10 Effective Time Management Tips For Bloggers

A blogger’s life is not easy especially when you have a grueling work routine and you find it hard to spare some hours on your blog. Interacting with your audience, and consistently write a new post with your work life is not easy. This article will help you with some useful tips to manage time as a blogger.

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10 Effective Time Management Tips For Bloggers

Blogging is not a piece of cake, it requires a lot of your time and dedication to run a successful blog that people love. But in this fast pace of life, it is difficult to manage time for a blogger.

Creating a blog post in due time, responding to queries, having enough time for yourself and ultimately becoming successful is a tough job. To do all this, you must invariably understand that time is no ordinary thing, Time is in fact money.

We often feel like we have enough time but thinking you have enough time is just when you run out of the most time. Your success as a blogger is fixed to the amount of active time utilized, and for most bloggers out there this can be a challenge. 

Why do I have to manage time as a blogger?

Optimizing time for blogging and personal life is very important, it helps you deliver to your audience good quality content leaving you enough time to recharge. As a student, blogging can get really difficult, and I’m usually left with days where I am completely spaced out.

Part-time bloggers who also have a day job require this skill, if not it would be a joggle keeping up with your readers and creating a successful blog.

How can I start managing my time effectively?

Firstly, you must attach value to your time. When you see time as something very precious, you would want to use it better.

There is a way to handle blogging like a boss. Here are tips to help you blog like a boss and never lose time:

1. Set up goals for your blog. 

Having goals for your blog daily, weekly or monthly helps you to prioritize time by keeping you motivated and focused on activities that will help you achieve your goals. It also helps you to avoid wasting time on activities that do not help with your goals.

2. Plan for a month.

Fill out your blog schedule for a month. It will give you a framework of what you need to be doing for that month and when. Following the routine and getting things done in time is one way to make it work. Also, you have to re-evaluate the plan within the month to avoid failure. Always do the biggest task first as this can help you save up time and avoid procrastination.

3. Separate reading/research time from writing time.

Gathering information and writing at the same time can cause information overload and your work maybe disorganized with notable points not aligned in a way that it is easy for the reader to understand.It is imperative that you plan every blog post before writing them. This will give you enough time to organize your points and plot your writing structure in a way that best suits the topic with the information you`re hoping to pass across in mind.

4. Let go of distractions!

This is the number one thing that will rob you of your time. Distractions are very eye-catching in such a way they can keep you engaged for hours. Unimportant email notifications, phone, and television are the common causes of disturbances and are bound to rob you of your time. Fix a time of the day to write and a location which is void of anything that can cause a distraction while working.

5. Keep ideas physical.

Writing your ideas on paper can make them feel real, easily accessible and it`s highly efficient for brainstorming. I always keep a notepad to jot down and keep all of my ideas. You can also make use of a digital note like Evernote, but I personally prefer the good old ways with pen and paper.

6. Assign time to each task.

It will be helpful for you in keeping track of your time. It is essential you complete each task within the allocated time frame. Placing tasks in focused batches with breaks in between has helped me to get things done faster. You can use a whiteboard or stick note to track your tasks as they get completed.

7. Select a day of the week to respond to emails and comments.

I like to respond to emails and comments on Saturdays or any other day that my schedule is free. If you find yourself rushing into emails and not giving a sound reply, you need to set out a day specifically for emails, where you`re focused and can give in your best to the response.

8. Play with time and get things done faster.

Working with a timer can help challenge you to get things done faster and improve your speed. I like to see it as a way to have fun while working, I push myself to work harder, so I can have spare time for myself.

9. Always schedule time for yourself.

This should be your reward for good work ethics. All work and no play makes you dull. So, to keep a constant flow of inspiration, you must set out time for yourself. Take self-care seriously it`s really important. It’s all work till you say stop, you need to go outside, take a walk and just breathe in cool fresh air. Don’t neglect yourself and your health, understand that it is okay to take a break and you owe it to nobody but yourself to take care of you.

10. Set out time to promote other people’s blogs.

When people see how you support others, they’d want to encourage you as well. This is the ultimate way of getting new readers. Blogging is a community and communication is vital, contact other bloggers for help and seek the support of others as well. It will really come in handy.

Wrap up

With all these said, I`m sure you`re on your way to becoming a very productive and successful blogger. It might take time to get a hand of everything but trust me when I say; it will be worth the while. Apply this tips to blogging and become the boss you deserve to be.

So, what do you think which tip would work for you the most with your time?

A lot has been said, but I`m sure you might have other tricks up the sleeves that have helped you manage your time effectively, I would love to hear them.

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