30 Affordable Book Subscription Boxes You Need In Your Life Right Now

Finding the book and novels of your favorite author is so much time consuming in this busy life. At this point, book subscription boxes come in handy. You can get your favorite books delivered to your door every month. Here are some cheap book subscription boxes for you in different genres to pick the one of your choice.

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30 Affordable Book Subscription Boxes You Need In Your Life Right Now

'Cozying up with a good book, a mug of coffee and a warm, fuzzy blanket, Oh! What a heavenly feeling it is!'

Getting immersed in the imaginary world of books is one of the most relaxing things you can do. But seeking out the latest bestseller can be time-consuming. At this time signing up to a book subscription box is no more than a bliss for book lovers.

Subscription boxes have made our life more comfortable; you can get your favorite items in a single box without having to lift your finger. Whether they are makeup subscription boxes, education boxes or food boxes, you can’t get enough of it. 

If you are a sucker for comic books, a fan of fiction, romance or fantasy, these book subscription boxes have a genre for everyone to curl up with!

Give your reading list a good makeover and delight your inner bookworm by getting a book subscription box to your door on a regular basis (either quarterly or monthly). 

Here I have check-listed some best book boxes written by the best online dissertation writers and measured them on value for money so that it won’t get heavy on your wallet. 

Let’s dive deeper into the delightful realm of book subscription boxes.

Fantasy books subscription boxes

Lend into different dimensions, and time periods with the subscription boxes that are inspired by mystery and magic. Read some good books and forget your stress with the mesmerizing feel of flipping the pages. Nothing is more relaxing than the aroma of a book. Discover new books and get new titles in fantasy genre straight to your door with some popular fantasy book subscription boxes. 

ShelfLove crate

Cost: Starts from $29.99

What you’ll get: If you want to get more into the magical worlds and fantastical reads, Shelf love is for you. You will get a Monthly Fantasy/Sci-Fi reads, 3 or more themed-based bookish goodies, and other exclusive items including candles, tea, notebooks, bath bombs, bookmarks, tote bags, etc. This box will make you feel like Christmas EVERY month. You can get monthly, 3 months or six months prepay subscription offers.

Promo Code: You can save 10% on subscription by using the code HARLEY10 at the checkout.


Cost: $32.97

What you’ll get: It is a box of bookish treasure. It is a monthly prepay subscription box in which you will get one hardcover recently released fantasy book and 5 to 6 exclusive and high-quality bookish goodies. It is like a sprinkle of fairy dust. The books you will get each month will keep you up all night to read it.

Promo Code: You can save 10% on subscription by using the code LOWE10 at the checkout.

Magic Chest

Cost: $35.16

What you’ll get: You will find this box at crate joy. In your box, you will get one hand-picked, recently released hardcover fantasy book and three to six bookishly magical products that take you to the epic adventures every month. You have the option to either make a single purchase or subscribe for one, three, or six-month subscription boxes. Escape into the fantasy world and enjoy with the Magic Chest.

Promo Code: Currently there are no promo codes for this book subscription box.

Enchanted Book Box

Cost: $16.99

What you will get: Step into the exotic, mystical land with this subscription box. Each box includes a recently released book in the genre you choose from fantasy, Sci-fi or contemporary and four to six whimsical goodies. Get new releases to your doorstep every month with a month enamel pin. You will get the best feeling of unboxing with enchanted book box.

Promo Code: Use code FEAR5 at checkout to get a 5% off.

Cheap Young Adult Book Subscription Boxes

Dive deeply into a tale of young romance, and find your favorite character battling against enemies in your favorite books. Indulge and escape into the magical realms with these YA book subscription boxes that are handpicked from authors, librarians, booksellers, or YA readers. Whether you’re a passionate fantasy reader keen for the latest release or a lot more into bookish surprise, there is something for everyone. 


Cost: $39.95

What you’ll get: If you are confused with two different genres then go for MyBookBox subscription. Each box includes two books from two separate genres, and extra goodies like a reading light that you can clip to your book, canvas bag. You can choose from mystery, women`s fiction, nonfiction, young adult, and children from 3-7 or 8-12. You can expect an amazing read in the box.  

Promo Code: Get 15% off on subscription with the code GROOVY or save$5 with the code GROOVY5 at checkout.

