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More About Immune Tree Coupon Code

Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, Ph.D. in Nutritional Science, introduced the brand Immune Tree. His products boost your immune system strengthen your muscles. Immune Tree offers products not only for humans but also for your pets.

immune tree coupon code

The products of Immune Tree help in regulation and enhancement. They have products which assist you in weight-loss too. The prices of their products are affordable. But, you can get fantastic discounts by using their discount codes. Use Immune Tree discount code to grab their best deals.

Here is a little insight into the products by Immune tree.

  • Anti-ageing
  • Fitness & Weight loss
  • Pet line

Please note that none of the following products treat or cure any disease. Instead, these products help to strengthen your body and immune system.

· Anti-Aging Colostrums

Anti-ageing Colostrums are their popular and the most in-demand product category. The following products are their popular ones.

Colostrum 6.5 oz Powder

This Colostrum Powder is a vital product by Immune Tree. It has anti-ageing properties. If you want to boost your immunity, growth and metabolic process, this product is for you. The renin enzyme present in Colostrum powder bypasses stomach acid with a high absorption rate. It is 100% Tested organic and GMO, and gluten-free.

180 Count Colostrums Capsules

Three capsules can provide you with 3000mg of colostrum. Anybody can consume these capsules. The brand makes sure that these capsules are Halal certified and Kosher certified. These capsules are a storehouse of 700 constituents that help in the regeneration and balance of the body.

Oxyquest stabilized liquid oxygen.

Oxyquest is oxygen in concentrated form. There are several benefits you can take from this product. It eliminates toxins in your body and boosts energy.

You can avail of exceptional discount rates on these products by using Immune Tree Coupon code.

· Fitness & Weight loss

The following products include weight loss properties.

Flex 6 Fitness formula

Flex 6 Fitness Formula is a highly effective product for athletes. This can be used as a replacement for the banned items. It has metabolite required to enhance estrogen levels. If you wish to gain muscles and strength, then this product contains Creatine ethyl easter HCl. In addition, it provides energy through its gluten and GMO-free.

Lepti Trime 6 Daytime Capsules

These are excellent capsules that help you reduce your weight. The unique part is that it also reduces sugar and carbohydrate cravings. The product is going to provide not just energy but also motivation too. You can enhance your metabolism with it too. The best time to take them is before your meal.

Lepti Trime 6 Meal Replacement Shake

LeptiTrim is a cost-saving supplement. It provides you with enough energy to avoid fats. You can use it during your workouts or even at home. If you plan to lose weight but feel hungry, these shakes are an excellent solution. You can get flavours like chocolate and vanilla too. These contain essential fibre vitamins.

· Pet-Line products

Immune Tree doesn't just provide products for adults but also your pets. These products are their popular ones to nourish your puppies.

Canine6 Natural Beef & Bacon Flavored Colostrum 8.74 oz

These are supplements with protein and vitamins for your pet. In addition, there is natural beef and bacon in Canine6. It helps you to provide immune support to your pet with these supplements.

Immune Tree has other products for your pet with different colostrums quantity according to your pet. For example, canine 6 contains immune and Natural growth factors with more than 100. You can get these products at discounted rates by using Immune Tree coupon code.

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  8. Now you are ready to get the discount. It is the same procedure to get any 'Immune Tree' item for a discount through various coupons.

What is the refund or return Policy of Immune Tree?

Immune Tree doesn't take a return. However, if the product is in resalable condition, you can take a refund within 30 days after returning the product. You will get a refund, but the 20% restock fee will be deducted. Just make sure that the product is not opened because it can be contaminated soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the products or Immune Tree involve animal abuse?

Immune Tree believes in calf served first policy. Therefore, they always make sure to fit the need of the calves first. The colostrums are extracted from the calves in limited quantities not to harm the Calf.

What is so special about Immune Tree products?

The Immune Tree products are the result of extensive research. First, the brand makes sure that the products are organic. Now, they have products that are GMO, Hormone and Gluten-free. In addition, their products are the only ones that are 6-hour colostrums tested and certified. You can use these for your pets as well.

How does Colostrum help in weigh-lose?

Colostrum is popular among athletes for its fat-burning properties. In addition, it helps develop your lean mass, and as a result, your basal metabolic rate increases.

Which payment methods does immune Tree accept?

Immune Tree accepts all major cards. You can pay through Visa, Master Card, Maestro, Discover, American Express and PayPal.

Does Immune Tree provide free shipping?

Yes, you can get free shipping on orders over $99. You can further check Immune Tree coupons to get fantastic offers for you.

How many growth and immune factors are there in Immune Tree products?

The products of Immune Tree contain plenty of growth and immune factors. There are about 87 growth factors and 97 known immune factors.

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