How To Motivate Yourself When You Feel Low

In everyone’s life, there are some pesky days when it’s difficult to keep up the motivation. The thoughts, the worries kill our determinations and leave us feeling drained and negative; it’s hard to follow the track and keep your head up for the race of life. Can you relate? Discover how to keep yourself motivated on your off days.

Category: Lifestyle     Written By: Eva William

How To Motivate Yourself When You Feel Low

Do you have objects that you want to accomplish throughout your lifetime?  Doesn`t everyone? It can be as moderate as wanting to walk a mile today or maybe even graduating college and getting your master degree or finish reading this post.

No matter how small or huge your goals, be determined and try your hardest to get there.

How To Motivate Yourself When You Feel Low

It’s a fact, setting targets or knowing your aim is much easier than getting them done. It all comes to motivation.

Let me be very honest with you. Keeping the flame-breathing is hard. It is never easy to be always motivated to keep going and doing what you need to do.

You might be wrong if you think that you need super-powers to remain inspired. Instead, we don’t need to find someone to tell us the right things to reach that goal at the right time

That someone for you is you.

How To Motivate Yourself When You Feel Low

You are your motivation; you don’t need anyone else to light up your candles.

Want Elucidation??

Dear, the things you are searching in someone else are right inside of you; that spark deep down in you. It has always been there maybe you never noticed.

You and only you can control yourself, your work, your time and effort. I am not going to say that it will be easy.

How To Motivate Yourself When You Feel Low

You must be willing to struggle throughout the phase. Maybe, you fall a couple of times or even a hundred times, you will get super tired and might also wish that you did not even start.

But never give up!

Just wait for the satisfaction and the success that comes after it.

 “A Dream Doesn`t Become A Reality Through Magic; It Takes Sweat, Determination, And Hard Work.”

You will have to be very patient because good things take a lot of time and effort. 

And your goals are worth waiting for or aren’t they?

yes you can just do it

Are You Ready? Let`s Do it,

Always Remember Your Goals

If you feel that motivation is draining, remind yourself of your targets. It will encourage you to do whatever it takes you to reach the objective. Mark your goals and hang it up on the wall or set it as your phone wallpaper to always remember it.

Make Sure You Have Weekly Goals

Set your weekly goals.

You will be able to see your achievement in a short, and that will help you to know that you`re slowly getting to where you want to. Also, adding all the weeks up, you will see you`re almost there and maybe closer than you will ever think.

Know That You Will Fail

Remember the last time you failed? Chemistry test? Job interview? We all failed at least once if not more.

It is okay to fail.

We think that failing is the worst thing ever and we never want to experience that ugly moment ever again.

So, let me tell the truth that we did not fail. Life teaches us the lesson, and we are tested on either learning it now or sooner. So, keep going and if you do not pick your feet and get up that is giving up and failing.

Reward Yourself

Always Remember Your Goals

Did you stuck to your schedule and got everything done for the week?

Are you feeling proud about that?

It’s a time to treat you.

Do anything that makes you happy for example: plan a night with friends, play your favorite online game or throw a pool party. 

Also, you might ask me why is rewarding myself is a motivation? And, I will tell you that it will make you feel good and if you feel good, you will keep doing it now, tomorrow, next week, and every day.

It will be easy to keep going, and you will work a lot harder to reward yourself with something even bigger like getting yourself a new laptop or phone.

Watch OR Read Motivational Stories

Everyone needs a talk once and a while to get things back on track.

Hearing success stories will always inspire you to make own success story/journal to write/tell people in the future.

Trust me you will feel the sense of motivation and hunger to getting things done successfully.

Final Thoughts

In the end, there is an endless amount of ways to motivate yourself and what works for you might not work for others.

For that reason, you will do your best to find the right way to motivate you even if takes time and longer the expected. Just remember the reason you also started? You have come a long way to give up now or ever keep breathing, and you will get there in no matter of time.

I got the bigger question here; you got motivation?

Reward Yourself

No one really can answer that question except you!

If you do not try; nothing will change.

 Life will keep going, and you will always stay in the same place. You will feel like you have not done anything in life.

Ask yourself a few questions.

Don`t you think you just got too comfortable with this routine?  Are you happy with where you are now? 

Hey, where did you go?  You forgot to answer my question.

But that is okay!

 So why not change today? Get up, wash your face and start the things that you should have been doing all along. Never wait for tomorrow you never know what tomorrow holds for us.

Will we ever wake up? No one wants to die with regrets.

You and you have a choice to change all that, so will you?