Owl Crate

Cost: $29.99 

What you’ll get: It is a popular YA subscription box and is acknowledged by book bloggers and BookTubers. Each box featured a latest Young adult novel, 3 to 5 bookish items 3-5 and exclusive goodies from the author. Every box has a creative theme that ties everything together. Get the best unboxing experience with a handwritten letter from the author.

Promo Codes: Get 10% off on all Owl Crate book subscriptions with the code GLEE10.

SpearCraft Book Box

Cost: $29.99

What you’ll get: It is a monthly or quarterly book subscription box that is sure to delight bookworms. In this box, you will get newly released hardcover Young Adult novels, author content, and four themed bookish fandom goodies to your door. Each box has a monthly fun theme, and you will get a chance to win a gift card at a photo contest on their Instagram exclusively.

Promo CodeGet 10% off on SpearCraft box subscription with the code FALLWELCOME.

BookCase Club

Cost: $9.99 per month or $ 28.00 per every three months

What you will get: This subscription box has a diversified collection of thrillers, romance, fantasies, science fiction, romance, young adult, and children’s books. In this box, you will get two handpicked books based on your chosen themes and collectible monthly bookmarks. The subscription offers vary from month-to-month, three months, six months and 12-months.

Promo Code: Save 15% by using the code Rosebuds15 and 10% with the code BOOKWAREHOUSE on your first order.

Romance books subscription boxes

Read some steamy tales and pick up an overwhelmingly warm romance novel from the bestselling authors in Romance book subscription boxes. Whether you are a fan of Collin Hoover’s sweet romantic tale or have a craze for reading classic love novels, these reading delights will surely indulge you into an erotic world of romance and passion. Here are some best picks. 

 Bubbles and Books

Cost: $25.00

What you’ll get: Listen up you all romance lovers! This subscription box will give you a delightful romance-novel of the month Paired with some super-relaxing items like candles, artisanal soaps, tea, and much more. You can choose from the options including historical romance book subscription box, a bad-boy romance box, or a paranormal romance box. This actually sounds like a real feast. 

Promo Code: Get 20% off on your first subscription with the code ROMANCEME.

Cost: $12.95 

What you’ll get: In this expertly curated monthly subscription package, you will get a 2 or 4 (depending on your plan) romance novels from NYT and USA Today Bestselling authors. Plus, several bookish swags, women-geared product samples like skin care, hair care, baking goods, nail polish, etc. an author-inspired adult coloring card, and a sweet candy treat. You will get surprised with books from NYT and USA Today Bestselling authors. 

Promo Code: Use the code ROMANCE15 at checkout to get 15% off.

Until midnight

Cost: $29.00

What you’ll get: This box is a wonderful offering for paranormal romance lovers. If you want to delve into a world of taboo circumstances and sexy heroes, this romance book subscription box is for you. You will get one paranormal romance book, sweet treats exclusively from the natural candy store, and other goodies like LED tricolor Shot glass, or Funky Glow in the dark Bookmark in your box. 

Promo Codes: Sorry! There are no promo codes for this box.

Bespoke Verse

Cost: $37.89

What you will get: This box is the bundle of happiness for all those people who love classic poetry. You will receive a box with three beautiful poem postcards and a stylish wooden stand for display every month. It is indeed a unique gift for poetry, literature and book lover. Give this gift of rhyme to a poetry fan in your life and share some smiles.

Promo Code: Get 20% off and free delivery across UK by using the code LOYAL20

Comics books subscription boxes

Straighten your superhero cape and delve into the world of comics. If you are a diehard comic fan looking to build your collection or new to multiverses, there is a monthly box for everyone. Treat yourself to an exceptional gift each month with these Comics subscription boxes. 

Super hero Crate

Cost: $17.00to $26.00

What you’ll get: This box is like a treat for all superhero fans. Show off your fandom with the items you receive in your box each month. You have two options to select from; the showcase box or the ultimate box. Show box includes at least two back-issue comics, 1 T-shirt, and other products related to the theme while ultimate box has got a t-shirt, two back-issue comics or a graphic novel, and other related products. 

Promo Code: There are no recent promo codes, but you can get seasonal discount codes by visiting the company’s social accounts.

Cost: $14.99

What you’ll get: Get the latest epic hand-picked comic books by signing up for the subscription. You can choose the type of comic books you generally enjoy. Each box contains a set of comic books suited to your tastes so you can get the best comics each month. You can select from 3 or 5 comics from any one of the themes including Hallowed Heroes, Mysterious Mix, and Fascinating Fiction. 

Promo Code: Use code LAUNCHPROMO and get 10% off on subscription.

