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More About PopSocket Discount Code 50 & Promo Code

Today we barely see anyone without a phone in their hands; we are addicted to our smartphones.  Even when we don’t have anything significant to do, we keep using it; scrolling the IG feeds, liking facebook post and reading statuses. 

However, the sleek modern designs of the smartphones make it difficult to hold them securely. That’s why there is a constant fear of our phones falling and gaining heavy damage. Therefore, Popsockets are expanding grips and stands for your phones, tablets, and cases. You can use it  for groping, propping, and Cord management. Plus, it makes your phone look good. 

The good thing about the site is that it offers huge discounts through coupons and Promo codes, so if you want to avail have Popsockets Discount Code from PennySaviour. Plus, if your luck might work, you can win Free Popsockets too.

What is Popsockets?

Has it ever happened to you that you got your expensive phone’s screen damage because you accidentally dropped it? It’s quite difficult to carry the smartphones focusing something else; like taking selfies. It slips in the blink of an eye, and at the end of the day, you left with nothing but regret. 

Popsockets can help you deal with this dilemma. It is a phone accessory which you attach to your phone for a better grip. You can pop them to use as a media stand while watching videos, or mount your phone during video calls. Plus, it’s not expensive if you buy it via Popsocket Discount Code 50 off. 

Popular questions about Popsocket

How to put on the pop socket?

It is an attachment that can be stick at the back of your phone. It can be easily applied in a few following steps. 

  • Buy the product from brands official website

Visit the official website and choose your desired socket. Also, it can be personalized.

  • Decide where you want to attach it

The position of socket depends upon your intention of using it. For example, if you want to prop up a small phone vertically, position it at the bottom of your phone. Or figure out if you wish to attach one socket or two. 

  • Peel off the sticker

When you want to attach the pop socket peel the sticker on the back, don’t stretch it harshly otherwise it will reap.

  • Stick the socket to your phone 

After removing the sticker, press it onto the place where you would like to place the socket. Press down tightly for a minute to make sure it sticks properly. 

How to remove a popsocket?

These sockets are very easy to put on and remove. To take out the grip just flatten it and peel it slowly from the adhesive surface. Be careful while removing it because if you would pull it may be you will end up grip expanded, or it might pop out of the base.

If you are having trouble in peeling it off. You might try using dental floss. Just slide it under the grip and it will come out easily.

How to make a popsocket sticky again?

 Popsocket grips have a long lifespan so people want to use it as much as they can. But once the grip gets dirty, it loses its sticky properties and doesn’t attach with the phone. But it can be sticky again; rinse it thoroughly with water and let it dry. As soon as it dries reuse it. Never expose the grip to open air for more than 15 minutes otherwise the sticky gel will dry out.

How many times can I stick and re-stick my PopSockets grip?

You may stick and restick the grip as many times as you like. Unless the gel dry out, because after the gel dries you can never use it again.  

How to clean a Popsocket?

Cleaning of this smart phone grip is very handy. All you need is to run it under cold water for 3 seconds. Don’t use a lots of water and never leave it in water for more than 3 second, otherwise its drying time will be lengthen and ruin its adhesiveness. 

How many times can I expand and collapse my PopSockets grip?

These smart grips are designed to expand and collapse around 12,000 times in a single lifespan. 

What is a PopTop?

Poptop is a design part of pop grip. You can now remove and attach the different poptops to try out different designs without removing the grip.

Mix, match, and make a statement.

Can I create my own Popsockets?

We want personalization and individuality in everything then why not in grippers? You can also customize it by using Create my own feature at the site.

  • Go to the official site
  • Click on create your own
  • Upload the image you want on your device.

They offer a handy and useful way for businesses to customize it to make a corporate gift for employees and clientele that will be used every day by recipients. It is merely a thing you never knew you needed, but now it's hard to imagine life without it.

Exciting Features of Popsockets

Securer than Ever

Keeping your phone near water is a big no-no, that’s the only reason you avoid taking it to the washroom; but it is made up of polycarbonate, TPU, and polyurethane. So, you can now safely place your phone on wet surfaces like the sink, kitchen counter.

It makes many difficult activities easy like using a phone while running, earphone management and more.  For having Popsockets at budget-friendly prices; use Popsocket Discount Code 50% or Popsocket.com Promo code.

Enjoy the Better Grip

If your phone drops a lot or has small hands to carry the latest tall phone models, then pop sockets can fixes this for you — the one thing that people like the most about these devices is the additional grip. This is useful for large Smartphones like iPhone 8 plus and more. 

With this grip, you may hold the device one-handed and browse without issue, plus it’s much more comfortable.

Additionally, who is not into selfies these days? Thus, besides, the better grip these sockets are great for clicking pictures.

Socket makes it easier to hold your phone with one hand, reaching the shutter button should be convenient. You enjoy more leeway with the angle, and the sturdy grip means you no longer need to mishandle around as you find the most complimentary shot.

To get popsocket 10% off or Popsocket $2 off use popsocket coupon.

Showoff Your Individuality

Every individual is different some like colors, and some don’t; some believe in fairytales, and some prefer reality. Similarly, everyone wants to show out what they feel inside; whether it’s through words, actions or mere accessories. 

Perhaps the best thing about this product is that it provides you the opportunity to express yourself. You can tell the world your favorite marvel character, your love for mermaid or your spirit animal. You can win amazing discounts on using Popsocket Discount Code UK.

Store brings you the smart grippers in the variety of styles and designs to make your phone look more catchy and attractive. If you want to keep your gadgets safe without disturbing your budget; have Popsocket Discount Code 50% or Popsocket.com Coupon Code from PennySaviour.

Feed Your Creative Spirit

Not always do we find what we are looking for; like not finding favorite color in a t-shirt collection you like, or you hate all the available prints and which that you could make something on your own.  At that time we wish the power to create things ourselves. 

These smart grippers gives you the ability to create your phone grippers and protectors yourself. Yes, you can customize it the way you want. If you wish to print your picture on that or your company’s logo, give them a line.  Don’t forget grabbing Popsocket UK Discount Code for favorable prices.

The best thing about the site is that if offers massive discounts on Custom Pop socket, so have Popsocket Voucher code and dive into affordability. 

Respect the Road Safety Laws

Using a smartphone while driving is a complete no because it’s hazardous; not only to others but for you as well. However, the brand has released a car vent mount product. You can place it in your car to make commute much safer.

Show some respect towards road safety as well as to your pockets and get Popsockets Discount Code for substantial discounts. 

Shipping, Returns and Exchanges

Do site offer exchanges?

No, this time site does not offer an exchange, but you can have the full refund by following the exchange procedure. It will take ten business days for your funds to return to your account.

Does site ship internationally?

Yes, no matter wherever you are you may have the sockets delivered to your doorstep. But there are few exceptions visit site to know about those. 

How long does shipping take?

Shipping depends upon location. Domestic shipping will take about 3-5 business days whereas for International shipping you have to wait 2-3 weeks because of customs processing.

How much does shipping cost?

Free shipping on all domestic orders. if you want to be the lucky one having the products delivered free to the door step, use Black Swallow Free Shipping Coupon Code. 

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