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More About PastBook Coupon & Promo Code

Every moment we experience, every joy we share with our loved ones is stored up in the depths of our minds; the secured chambers deep in our subconscious, we like to visit now and then to reminisce the good times and relive the happy moments. 

However, nowadays, we post every picture of every moment of our lives on social websites like Facebook or Instagram, instead of arranging the hard copies into albums. Even if they are on the internet, there is no guarantee that we won’t lose them at all. 

Therefore, reigniting the trend for albums, PastBook provides you the opportunity to design your photo books from the cover to the pages within. Plus, with PastBook Coupon you can unleash your creative genius even on a budget.

Now you might wonder…

Where Can I Find a PastBook Coupon? 

Many coupon websites are popping up nowadays on the internet, but not all of them reliable, nor do you have the time to go through them all to find what you need. So, check out these sites to find PastBook Coupon:

  1. PennySaviour
  2. MyFirstSaving
  3. StartUpWorld

Where to find the latest PastBook Coupons? 

Just because they offer coupons and promo codes, doesn’t mean they are all most recent. PennySaviour is where you will find the latest coupons because it is updated at regular intervals. So, there is no chance of you finding an expired one.

Why Should You Use PastBook? 

Making scrapbooks or album has always been one of the best ways to preserve not only old memories but also create new ones; it is an ideal way to pass the time. Now, with PastBook, you can create your scrapbook online.

On the Web and completely tailor-made to fit you and your tastes! 

You create it over the internet but gain a hardcopy delivered right to your doorstep. With a click of a button, you can have all your cherished memories stored in your customized album. And, with PastBook Promo Codes, it won’t even create a dent in your budget.

How to Use PastBook?

Decide on a catchy title for the photo book, import your pictures, from any source including your Facebook and Instagram accounts, and write their captions and dates. Then arrange them in your album however you like; in the case of Instagram, you can organize them by time or hashtags. 

You can also import them from other platforms like Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa, on your computer, phone or tablet. With just one click, you have a masterpiece using any device from any platform.

Not only your pictures, but your friends and family can also contribute to your photo book. You can share your album and have them import their photos from any media or file; it’ll be one large picture book for the entire family!

Once you have imported the pictures and decided on a title, you can move on to select the size and dimensions of your photo book; from the number of pages to image per page, the size of the book, and the material for the cover. Plus, with PastBook Discount Coupons, you can get your album at budget-friendly prices.

What Makes PastBook Different?

There are so many album printing services nowadays that it can get pretty overwhelming having to choose between them all. They all give you what you want that is your pictures all arranged in a photo book, but there are many options you need to consider to chose the one that is right for you.

Besides, the following reasons for you to use PastBook, most beneficial would be that it offers PastBook Coupon so that you can get your photo book even on a budget. 

Advanced Features

PastBook is different from any other photo book printing service in that it is user-friendly with many easy-to-use tools that ensure you can design your photo book without a hassle. 

It has many aspects that make it one of the best app or website for printed photo books, namely:

  • No Complicated Tools

With PastBook, you don’t have to worry about complicated tools and complex layouts, nor do you need to be a designer to use the app. 

Just send in the pictures, photo book dimensions, and the cover photo you want to have, and they will do the rest for you. You also get to decide the arrangement and the title of your album, but they take all the ‘heavy lifting’ off your shoulders.

Plus, depending on the pages you opt for, you can have as many pictures as you want in your album; from a minimum of 26 pages with 96 prints or a maximum of 500 pages with 4000 photos in a photo book, with four images per page in each case. 

If that is not enough, then just spread your story over multiple albums!

PastBook enables you to relive your precious moments in printed form without having to leave the comfort of your home. Plus, with PastBook Discount Codes, you can get your photo book even on a limited budget.

  • Add or Delete Photos

Whether you use the app or the website, PastBook gives you complete control over what pictures go in your album. 