Comic Boxer

Cost: Starts from $19

What you’ll get: This mystery box is full of comics for people of all ages from kid-friendly to adult comic boxer options, you can choose your delight. You will find five to seven awesome comic books that are handpicked from experts from a collection of variant covers,hottest number one issues, and exclusives, first appearances.

Promo Code:  You can save 5% to 10% on three months or six months plan without any Promo Code.

Best Children’s Book Subscription Boxes

Let your children expand their love of reading spark their interest to become reluctant readers. Children’s book subscription boxes can be a terrific way to motivate your kids for reading and learning new things so they can expand their mental capabilities. Give your child an opportunity to open the box with excitement and find new books every month. This comprehensive list of book subscription boxes has varying levels of customization according to age, gender, and interest. 


Cost: $17.99 to $19.99

What you’ll get: In this adorable subscription box, you will get each book wrapped, so your child can enjoy opening them every month. You can select from the plans, the board book (for ages 0-2.5), picture book (for ages 2.5-6) and a chapter book (for ages 7-10).  The board book plan includes three books, while picture plan includes two picture books.

Promo Code: Use code BOOKS2LOVE and ZYKO to save 15% off your first box!


Cost: $26 

What you’ll get: You will get each book hand wrapped to give your child the joy of receiving a good book. You can select between the four board-book and three picture book plan for ages 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. Instill a habit of reading in your children with this interesting book subscription box and let them learn and investigate new things.

Promo Code: Get 10% off on the first-month subscription with the code WELCOME10 and 20% off on your next order with code LOVEREADING.

Reading Bug Box

Cost: $19.75

What you’ll getIt is a perfect box for all stages of development of your kids. Let your kids learn & explore new topics and read aloud for your toddlers to foster a great parent-child bond. Explore new genres and select a box for ages up to 13. Give your kids a chance to reading, even those who don`t enjoy it. Each box includes a selection of books and added fun extras to bring a smile on your kid’s face.

Promo Code: Get 10% off with code NEWBIE10 sitewide.

Sci-fi Books Subscription Boxes

Escape into the world of adventures, find Hogwarts, middle earth and feeds your curious mind each month with the best sci-fi book subscription boxes. Find the wizarding world in your favorite Harry Potter subscription boxes or travel to another dimension, whatever takes to your fancy. Here is the list of fabulous subscription book boxes for all Sci-fi lovers.

My Sci-Fi Club

Cost: $26.99 

What you’ll get: This awesome book subscription box has the phenomenal selection of books you can get each month. Each box has two new hardcover books based on your favorite genre and an eBook collection to help you keep reading while on-the-go! Now you can dive into your favorite Sci-fi realm at any time of the day, and you will not regret purchasing this crate, I am sure.

Promo Code: Sorry! No promo codes for this subscription.

Whimsify box

Cost: $34.95

What you’ll get: Snag the best Sci-fi books in this mystical Subscription box and ignite your passion for reading. Receive a box full of magic, whimsy, and mystery each month. The box contains the latest released Sci-fi and fantasy books that is curated by a book reviewer. Plus, 4 - 6 high quality, bookish items related to the theme of that month’s book. You can choose from monthly, three monthly or six monthly subscription plans.

Promo CodeGet 10% off with the code REWIND10 on subscription.

My Chronicle Book Box

Cost: $18.99 per month or 56.97 every three months

What you’ll getIt is a quarterly book subscription box which you will receive four times in a year. You have the choice to pick from Sci-fi/ fantasy, or crime and mystery box whichever is your delight. Each box has got three shiny new books with one hardback and added lovely bookish treats. Treat yourself to this incredible book subscriptions and enjoy reading.

Promo Code: Use code EBC10G and LEMONADE10 to get 10% off your first box.

The Book Hookup by Strand Books

Cost: $37.50 to $50

What you will getThis book subscription box is no less than a box of joy for book lovers. You can pick from different subscription boxes including fiction, Young Adult, Art/photography, Mystery and suspense, Sci-Fi and fantasy, timeless favorites or little readers. You will get new releases of signed first edition books with a selection of bonus goodies from literary and merchandise partners.

Promo Code: Use the code READ14 at checkout and get 10% off.

