Back to School Freebies for 2019

Back to school shopping won't get heavy on your wallet if you keep an eagle eye on free stuff. It just requires a little homework. To minimize the hassle, I have compiled a list of all updated back to school freebies. So Hurry, and grab them all. 

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Back to School Freebies for 2019

Everyone love freebies! So here we have put together all of the best free stuff for back to school and the ways you can pick them up with a click. (Yes, really).

Free school supplies can give your family budget a much-needed break at the back to school time. Because with the rising demand for school supplies from schools, it costs more and more to buy them each year. So, do a little homework and find out how you can get everything your kids need, from pencils to backpacks, at no cost. 

Here I am sharing some ways to get FREE school supplies and a direct link to back to school freebies

Let's delve into the territory of Freebies.

How to get Free back to school stuff For Low-income families?

free back to school stuff for low income families

Getting school supplies for FREE can ease the burden of most families who can't afford the costs. We have done extensive research and compile this list so everyone can get what they are looking for and it might help the needed low-income families.

When the new school year begins, many local communities, charitable organizations, and churches give FREE school supplies. If you are the one who can't afford the costs of backpacks, pencils, and books, etc. you can find some back to school freebies from these places.

  • Perform some Google searches

Cut your back to school spending by getting free school supplies. For this, you can perform some Google searches to know the schedules of back to school events near your locality. Use quotation marks to hunt for exact matches.

For example, write 'free school supplies near me 2019' or 'back to school supplies events near me' or 'Free backpacks' to find school supply distribution programs.

Here are some free back to school supply events 2019 for your help.

Free school supplies from Back 2 School Illinois

The organization provides free back to school supplies to those in need in the form of Back 2 School kits.  Each package has approximately 30 school supplies that are age-appropriate.

United Way of Greenville County School Tools Distribution Day

Get free Backpacks and school supplies for K-4 through eighth-grade students on Aug. 17, at Sterling School Gymnasium, 99 John McCarroll Way, Greenville.

End of Summer Back to School Festival

Join the fun at the end of summer back to school festival and get FREE back to school supplies. Enjoy complimentary refreshments, music, and much more.

 Venue: Robert Rowley Park, Bellport| Sat Aug 24, 11:00 AM - 03:00 PM

  • Churches can help 

Many churches work together to help kids get free school supplies and ease the burden of the rising costs. For this, you can call any church in your area and tell them your needs. Many churches organize school supply drives at back-to-school time to give school supplies to children in need. If the church isn't participating, they will get you in touch with another church that can help.

  • Organize or appear in Post Back to School Supply Swap

Pick up the school supplies your kids didn't use or are in good condition from this past school year. Now, you don't need them as they are moving on to a new grade. Host a school supply swap and bring your new or gently used school supplies and swap them for something else. It may be uniforms, school books, or other school essentials so that kids can exchange them for free.

Freecycle, Clothing swaps, Cragslist, and Buy Nothing host a back-to-school supply swaps. Bring what you don't need and take home what you seek.

  • Look for the Charitable Organization

You can call major charitable organizations like Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul or your local Community Action Council to know the FREE back to school supplies programs.

These agencies are often informed of all the events and school supply distribution programs that are taking place near your area. But the program is only for low-income families or those in need.

The Assistance League provides school supplies and clothing through Operation School Bell.

Operation Homefront provides military families with school supplies through the Back-to-School Brigade events

The Salvation Army gives back-to-school supplies, including backpacks, shoes, and clothes. 

School on Wheels (in California) provides free weekly tutoring to Homeless students and give backpacks and school supplies.

The United Way organize school supply drives for their local communities.

Transforming life Church located at Beaverton (5525 SW Menlo Dr., Beaverton OR 97005) give free backpacks and school supplies to kids till August 10. All you need is to just signup for the program. 

Back to School Freebies for Teachers

back to school freebies for teachers

As the new school year begins, the burden increases more o teachers, from arranging planners, decorating classrooms, to activity sheets and other teaching aids, many things get heavy on their wallets. They need free stuff. Seriously!

So, here is the list of free stuff for teachers.

Free LEGOLAND Passes for a Year (Florida)

You can get a one-year Legoland pass, if you teach in Florida. Just need to provide your I.D. and teaching certificate.

SeaWorld Tickets

SeaWorld in Tampa Bay, Orlando, and San Antonio offer a 'Teacher Pass' that enables you to enter the park for free.

Two Box of HB Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils 

If you are currently teaching in the United States, you can request a box of FREE Ticonderoga pencils for your class. The company covers the shipping cost and no purchase needed.

Box of branded erasers

Teachers of the U.S can request a box of FREE erasers for their students. The erasers are branded and are intended to be given away.

Kits from PhysicsQuest

The package has got everything you need to explain the concepts of physics, especially energy and motion for middle school students. But due to high demand, there is often a waitlist.

Classroom Kit from Colgate

Teachers can use their official school e-mail address to request a free classroom kit from Colgate. Each bag has easy-to-use in classroom materials, toothbrushes for up to 25 students, and toothpaste samples.

