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More About OutDoor Fellow Coupon & Promo Code

People who live in urban areas rarely get to experience nature. We usually stay indoors in our offices or homes, tied up in tight schedules. We often miss out on the sights and sounds and healing fragrances of nature. However, now you can bring a little piece of nature to your home in the form of scented candles. Outdoor Fellow is an online company that creates beautiful scented candles that smell like you are sitting outdoors in nature. 

These candles are inspired by the unique fragrances that nature has to offer. The candles will transport you to the times when you were camping in the woods or when you were out surfing on the beach. A variety of fragrances are offered, ranging from sandalwood and pine needle to woods and fireplace, and cedarwood and lavender to mulled wine. Bring these candles to your home to have a taste of nature at your home. You can also avail discounts on the candles by using the Outdoor Fellow Coupon. 

What Gives The Candles Their Unique Fragrance?

Various essential oils are mixed and matched to develop a fragrance that smells like nature. Different essential oils are used for a single candle. Get your favorite scented candle at a discounted rate through the Outdoor Fellow Coupon and Outdoor Fellow Discount Code. 

What Are The Primary Materials Used In The Production Of Candles?

The candles are made by mixing soy wax with essential oils. 

How Many and What Kind of Fragrances Are Offered?

The candles are offered in six different scents; Fireplace and clove candle, sandalwood and pine needle candle, wood scented candle, and lavender candle, mulled wine candle, and winter fir candle. All of these candles are designed to give you a feeling and taste of nature. You can buy any of these candles at significant discounts through the Outdoor Fellow Coupon. 

What Is The Size Of The Candles?

The candles are offered in two different sizes; a six ounces size and an eight ounces size. Choose whichever size you like and buy at a reduced price using the Outdoor Fellow Coupon or OutdoorFellow.com Promo Code. 

What Is the Burning Time Of The Candle?

The burning time of the candles varies with size. The six ounces candle will burn for approximately thirty to forty hours, and the eight ounces candle will burn for forty to fifty hours. Moreover, the burning time also depends on proper candle care. 

Buy these fresh smelling candles at discounts through the Outdoor Fellow Scented Candle Coupon Code.

How Can I Take Proper Care Of The Candles?

To enjoy the fragrances of the candles for a longer time, you need to take care of the candles properly. To keep the candles in top shape, firstly you need to trim the wick to ¼ inch regularly. It will allow the candle flame to burn more evenly and it will also prevent sooting. Secondly, when you burn the candle, let the wax pool to reach all sides of the candle before blowing out the flame. And lastly, burn the candle on an even and non-flammable surface so that any mishap can be prevented. Moreover, don’t burn for more than four hours at a time. 

Are There Any Candle Subscription Services Being Offered By Outdoor Fellow?

Yes, you can subscribe to a monthly candle subscription service. Through this service, you will get your favorite candles delivered at your doorstep each month. This service will save you from the hassle of buying the candles again and again while also saving you some cash. On subscription, you will get fifteen percent off on the subscription fee. 

You can either purchase the Variety Pack which has a combination of four different candles or subscribe to single scented candles. The variety pack contains one fireplace and clove-scented candle, one sandalwood and pine needle scented candle, one wood scented candle and one cedarwood and lavender candle. To avail further discounts on the subscription, use the Outdoor Fellow Coupon or Outdoor Fellow Coupon Code. 

How Many Countries Do You Ship To?

The company ships to the USA, Mexico, and Canada. 

Is there Shipping Free?

The US citizens can only avail free shipping on a purchase of candles worth $75 and over. People living in Canada or Mexico can avail the Outdoor Fellow Free Shipping Code to get the candles delivered at your doorstep without any shipping cost. 

What Is The Company’s Return Policy?

If by any chance, customers are unsatisfied by the candles, the company will offer a refund, exchange or replacement of the candle within 14 days of the purchase. There is only one condition, and that is the candles should be in their original packing in unused condition. To start the return process, customers can email at returns@outdoorfellow.com with a brief description of the issue, and their problem will be solved in no time. 

What If I Receive A Damaged Candle?

Outdoor Fellow makes sure that the items arrive at the customers’ doorstep completely undamaged and in the topmost condition. However, if you receive a damaged or broken candle, the company will replace it immediately. You just have to drop an email at returns@outdoorfellow.com. 

Are There Any Discounts Of Being Offered By The Company?

Apart from offering various discount offers through Outdoor Fellow Coupon, you can also get twenty-five percent off your first purchase, if you subscribe to their mailing list. 

Why Does Outdoor Fellow Support The Public Land Trust?

Outdoor Fellow believes that public parks are for everyone to enjoy. Public Lands are a means through which people can freely enjoy nature and outdoors. Therefore, it’s vital to support public parks, and for this cause, five percent of the proceeds from each candle are donated to The Trust For Public Land- an organization with a mission to protect public lands for the coming generations. 

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