Best Mystery and Thriller books subscription boxes

If you are a thriller, suspense, and mystery fan, you can step into one of these mystery books subscription boxes and become a detective yourself. These boxes will give you a series of novels that revolve around crimes, thriller or adventures. Investigate a new case, learn some James bond tricks, or unlock mysteries that revolve around actual historical events with these boxes. Here are some of the most exciting mystery boxes that will keep the fun coming all year long. 

My Thrill Club

Cost: $19.99

What you’ll getThis book subscription box gives you a direct ticket to the dark world. You can choose your subscription box from a thriller, mystery, or horror. Each box contains two hardcover books from your favorite genre, with an eBook selection to add a little thrill and mystery to your life both at home and on the go! You can also pick two books and one movie, or one book and two movies, whatever you like.

Promo Code: Get 10% off on subscription by using the code READ at checkout.

Black Heart Books

Cost: $35.00

What you will get: Get fully immersed into the crime tales, find the real culprit, and the victim in the novels you will get in this book subscriptions.  Each box includes one book along with other resources to including Maps, links, and trinkets to walk through the crimes. You will find the items in the box that help you solve the mystery and find the victims.

Promo Code: Unfortunately, there is no promo code for this book subscription.

  • The Nocturnal Reader`s Box

The Nocturnal Readers Box

Cost: $35

What you will get: Fuel your passion for reading dark and creepy tales with this cozy mystery subscription box. You will get a themed box each month with at least two books, a custom art print, bookmarks and several other interesting goodies related to the theme. If horror is your jam, then you must check out this subscription box right now! 

Promo Code: No Promo Codes available.

  • Page Habit

Page Habit

Cost: $29.99 per month

What you will get: It is a super unique book subscription box which is personally customized by the tastemakers and authors of the book community. It focuses on all genres like mysteries, young adult, fantasy, etc. This box comes with exclusive content exclusive content like written annotations, and live chat opportunities from the authors who designed the box, a newly released book, and some attractive bookish extras. There are month-to-month, three and 6-month subscription boxes available.

Promo Code: No Promo Code available for this box.

Used books Subscription boxes

When you are out of the budget and still want to crave more books to read, second-hand books come in handy at that time. Used books have their own charm and fragrance. Although they are not as fresh as the brand new ones but will give you the same pleasure of reading. Here are a few used books subscription boxes that you can choose under your budget.

Blue Spider Books

Cost: $9.99 

What you will getThe store has got a stockpile of amazing reads and delicious beverages. Each month you will get one used the paperback book, and one beverage of your choice like tea or cocoa to sip on while reading and have some relaxing time. You have multiple options to choose like NEW Paperback Bookshelf or Secondhand book subscriptions that will ship in flat-rate envelopes, not a box.

Promo Code: Unfortunately, there is no promo code for this subscription.

Used Books monthly

Cost: $9.99 for two books and $12.49 for four books subscriptions.

What you will get: This subscription box provides you some high-quality books in good condition from the bestselling authors. First, you need to pick the book from your favorite genre and get ready to receive your box every month. You can pick your subscription plan from; the two books Subscription plan or the four books subscription plan, whatever you like.

Promo Code: No promo code available.

Travel Books Subscription Boxes

Traveling keeps you energized and give you a refreshing feeling always. You can see pictures of beautiful places around the globe and learn about different cultures through the authors’ mind by reading a travel magazine or book. Here I have arranged a list of travel books subscription boxes that will help you travel around the world while staying at your home.

Book Voyage

Cost: $18.93

What you will get: Book Voyage allows you to explore the world through its rich literature and make your reading habits a bit more diverse. You will get a themed subscription of the specific country each month that includes a book from a critically-acclaimed foreign author in the English version, and some refreshing beverages like tea, coffee, and savory snacks from that themed country. 

Promo CodeUse the code IXOS15 to get 15% off at checkout.

The Wordy Traveler

Cost: $49.99 per 3 months

What you’ll get: This box is like a jackpot for all wanderlust afflicted bibliophiles. The company offers two plans, the Full Suitcase and the Backpacker, you can choose the plan and receive a box full of three curated books, fine art prints, special gifts and free trade organic tea each quarter. Transport to an amazing destination with these travel boxes.

Promo Code: Use the code SANTA and get 20% discount on subscription.

Bottom line

Get into the literary adventure with these book subscription boxes and enjoy your reads. See the magical world lies within the covers of these books. Cheer the bookworm in your life with a book subscription box tailored to their reading tastes. These subscription boxes have created the sense of joy, and wonder that books deserve before sending them to you. It can be the best gift you can give to yourself.  

Happy Reading!

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