Set of 6 wooden Rulers from

You can request a free set of 6' wood rulers for your students, by submitting a quick form at

Tokens or reward points from Chuck E. Cheese

The reward calendars and behavior reward charts are a great motivator for your students. Fill the chart and print out the reward and award certificates and give it to your students. So, they can redeem it for free tokens to use on games, pizzas and more.

Math activity samples and math worksheets from Mammoth books

Teachers can download of over 400 quality maths worksheets and sample pages free from Math Mammoth products (grades 1-9), and Make It Real Learning activity workbooks (grades 4-12).

Classroom essentials including word walls, bulletin board Ideas, and Posters

The packet has all the essentials you need to decorate your classroom, including over 225 pages of display pieces that are intended for decor, storage, or bulletin board display. Just login and download.

Word work activities for teachers of kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2

This 26-page Freebie has reproducible for Word Work station. It has long and short vowels, Rainbow Write Recording Sheet, Boggle Word Builders, and Letter Grab Bag.

Free Worksheets and Printables for Kids

Give your students a little math boost or make them learn more about the solar system. These free worksheets and printable activities cover all the educational bases. Many worksheets across a variety of subjects feature vibrant colors, cute characters, and exciting story prompts, to let kids excited about their learning adventure.

Free Biology Poster

Teachers can download a free Biology Poster to bring life to their biology class and make education enjoyable.

Free Appetizers at Pluckers

Teachers can chow down on appetizers every Friday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on showing their school faculty badge at Pluckers.

Back to school checklist for teachers

It is a hectic task for teachers to get the classroom ready each year at the back to school time. To minimize the hassle, make a back to school checklist of items you need to get done before the new school year begins. This free checklist will keep you more organized and save us a ton of time as well.

First Day of School Coloring Page Freebie

Kickstart the first day with coloring activity to keep little kids engaged. This FREE coloring activity sheet is perfect for the first-day activity while you manage the hectic first moments. Grades K-6 included!

Games, puzzles, and worksheets for quick activities

These back to school printables are perfect for kindergarten to through second-grade students for some fun, quick activities. This resource has games, worksheets, and puzzles that cover basic math and literacy skills.

Free stuff for School students

free stuff for school students

Scarecrow Planter Workshop at Home Depot (September 7 Only)

On September 7, a FREE scarecrow planter workshop is going to be held at Home Depot, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. for kids ages 5 – 12. They will be provided sand, glue, and painted wooden pieces to create a holiday planter for free. Kids will get an achievement certificate and can keep their craft. Register your child by choosing your location.

Backpacks and School supplies at Boost Mobile 

If there is a boost mobile store near your area, then rush to grab free school supplies and backpacks in August. You can check all the participating boost mobile stores, dates, and time at the site. 

Textbooks from Amazon

Amazon gives free online textbooks on almost all subjects, including earth science, composition, science, etc. You can download the textbooks for Kindle or your computer. Prime members can enjoy more perks, they can get access to over 18,000 books for free.

Free brownies, flapjacks, nuts in a box

Get your first Graze box free by using the code STS25. You can choose what you want in a box between something light or protein box, with free postage. It also gets you 25% off the next two boxes if you're going to buy them. This nutrition box can make a perfect snack for your kids at lunchtime. 

Free books for kids from preschool through fifth grade 

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library sends free books for your zero- to five-year-olds with activity sheets to by mail. You can check for the availability of the program in your area.

Free stuff for college students

free back to school supplies for college students

There is also a list of back to school freebies for college students.


Sign up to Audible and download audiobook for free. You can unsubscribe it within 30 days and enjoy free downloading within that time.

Free food on campus

There are some websites and apps that will help you score meals for free at your college campus. Some hungry college kids have created these sites where you can search on the events going on in your College that can feed you for free. You can also look for freebie days that can get you some free donuts, coffee, or even Pretzels.

Free School Supplies By Mail

The National School Choice Week offer free school supply kit, which includes five yellow fleece scarves, posters, stickers, placards, and more. Just visit the site, fill the form, claim your Freebie, and get school supplies by mail. It may take about eight weeks to arrive in your box. So hurry, and grab it.

Student Planner catalog

School Mate is offering two different freebies; the first one is for a Student Publishing Kit, and the other one is for a set of folders, planners, and a 2019 Calendar. Just visit the page, fill out the forms, and snag them.

Amazon Student Program

This one is my favorite, and it is not only limited to back to school time. You can take six months of free prime with Amazon student program. This membership will get you a discount for being in College, free textbooks (new or used) or e-textbooks. Notebook anyone? Yes, you can get everything.

Earn rewards with Pocket Points App

Pocket Points app allows you to earn a variety of fantastic freebies by keeping your phone off while in class.  For every minute you’re not using your phone, you will get reward points, which you can redeem with freebies at a variety of local merchants. 

Back to school freebies at 

You can also get some more back to school freebies on downloading wish shopping app. Free school supplies include sticky notes, keychain, markers, mini stapler, pen, water bottle, and much more.

The Final Note

These are all the coolest back to school freebies to please Low-income families, teachers, kids, and college students. If you have found any expired freebie, be sure to let me know. I will update the list. Also, keep an eagle eye on all the back to school deals 2019 to save your hard-earned cash.

Enjoy these free stuff and kick off the new school year with a joyful mood without getting a dent in your wallet.

Happy New School year!

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