5 Simple Ways To Become A Positive Person!

5 Simple Ways To Become A Positive Person!

"The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you can attract great things into your life"- ROY T. BENNET.

Our brain tends to always focus more on the negative side of the thing rather than the positive. Having a positive outlook on life and becoming a more positive person is not something that can happen overnight but with little practice, you can train your mind to become that way. Remember, the way you interpret and respond to situations in your life right now will significantly affect how your future looks like.

Here are some incredible tips that can help you in your journey to becoming a positive person and live a happier, fulfilling life!

  • Always be Grateful

be grateful always

It`s easy to admire the things that you do not have rather than focusing on what you have. Try to be grateful for everything you have. Practicing gratitude has many benefits such as improving self-esteem and increasing physical and mental strength. We all have something to be thankful for.

Every time when I get stuck with negative thoughts, I like to make a list of things I am grateful for. It could be anything from having food, shelter, clothes to having a job and a family that loves you. You can also keep a `gratitude journal`- you will be surprised with the results I am sure! 

  • Stop Comparing


Whoever said `comparison is the thief of joy` really knew what they were talking about. You can not be a positive person if you constantly compare your life to others, especially through what you see on social media. A great tip is to use comparison as motivation to do and become better. For example, instead of wasting your time and energy being jealous and envious towards those things that you don’t have, use this envy fire to ignite your motivation to work harder. Believe that if they can get there, then so can you. Learn from these people, get inspired by them. That is what will get you what you want not sitting there feeling sorry for yourself. There is always a person who has more than you. A comparison is a never-ending cycle that does nothing but only fills you with negativity. Stop comparing yourself to others and embrace your authenticity.

  • Be a Giver


We always get so busy in our lives and problems that we forget to take out the time for those around us. Research shows that giving and helping make us way happier than receiving. Try doing at least one good thing for someone a day. It is likely to holding the door open for someone. Just the feeling of knowing that you put a smile on someone`s face is far more likely to make you a more positive person that if you were to do something for yourself. Take out the time to listen to others. Do not listen to respond, listen to understand. We all want to be heard and doing that for someone else can help them feel so much better and also make your relationship stronger with them. Every time someone asks you for help, see that as an opportunity. It is kind of like being selfish and selfless at the same time.


true power lies in positivity

We all face adverse circumstances in life. That is not something we can control, what we can control is how we interpret and respond to them. I know it can be hard but next time you experience a negative situation. Take some time to reflect on it. Instead of giving up and being frustrated, ask yourself some questions. What did you learn from this experience? Where did you go wrong? What can you do to make sure it does not happen again? Beating yourself up about making a mistake or holding on to regrets will only hurt you in the future. Turning adverse situations into something positive is where your power truly lies.

It’s All about How You Start Your Day

I know most of us to love to press that snooze button only to wake up all flustered and running out the door stressed that you are going to be late for work again.  What we forget is the huge impact the way you start your day has on how the rest of your day goes. Make more of an effort to start your day on a positive note even if that means waking up 15 minutes earlier. As cheesy as it sounds, I love reading motivational quotes when I wake up. It works like a motivation booster for the day ahead of me. You can do a 5-minute meditation or write some good words. Little things like these can make a world of a difference. Become more mindful of how you spend your mornings and try to make them as positive as possible.

The Bottom Line

Incorporating these tips into your life can help you become a positive person overall. Training your mind daily can help change your perspective on how you see things. This doesn`t mean that you ought to be positive all the time. It is normal to have down times and ignoring negative emotions can do more harm than good. The point is to feel those negative emotions but learn the art of letting them go and making something positive out of it.

So, what is your daily practice of staying positive in life? Let me know in the comments!

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