5 Bad Habits That Can Be A Sign Of High Intelligence

Do you always get criticized on your bad habits? Have you got tired of your laziness? Why not give this article a read, you will something positive about your personality that people often criticize. This article highlights all the bad habits that can demonstrate higher intelligence in people who possesses these habits. 

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5 Bad Habits That Can Be A Sign Of High Intelligence

When the word `intelligence` is uttered, a lot of people think about success, money, early sleepers, hardworking, neat, and so on. However, there are some bad habits that people with high intelligence tend to possess which may not come to mind.

Before you start reading, I would like to say that this list is endless and a few or none may apply to you. And just because they are termed bad in this article, it is entirely up to you to decide either it is bad for you or a sign of success that you didn`t know about before.

Lastly, it is good for us to know our strengths, as well as weaknesses, this way it is easier to understand what habit to work on to become better and better.

Here are some positive things about having these bad habits.


People who are lazy, tend to be innovative and intelligent. They like to make things easier for themselves; thereby they invent mechanisms that will require them not to move a finger or help them do more in a shorter time.

So, ladies and gentlemen, whoever came about with the ideas of cars, blenders, washing machines, and remote controls, etc., they were most probably lazy people.

Another relating point, because you are lazy, you like to procrastinate, a lot. And as a result, you do more in a shorter time than are supposed to. In other words, you are described by people to do tasks very fast. Meanwhile, you are laughing inside at them because they don`t know that all you want to do is finish as early as possible and have more time to chill.

So, next time when someone says you are lazy, tell them that you are in your energy saving mode to do bigger things in life.


Have a messy desk? Don`t worry it is a good sign!

Intelligent people like to break out of tradition, thereby possess these qualities. They seek fresh ideas and like to think outside the box.

Ever thought you couldn`t just keep things in order? The good news is it could be because you have a high IQ. Arranging things is the least of your problems. To you, it is organized chaos. In fact, you think well when your room or desk is upside down.

People who always create a mess while working tend to have better-thinking abilities, their mind is cluttered with a lot of ideas and thoughts that stops them from cleaning the things up.


No, don`t get me wrong, you are not crazy, but you may as well be if you do it often among other people (however, you are too smart for that, right?).

Anyway, talking to oneself has been found to be a sign of intelligence.

As you murmur whatever it is to the sound of your ears, you can scrutinize it and make corrections wherever necessary. Also, you may be able to pan out plans this way or practice for a forthcoming presentation or exam.

You are open to self-criticism and repairing whatever that seems not to be right.

Don`t worry what people think about you while you talk to yourself, you just stay focused on your path. You need experts` advice before taking any big decision, and who can be better than you?  Of course, you are!


As your level of thinking is high up there, you start to think no one truly understands what you say or do. Perhaps it is due to your unique perspective on life; you like to see things in a different light.

Or you think in a complex way; therefore regular everyday conversations become too complicated. As such, after many attempts of trying to be understood and not seen as the only one left out, you may feel it is not worth explaining yourself.

The good news here is that the minds of intelligent people are flexible and will not let them be in situations they don`t feel comfortable in. Therefore, if as a person with high IQ, you don`t bother about fitting in, then it is a choice to stay in the dark about your opinions, and not because you feel sorry about the inability to express yourself easily.


So are you a night person? Congratulations! You have something in common with smart people tend to have.

Staying up late is not new to you, it is something that intelligent people do so quickly even when they have an early morning the next day.

Now, that may not be good for the health, but you have so much going on in that curious mind of yours that sleeping may just disrupt your chain of thoughts. Intelligent people are known to worry more too, does it connect now?

The Final Verdict

There are many other signs apart from these mentioned above that can demonstrate the level of higher intelligence. People who are creative and innovative tends to have some laziness because they work on their level of creativity. So next time, when someone criticize on your bad habits (not all) don`t feel sad, they don`t know the potential you have, just smile and keep working on your goals. They don`t know about your vast intelligence.

Stay same, and keep moving on your track.


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