Some Amazing Facts Of Exotic Shorthair Cat

Having a cat in your house makes the atmosphere lively and pleasing. Whenever you feel sad, your cat always caresses you with her warmth and love. If you have an exotic shorthair cat in your house, you must need to know these interesting facts about them so you can love them even more.

Published On: 2018-11-09

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Cats are the adorable creatures; they always rejoice you whenever you feel low or depressed. No matter which breed you pet, a cat is a perfect companion of your bad days.

If you are a cat person, you are at the right place. You will find some amazing facts about exotic short hair cat in this article. Read on...

The Ancestry

Exotic Shorthair cat is one of the most popular breeds, and they are the short hair version of Persian.

They are identical to the Persian such as temperament, flat nose, face, and short coat. In the year 1950, some American Shorthair breeders used the Persian as an outcross.

This breeding was done in secret due to improving the type of body of the exotic shorthair, and one more crosses were made with the Burmese and the Russian Blue.

In the year 1960, their confirmation went through a period of remodeling due to this hybridization. Their boning grew heavier, head rounder, shorter nose and coat become dense and long.

Because the Persian`s confirmation was widespread, they did well in the shows and although they were not a recognized breed at the time. Until the year 1965, they were known as Domestic Shorthairs.

Bengal cat is also one of the most popular breeds but nowadays, Exotic shorthair cats are more popular, and they have a large following among cat fanciers.

In the year 1967, they were accepted by the CFA for Championship status. In the year 1971, the first exotic cat has received a rank of Grand Champion.

Then the CFA breeders were allowed to shift American Shorthair and Persian hybrids into Exotic classification.

In the year 1987, outcross of Exotic Shorthair was closed by CFA and leaves the Persian only allowable outcross.

In the year 1991, they were the CFA`s cat of the Year, and in the year 1992, they were the CFA`s Best Kitten.

Due to more use of Persian as an outcross, some of the Exotics carry a copy of the longhair gene. When two of these cats mate, then there is a chance that from four of them one being longhaired.

Facts about Personality

Facts about Personality

  • They have a gentle and calm personality, and they are Curious, playful, friendly to other cats and dogs. The shape of their Head is Oval and massive, and the skull is broad, and the forehead is rounded.
  • They are livelier than their longhaired ancestors, and they don’t like being left alone, they need the presence of their owner.
  • Their cheeks are round, and the muzzle is short, broad and round. Their nose is short and broad and chin is Strong and their jaws are Broad and powerful.
  • The ears of exotic are small, rounded and open at the base and their hair is well furnished at the inside and their eyes are round and Large.
  • The color of their coat is Pure and deep, in the most varieties gold and copper color is seen. The chinchilla cat has green and golden-blue in the white color.
  • Their body size is Medium, cabby and low at the ground and their neck is short and thick. Their shoulders are Massive and chest is broad and muscles are powerful.
  • Their Paw is short, Round, large and straight and their Tail is short and thick and they have a rounded tip.
  • Their Coat is a little bit longer than another short-hair breeds and hair on the coat is Dense, fluffy and erect.
  • They are more affectionate and loyal than other breeds. They are the good lap cats, and their nature is calm and steady which makes them ideal for apartment cats.
  • They are capable of mouse hunting, and they enjoy playing with a fishing pole toy, chasing a ball and wadded-up piece of paper.

Facts about Health

Facts about Health

  • Exotic Shorthair has a health problem which results from nose and eyes nearby and gives the appearance of the pushed-in face.
  • There are four types of health problem which are mostly seen in this breed which are a Brachycephalic airway obstructive, Calcium oxalate urolithiasis, Dystocia, and Feline polycystic kidney disease.
  • The brachycephalic airway obstructive is also called brachycephalic airway respiratory or congenital obstructive upper airway syndrome.
  • This disease causes upper airway abnormalities, due to this disease airway resistance increased, in the airways inflammation of structures and heart strain increases.
  • Treatment of Brachycephalic is surgery, weight loss and humid conditions being avoided. Another health problem is Calcium oxalate which is a stone that crystallizes in the kidney and bladder.
  • Another health problem is Dystocia, this disease developed due to large-domed skulls. Another health problem is Feline polycystic kidney which is formed in Exotic and also in Persians.
  • Another Persian has more chances of developing polycystic kidney disease, and this disease leads to kidney failure.

Facts about their Coat

Facts about their Coat

  • The coat of the Exotic is short, and it does not mat, and it is easy to groom. To keep their coat beautiful, comb their fur once a week with stainless steel is efficient.
  • They shed seasonally, and during that time they need additional grooming and bathing to remove dead hair.
  • After a bath, dry them with a stand dryer or a hand-held blow dryer but keep the temperature of dryer low to prevent burns. Daily wash their face particularly beneath the eyes and trim their nails as needed.


Exotic shorthair is the most adorable cat you can pet. You will find a perfect companion who can deal your mood swings better and give you a lot of love in return. So, take care of this furry angel and embrace its existence.

Love your cat!

Love your cat!

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