When you have a set draft, you can browse through for any changes you may or may not want. Just click on the “Preview” Button and flip the pages of the digital book. You can have your way with the photo book; add a caption, choose a picture as the cover photo, even delete if you wish.

The separate “Customize” button gives you the chance to add more memories to your album. It doesn’t end there; you can also change the cover, hide or show dates, titles, reorganize, resize, and even change the page color.

  • Professional Designers at Your Disposal

Not only does PastBook offer you a helping hand at with your customized album but they also provide you with the chance to have it designed by a professional in the field.

If you are an amateur photographer wanting to showcase your portfolio in the form of an album or an average Joe with little free time on your hands, then you can get PastBook Elite designers to do the work. 

When you make an order, PastBook Elite sends you an email or invitation to submit your photos. You then upload your pictures, send them through email or via WeTransfer, from any device you, add a note for the designer for what you want them to add, and then he or she will have your photo book ready for you. 

You don’t even have to worry about choosing from your extensive collection of photos. If you are a photography enthusiast and have tons of pictures to choose from, then send them all with a little quote they give. After you can rest easy, and their professionals will select the best ones for you.

The designer tailors your photo book and sends a preview for your review. If you like what you get, then your album moves on to the printing stage.  

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about payment if you don’t happen to like your photo book. PastBook Elite only charges your credit card when you approve of the preview so they can print and send it to your doorstep. 

Plus, with PastBook Coupon Codes, you never have to worry about going over your budget.

  • High-Quality Printing Press

PastBook prides itself on using only superior quality pages and ink for your album. There is no chance of miss printed or smudged images, nor are the pages used low quality and rough-textured. 

You can rest assured that the album will look just as good, if not better, as the photo book from your childhood, with glossy pages, plastic-covered pictures, and so on. 

  • Highly Compatible 

The best part about PastBook is that it is not limited to any one electronic device. Whether you are prone to using your smartphone or your laptop, Windows, Android or iOS, PastBook is compatible with all platforms and gadgets.

Plus, with Promo Codes, you don’t have to worry about overspending on your budget for your personalized photo book.

Web Browser or App; what will it be?

If you don’t fancy using the browser; whether on your computer or smartphone, you can get the PastBook App. Having PastBook on your phone would make it super easy to upload your pictures directly from Facebook or Instagram.

With our handy smartphones in hand, that can do just about anything a computer can, why waste time launching a web browser? Plus, they have the convenience of being able to download Apps that offer even more of a shortcut. 

Where to download the PastBook App? 

If you are on team Android and looking to download the PastBook App, then you might have to wait a while. They are not finished with it yet. However, Apple iPhone users can download the PastBook App from the App Store – iTunes.

But first, if you’re going to avail discounts, you should know…

How to get PastBook Coupons?

PastBook collaborates with PennySaviour to get you the most jaw-dropping discounts on your personalized photo books. 

Memories are priceless to an individual; whether good or bad, they make up the person you are today. PastBook gives you a chance to get your precious moments immortalized at pocket-friendly prices using PastBook Coupon. 

Visit the website, type in the search box PastBook, and you will find tons of latest seasonal deals and mind-numbing discounts on all sizes and types of photo books. 

Not just on your albums, though, there are also deals available on PastBook Gift Cards. You can present one as a gift to your friend or family, for their anniversary, birthday or as a Holiday gift.  

After you get your coupons, learn…

How to Use PastBook Coupons?

You created your picture-perfect photo book and wanted to know how to pay for it? Easy! PastBook is super helpful for first-timers and gives you easy-to-follow instructions to get your tailor-made album at your doorstep.

What you can do is:

  • Hit “Checkout” that will appear at the top right corner of the window in your browser.
  • It will take you to the purchasing form, where at the top you will find a “redeem coupon” option. 
  • Click on it to open a dialog box. 
  • Type in your Coupon Code and Secure Code in their designated blank spaces.
  • Hit “Continue” and move on with the payment of your photo book. 

