Implantation Bleeding and Cramping – Are they Symptoms of Pregnancy?

Most of the time you get confused about the crampings. Whether it is implantation or just a normal menstruation pain. Most of the time the implantation cramps can be a sign of pregnancy. Read this guide and get to know everything about pregnancy and implantation bleeding and cramps.

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Implantation Bleeding and Cramping – Are they Symptoms of Pregnancy?

Implantation cramping and bleeding can be initial signs of pregnancy. Considering the causes and critical differences between implantation cramps and period cramps will help you recognize whether its pregnancy or not.

Cramping during implantation doesn`t feel like cramping. How many more such ironic statements have you read? Implantation bleeding and cramping symptoms, pregnancy are all related. After implantation, the same kinds of symptoms show during early pregnancy. Women who notice very early pregnancy symptoms, actually notice implantation signs. Implantation signs include bleeding, cramping and increase in cervical mucus.

What is implantation? Why does implantation cramping happen? 

 process of implantation

Implantation is the process of egg embedment, and it is for the nutrition of growing embryo. After the step of implantation, embryo growth begins supported by maternal blood supply through the placenta-the nutrients and waste travel by the blood from the embryo to the mother.

After fertilization, the egg membrane hardens and guides it for implantation to the right site. First, the trophoblast processes attach to the endometrial lining. Then the burrowing action of the embryo begins. During this process the walls of uterus contract and cause cramping. There may be some bloating in the abdominal region.

It almost takes a week for the zygote to prepare itself for implantation. After fertilization, the egg takes three days to complete four divisions. Gradually it goes on dividing and forms blastocyst. At this stage, implantation occurs. The Zona pellucida of egg persists until implantation and later dissolves to allow the fusion of walls.

How heavy should be implantation pain? 

implantation cramps

 Implantation leads to pregnancy, but the process does not cause pain. In fact, egg embedment is so rapid that the bleeding is also not heavy. None of the implantation symptoms is aggressive or long term. Cramps during implantation are mild compared to PMS cramps. Implantation pain should not be severe. Any intensifying pain is a sign of abnormal conditions like Ectopic pregnancy. During this condition, the implantation occurs inside the tubes instead of the uterus. Later on, the embryo grows to cause expansion and ultimately bursting of tubes if left untreated.

When does fertilization happen? How does fertilization occur? 


The fusion of egg and sperm makes up the process of fertilization. The gametes of the human body are not like other cells. They have half genetic matter. Once they fuse during fertilization, the zygote regains regular genetic composition. When you have sex, the sperms reach the cervix. They are present in a considerable number, but only a small fraction makes it to the tubes. The event of fertilization occurs in the tubes, and so the sperms have to travel all the way up to the site. During ovulation, the ovary releases an egg. This is viable for the next one day, and fertilization must happen within this time frame.

The egg has a layer of corona radiata which doesn`t allow anything to come in. After the sperm releases enzymes to degrade this layer, only one sperm fuses with an egg. The egg membrane hardens to prevent further entry of other sperms and factors released change the polarity of the membrane. All this is to ensure that the genetic material remains in average volume.

The sperm forms a cone of fertilization and injects the material inside it. The cell dividing apparatus comes along with sperm, and now the egg can divide. The process of cleavage begins, and the egg goes on dividing to form blastocyst for implantation.

How to boost the possibilities of getting pregnant? 

how to get pregnant


Every woman wants to know the secret to two things. One how to get pregnant fast and easy and number two is to be able to undo the effects of pregnancy on the body. They may want to know more secrets too, but for now, the first one concerns us. Increasing the chances of getting pregnant is not a very difficult task. You don`t have to perform circus tricks while having sex if you want to get pregnant. It does not need you to have sex every day and instead you need to restrict sex to fertility window. There is no room for stress and drugs when you are trying to get pregnant. Finding out ovulation and getting more conscious about your cervical mucus is important during the pre-pregnancy stage.

1. Sex 

When you have sex every day the sperm count per ejaculation reduces. You will need to time your sex well. It is essential that you do everything right in bed, relax and enjoy sex to increase the chances of getting pregnant. There is least chance to conquer biological process by doing the math. Adding you and your partner’s fluids doesn`t make a baby. First, you have to find your ovulation date. Having sex a day before ovulation is most likely to get you pregnant. The egg white cervical mucus helps the sperms travel up

During ovulation, there are sperms around the egg. The male gametes get enough time to move up to the tubes until the arrival of an egg. Is there a sex position best for pregnancy? The only step that sex accomplishes for your pregnancy is to deliver sperms near the cervix. So a position that allows penetrative sex will help you get pregnant. Try the girl inverted pose and avoid girl sitting on top. This is because gravity doesn`t favor when you sit up. Also, lie down after sex to allow the sperms to travel. During the first stage, the vaginal walls and cervix help the sperms move up. After that point, they move on their own.

2. Ovulation

 Ovulation cycle

Ovulating symptoms are as mild as implantation signs. This is the reason why you need to adopt secondary measures to come to know ovulation date.

How to find your fertility period in a month?

You can use ovulation test kits or a fertility tracker that can help double your chances to get pregnant. Ava fertility tracker will be the best option for you. It helps you take charge of your cycle. You can buy it at a reasonable cost with Ava Bracelet Discount Code. There are only six days in a month when it’s possible to conceive, and Ava can help you find five of them. It is a wearable device like a regular bracelet that tracks your cycle and your health while you’re sleeping, on seven physiological parameters. Time your intercourse during this fertile window and double your chances of conceiving every month. 

3. Lifestyle 

You need to keep stress and anxiety at bay when trying to get pregnant. Another essential thing is your nutrition when you are trying to get pregnant. Staying hydrated and eating a healthy diet with enough vitamins and minerals is important. You need to quit smoking and doing drugs. They affect your pregnancy and reduce fertility. Later on, they can cause birth defects and even lead to problems during breastfeeding. Alcohol consumption in a limited amount is not as harmful. You also need to maintain a healthy weight and a regular sleep cycle.

Implantation signs and symptoms

 implantation signs and symptoms

There are enough signs of implantation for those who know about them. If you carefully observe then you can make out when does implantation occur.

1. During egg embedment, the wall of uterus bleeds and cause spotting. The amount of blood is very less. Spotting during implantation is brown.

2. Cramping along implantation is because the lining facilitates the burrowing of the embryo. It lasts for a few minutes and then subsides.

3. There is a fall of basal body temperature during implantation. This is because of estrogen-progesterone fluctuation.

4. The energy-requiring process causes headaches and dizziness. The blood pressure fluctuation due to hormonal changes causes the same.

5. Bloating and lower back pain happens during egg embedment. The wall stays intact, but there are some pulling movements.

Tell-tale pregnancy signs

 signs of pregnancy

Many tell-tale pregnancy signs have some scientific basis. Some old wives tales are so prevalent that people take food poisoning also as pregnancy because of vomiting. Here are some signs of pregnancy:

1. Missed period - In some cases, it can continue even after pregnancy for the first trimester.

2. Nausea and vomiting

3. Breast tenderness

4. Constipation

5. Frequent urge to pee

6. Heavy headedness

7. Mood swings

8. Cravings and aversions

9. Bloating

10. Leg cramps

11. Insomnia

12. Blue lines on the abdomen and breasts

13. Joggers nipples

There is a list that would be very long. But the visible signs of pregnancy are the ones above.


This guide is all about clearing the things you have in your mind about implantation cramps, bleeding, and pregnancy. If you are attempting to get pregnant, you can follow the steps as described above. This is what each couple needs to know to enhance their chances to conceive.

 Enjoy your pregnancy! This time is precious for every couple.