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More About Skylight Frame Coupon & Promo Code


We all love to put up the pictures of our loved ones in frames and cherish the lovely memories spent with them. It is a way of expressing love and reminiscing the time spent with our near and dear ones. The traditional photo frames look beautiful however with them you have to regularly go through the exercise of updating the photos and changing the old pictures with the new ones. Digital photo frames can solve this issue; you can watch as many photos as you like on a digital frame. 

Skylight is a company that designs unique digital photo frames which are very easy to set up and use. Just connect it with Wi-Fi, send photos your Skylight email account and you are ready to enjoy the photos. With a single tap, you can browse through the photo gallery, delete unwanted pictures or pause the slideshow. It is as easy as that! 

Plus, anyone can email you on the Skylight email id and send the pictures to you thereby allowing you to stay up-to-date with whatever is going on in their lives. 

Moreover, The Skylight digital frames are not at all expensive if you use the Skylight Frame Coupon.

For more information about these digital frames, check out the FAQs below.

Can The Skylight Frame Be Given As A Gift?

The Skylight frame is perfect as a gift to a loved one. In this way, they can stay connected with you and your life's greatest moments.

Gifting these frames to your loved ones will not empty your wallet; just use the Skylight Frame Coupon or Skylight Frame Coupon Code.

Are The Skylight Frames Easy To Use?

Once you buy your Skylight Frame, you will be delighted to see how easy it is to set up and use them. Set up Skylight in three easy steps:

1. Turn on the Skylight frame by connecting it to a power source. 

2. Tap the Skylight touch screen and connect to Wi-Fi.

3. Email photos to your Skylight Email, receive the photos and enjoy them.

Avail discounts on the purchase of the frames by using the Skylight Frame Coupon. 

How Can I Setup My Skylight Email ID?

To set up the email account, first, go to the and complete the instructions. You will receive a 6-digit activation code; plug in the Skylight frame and connect it to a Wi-Fi network. Once you connect to the Wi-Fi, the Skylight will ask you for the 6-digit code, which you can then type into the frame, and you are ready to use the digital frame. 

How Should I Send The Photos To My Skylight Frame?

You can quickly send photos to the Skylight once you have set up the Skylight email address. Open any of the email applications like Gmail, Yahoo or outlook and click compose or create new email button. Find the attach photos/ files button and start attaching your desired photos in the email. Send the email to the Skylight Email address which you will receive in less than 60 seconds. 

Do I Need A Wi-Fi Connection To View Photos On Skylight?

Wi-Fi connection is needed only for the first time when you have to setup Skylight and download images on it. You will not need a Wi-Fi connection to view photos or use any other features. Skylight will only require an internet connection when further images need to be downloaded on it. 

Get your Skylight on discounted price through the Skylight Frame Coupon and Skylight Digital Frame Promo Code. 

Can Other People Send Photos To My Skylight Email Address?

Yes, anyone can send photos to your Skylight email address. If you gift the Skylight to your parents or grandparents, you can easily send them pictures whenever you like to their Skylight email ID. 

What Are The Features Of The Skylight?

The Skylight frames come with a lot of convenient and easy to use features. You don’t have to use a user’s manual to get acquainted with the main features of the frame. The best thing is that these features are available to you at pocket-friendly rates through the Skylight Frame Coupon or Skylight Photo Frame Coupon Code. 

Some of the main features are:

Size and Ratio of the Photos

Photos on Skylight frames are best viewed when they are taken in the horizontal or landscape format, i.e. a 16:9 format. Photos that are not in the 16:9 format may not appear that well on the frame. You can also rotate the photos to view them properly. The rotate button is on the top left side of the screen. 

Skylight Memory And Space

The Skylight has an internal memory of 8 GB which can hold up to 8000 plus pictures. Moreover, you can also delete old photos from the frame by using the delete feature on the touch screen. The Skylight will also automatically replace your old pictures with new ones when it runs out of space. 

Deleting Photos

If you want to remove some photos from the frame, tap onto the touch screen where you will see the settings bar; tap the settings bar and then tap the delete button. You cannot delete multiple photos at a time.  

Putting The Frame To Sleep/Turning The Screen Off

You can turn the Skylight to sleep mode at night by pressing the power button. After pressing the button, wait for two seconds for the screen to power down. To turn on the screen, press the same button again. 

What Other Features Does The Skylight Frame have?

To have a look at the additional features, press the settings bar where you will be able to see further features. Here you can

1. Pause on a single photo

2. Shuffle photos

3. Delete photos

4. View the photos gallery

5. See your Wi-Fi settings

6. Change the slideshow speed

All of these amazing features are available in a single digital frame. With the Skylight Frame Coupon at your hand, you can buy the frame at some fantastic discounts. 

What Are The Dimensions Of The Digital Frame?

The size of the digital frame is 10.7''x 7.4''x 0.9.''

The size of the touch screen is 10 inches.

Is There an Option To Send Videos On The Skylight Frame?

To send videos on Skylight Frames, you need to have a Skylight Plus Subscription. 

What Is The Skylight Plus Subscription?

Skylight offers a yearly subscription service through which you get access to some fantastic Skylight frame features which are not available otherwise. The Skylight Plus Subscription gives you access to the following features:

1. Send and play videos from anywhere.

2. Add captions to photos

3. Backup photos and videos

4. View, share and download pictures online.

5. Send photos directly to Skylight through the mobile app.

If you want to buy this subscription service at a discount, use the Skylight Frame Coupon which will significantly reduce the original price of the subscription. 

Can I Enjoy The Skylight Plus Features On Multiple Skylights?

Yes, for a limited time, one Skylight Plus subscription gives you access to all the features on all of your Skylight frames. 

Are There Any Restrictions On The Duration Of The Videos That I Can Send On Skylight?

Yes, the videos shouldn’t be longer than one minute. Skylight only supports videos that are up to one minute long. 

How Can I Avail Further Discounts On The Skylight Frames?

Skylight offers a range of different discount codes and deals for their valued customers. To have access to the Skylight Frame Discount, use the Promo Code and get exclusive price-cuts. 

What is the refund policy?

Skylight offers a full refund or replacement within 30 days of the purchase if you somehow don’t like the digital frame or are unsatisfied with the purchase. For refunds contact them through email at

Does Skylight Entertain International Orders?

Yes, skylight digital frames are shipped anywhere in the world. You just need a Wi-Fi connection and an international adaptor to make the Skylight work. 

What Is The International Shipping Rates?

For international shipping, the charges are $25. 

What Is The Normal Shipping Time?

Orders take from three to five business days to get delivered. 

What Are The Payment Options?

Customers can pay online through credit cards such as VISA, Mastercard and American Express. Using the Skylight Coupon can save a ton of your cash.

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