Now that you must be satisfied with its features and the discounts you can get, you might want to know…

What Forms of Payment Does PastBook Accept?

PastBook accepts both credit and debit cards as well as PayPal money transfer. If you want to pay with a credit or debit card, these are the ones they accept:

  1. Visa
  2. MasterCard
  3. American Express
  4. JCB
  5. Diners International

For PayPal users, they take the following cards; you don’t need to have a PayPal account for payment, follow the instructions given with checkout. 

  1. Maestro
  2. Diner’s Club
  3. EnRoute
  4. Discover
  5. JCB
  6. MasterCard
  7. Visa
  8. American Express

Does PastBook Ship to My Country?

If you are going to lengths to pay for something, they should at least be available in any region of the world. Thankfully, PastBook offers to ship to wherever you live as long as it is within the Earth’s atmosphere.

Within ten business days, you will have your photo book in your hands to enjoy with friends and family.

However, overseas shipping can be quite burdensome on your wallet. So, let’s see…

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Regardless of the price of your photo book, PastBook keeps its shipping charges to a minimum of $5. They understand how hard it is to earn an honest living in our present economy that is why they try and offer you discounts wherever possible. 

But what if you didn’t have to pay for shipping at all?

Does PastBook Offer Free Shipping?

Unfortunately, PastBook does not offer Free Shipping Coupon, but there are different promotional deals all year-round that you can avail using Promo Codes for PastBook. 

PastBook Makes for a Perfect Gift

There is no denying photo books make the perfect gift for any occasion; be it birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. However, you can also give them a chance to get their photo books made the way they want. With PastBook Gift Cards, you can surprise your friends or family and relive your happy memories.

No matter how digitally advanced we become, there’s no denying the pleasure of going through your old photo albums reminiscing and laughing at your former selves. With every picture you see, it’s like you travel back to the time when things seemed simpler, easier; it tells a story that you wouldn’t mind going over and over again.

Picture frames can only contain so many pictures, but they are not as fun as a whole album. Thus why PastBook gives you PastBook Gift Cards. Not only can you revel in the joy of your precious moments yourself at pocket-friendly prices, but also give your loved ones the chance to see their memories and relive them again without overspending. 

What is a PastBook Gift Card?

PastBook Gift Card is your gateway to giving your friends and family the ideal gift for any occasion, a photo book customized to the dot according to their preference, at budget-friendly prices. 

There are many different PastBook Gift Cards available varying with the number of pages in the photo book. So, you can opt for the one that fits your budget and have it sent to your friends or family via email.

Best of all, PastBook gives you the chance to add a personal message to the gift card, making it even more special. What could be better than a few heartfelt words to your loved ones that no amount of expensive gifts can overcome? 

Furthermore, you can redeem the gift whenever you want. PastBook keeps no time limit on its gift cards, meaning it is ideal for all occasions, all year round.

How Do I Redeem a PastBook Gift Card?

PastBook is super customer-friendly, in that it has simple instructions for you to follow to redeem your gift card and complete your purchase. Similar to what you did with your coupon:

  • When you’re happy with your photo book, click the “Checkout” button that you will find on the top right of the web browser. 
  • In the payment section, you will find various payment methods. Click on the PastBook Gift Card and a box will open on the right side.
  • Type in your code in the blank space in the box and hit the “Apply Gift Card” button at the bottom.
  • And – Voila! You have redeemed your PastBook Gift Card.

If you are giving your friends or family a PastBook Gift Card, it’s better to know how to redeem it so you can pass on the knowledge, if they ask. 

About PastBook

PastBook FAQs

Yes, you can avail their free shipping offer by upgrading your order to the large size cover and getting a discount from PastBook Coupon.
You can expect your PastBook order to be delivered within 7-10 days, respectively.
PastBook accepts payment through credit/debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and Diners Club International. They also accept PayPal payments, Maestro, Discover, and EnRoute.

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