For this, you can use an Alum stone or simply rinse your face with cold water. You can also apply a moisturizer after shaving to rehydrate the skin. End on a scented touch by applying alcohol-free, natural and fragrance-free after-shave.

You will see amazing results by following this regimen; no tugging and a pleasant feeling of wellbeing. 

The Bottom Line

Although the shaving bumps might seem minor, they can develop into permanent scar tissues if you neglect them. So it’s better to take notice at the early stage and follow these simple steps to avoid aftershave buttons. Say goodbye to pimples and other aftershave blemishes, and let’s welcome a perfectly smooth, clean and polished skin. 

If you suffer from acne as a result of shaving, then share your ideas that have worked best for you. I would love to know them. Drop a comment and spread awareness.

Be brave, have a clean shave, and achieve what you crave!

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