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More About Lunar Lamps Coupon & Promo Code

Moon has long been an object of romance and human fantasy. It is considered a symbol of beauty and mystery. Everyone loves the sight of a full moon; it is an awe-inspiring and breathtaking sight indeed. Now you can touch the moon and see its beauty closely with the Lunar Lamps’ Moon lamps. Lunar Lamps is a company that designs innovative 3D printed Moon lamps that bring the original beauty of the moon to your home. The fantastic thing about these lamps is that their texture is similar to the original surface of the moon. 

The lamps come in three different varieties; the enchanted moon lamp, Jupiter lamp, and magic levitating moon lamp. Plus, you also have the option to customize these lamps with your photo or a favorite quote or gift the lamp to a loved one with a message engraved on the lamp. Apart from lamps, they also design moon lamps keychain so that you can carry your own moon wherever you go. You can purchase these beautiful lamps at a discounted price through the Lunar Lamps Coupon. 

These lamps are perfect for decorating anywhere in your home, whether it’s your living room, bedroom or kitchen. These lamps will provide a calm and serene ambiance to your home. They are a better alternative to the regular lamps used in our homes. Moreover, they are also a great option for people who can’t sleep in pitch dark rooms. So, get a glimpse of the beauty and charm of the moon at your home and buy these moon lamps at considerable discounts through the Lunar Lamps Coupon and Lunar Moon Lamp Coupon Code.

How are the Lamps Manufactured?

The manufacturing process is not like any ordinary procedure; an innovative 3D printing technology is used in the manufacturing process. The team behind Lunar Lamps studies the moon texture data from the NASA website and recreates the same texture for their moon lamps so that customers can get a real feel of the moon. Satellite images from the NASA website are used to reproduce the same surface and craters present at the surface of the moon.

To get a real-looking moon at your home at a discounted price, avail the Lunar Lamps Coupon and Lunar Lamps Voucher Code. 

What Type of Materials Are Used In the Lamps?

The lamps are 3D printed with PLA-polylactic acid. The material is odorless, environment-friendly and safe for the skin. Moreover, the lamps will not be damaged by a simple drop or fall. The lamps have passed the CE, Rosh and FCC certification too. Buy these 3D printed lamps at significant discounts through the Lunar Lamps Coupon. 

How Can I Get a Customized Moon Lamp?

A variety of personalization options are available for the customers. You can get a photo, a favorite quote or a personalized message printed on the lamps. You can also ask them to print a photo with a message. There is no restriction as to where the picture or the text can be printed; you can get them printed wherever you like. Get yourself a customized moon lamp at a budget-friendly price through the Lunar Lamps UK Discount Code or Lunar Lamps Coupon.

Does the Company Provide Any Preview Before Finalizing the Customized Product?

Yes, a preview of the customized product will be given to you before they start the production process. 

Is It Possible to Print The Photo in Colors?

The lamp can only be lighted with yellow or white light that’s why the photos can’t appear colored. 

How Many Sizes Are Available In the Lamps? 

The following sizes are available in the lamps:

1. XXS- 3.5 inch

2. Extra Small-3.9 inch

3. Small- 4.7 inch

4. Medium-5.9 inch

5. Large-7.1 inch

6. Extra Large-7.9 inch

7. XXL- 9.4 inch

How Many Types of Moon Lamps are Manufactured and How Are They Different?

Four types of moon lamps are available on the Lunar Lamps website – the Enchanted Moon Lamp, the Jupiter Lamp, the Magic Levitating Lamp and the customizable moon lamp. The Jupiter lamp and the Magic Levitating moon lamps are a bit different from the Enchanted Moon lamp; in the Jupiter Lamp, the moon is replaced with a 3D printed model of Jupiter while the Magic Levitating Lamp isn’t supported on any stand; it remains suspended with the help of a magnetic force created between a pad and the lamp. Buy the moon lamp of your choice at considerable discounts through the Promo Code. 

How Can the Moon Lamp Be Charged?

The charging process is easy; a power cord is provided with the lamp whose one end can be connected to a standard USB charging port, and the other end is connected to a mini USB charging port provided at the bottom of the moon lamp. 

What is the Battery Capacity of the Moon Lamp?

The battery capacity is 500 mAh with a charging time of two to three hours and a working time of 8-12 hours. 

How Can I Adjust the Brightness and Change the Colors of the Moon Lamp?

You have the option to switch between two colors; cool white and warm yellow. There’s a metal button provided at the bottom of the lamp, touch this button to switch between the two colors. 

To adjust the brightness of the moon lamp, long press the same metal button. 

What is the Refund or Return Policy of the Company?

The Moon Lamps undergo a thorough testing process before being dispatched for delivery; however, if by any chance the customers get a damaged product, they can notify the Lunar Lamps team through email at After that, you will be provided with a refund or the product will be exchanged within 90 days of the delivery date. 

What is the Cancellation Policy?

You can cancel or change the order within 12 hours of ordering. On cancellation or change of any personalized lamps, a 30 percent restocking fee will be charged. 

What are the Payment Options Available to the Customers?

Customers can pay online through Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. To pay through Western Union, contact at the email address for details. You can save a significant amount of money on your purchases by using the Lunar Lamps Coupon or Lunar Lamps Coupon Code. 

How Long Will the Company Take To Ship My Order?

The orders are dispatched within three days after receiving, and the standard postal shipping takes two to four weeks. The delivery time depends mostly on the country from where you are ordering. 

Does The Company Offer Free Shipping?

Lunar Lamps Free Shipping offer is available across the UK as well as on international orders. However, this option is available on standard delivery; you have to pay an additional cost for fast delivery. 

Can I Track My Order?

Yes, customers can track their orders online at the Lunar Lamps website, but they have to wait for at least 48 hours before they start tracking their order. It takes 48 hours for the orders to register on the system. 

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