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Walabot Coupon Code & Promo Code

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Popular Walabot Coupon Code & Promo Code for Oct-19

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About Walabot

Could you ever have imagined of a piece of product that could let you see through walls, objects, and other materials? No, right? To the surprise of where technology is headed to, a product like this has reached our markets. Walabot, an online tech store, provides you with a handheld device that will make you look in depth of pipes, wires, walls and a lot more and will additionally let you know of any movement if present. What a great innovation it is! You can have your hands on it at much lesser rates than usual by availing Walabot Coupon Code.

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More About Walabot

Which one of us hasn’t had the dream where you could see through walls, just like Superman? Well, now that dream is a reality. Walabot, a programmable sensor, is the latest innovative technology from the brilliant minds of the 21st Century that lets you see through solid walls, track people or objects, in virtual reality or otherwise, and much more. You want to monitor your home security or detect speed and surrounding items when on the road, Walabot lets you do that and more. The best part, you could use Walabot Coupon Code or Walabot Discount Code to get fantastic discounts on the program so that it won't be too costly and burdensome on your budget. 

Walabot for DIY

Walabot allows DIY hobbyists who prefer doing all the upgrades to the house themselves to be able to see through walls, all the way to the pipes and wires running through the structure. It enables you to make the arrangements accordingly and avoid potential disasters like cutting electrical wires.

Labels Wires, Pipes & Studs

Electricians, installers, plumbers, and engineers can all find the device helpful in so many ways. The Walabot app is upgraded with new features that allow the software to label and differentiate between metal and plastic pipes, studs, electrical wires, making them more apparent and visible. Plus, you could make use of Walabot Coupon Code or Walabot DIY Coupon Code to get amazing discounts and easily remodel homes to perfection at pocket-friendly rates.

Motion Detection

Walabot tells you the depth of the concrete walls, so you know beforehand how deep the wiring is from the surface. Moreover, it lets you know of any movement behind the walls, so you’ll see if you’re dealing with live rodents residing within the infrastructure. The best part is that it connects to your phone making it easy to use during jobs and you can avoid spending over your budget with Walabot Coupon Code that you can use to avail discounts.

Offline Viewing & Analysis

You can adjust the sensitivity of the app to meet your requirements or take images for offline viewing and analysis, making work accessible even in a Wi-Fi free zone. So get Walabot Coupon Code and make homes more beautiful stress-free at reasonable rates. 

Walabot for Makers

Walabot is not just for DIY-enthusiasts, but also developers and creators who want to bring their innovative ideas to life. It allows you to create your programs and software like tracking software, smart home security, or 3D imaging at reasonable prices on the use of Walabot Coupon Code.

View 2D-images in 3D

Walabot is a programmable sensor that can connect to your PC turning it into a 3D imaging system. You don’t need any additional devices for it to work or new Operating system since Windows, Linux and RPI support it. With 3D imaging, you would be able to detect cancerous tumors, in the medical field, for example.

Create Your Apps

You can also use Walabot to create your apps and commercial products. For example, you could track people and their movements in the real world or virtual reality, or be able to detect speed and the distance from surrounding objects through the radar systems when on the road. Walabot can detect targets up to 5m in open space and changes in the surrounding area with sub-mm resolution; RF band used in Walabot accomplishes this feat. The cherry on top is that with the use of Walabot Coupons, Walabot Coupon Code or Walabot Promo Code you can get the program at budget-friendly prices. 

Portable & Convenient to Use

Walabot is small enough to fit inside cases, so you have the opportunity to carry it anywhere anytime. Plus since it connects to PCs, you don’t have to lug around extra weight. So get your Walabot Coupon Code to enjoy these fantastic features at economical prices or make use of Walabot Free Shipping Coupon Code to get free delivery to your doorstep. 

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