16 Awesome Pet Subscription Boxes For Every Budget

Whether it`s a dog, cat or rat, if you have a pet at home you have to take good care of it. Every animal needs toys and treats to stay happy, healthy and cheerful. Therefore, pet subscription boxes are a huge hit; they are convenient yet affordable. So what are you waiting for? Hit subscribe Now…

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16 Awesome Pet Subscription Boxes For Every Budget

“Without pet you wallet would be full, your house would be clean but heart would be empty.”

The doorbell rung and your dog jumps excitedly as the postman drops off the parcel knowing that this time it is for him. 

You love your pet genuinely, and your furry friends also love your right back. By tail wagging, growls and body language your pet show how much it loves you-you can show your affection with subscription boxes.

You know chocolates and e-cards are a no-no, and caressing alone is not enough.

Pets love to dig the subscription boxes as they find love, treat and toys in it. 

However, it is improbable to spend all your valuable cash over the subscription boxes which don`t even worth it. 

Here I am listing the 16 most cheap pet subscription boxes which have something to be valued under every budget..

Subscription Boxes for Dogs

If you have a dog at your home, chances are, you would do almost anything to make them happy and lively. Despite the poop bags, fur all over your clothes and planning your entire life around their bathroom habits— there`s still a powerful bond that exists between you and your dog.

Having dealt with the frantic schedule, we get only minimum opportunities to make our pets feel special – choosing pet subscription boxes is one of them. As your four-legged friend can`t subscribe to the best dog box under budget, you have to do it for him. 

You can subscribe to the best dog subscription boxes your dog will fall in love month after month.

1.    Ollie – Design your dog`s meal 

Ollie Pet Subscription Boxes

What`s in a box: If you want your dog feeling full, then subscribe to Ollie. All you need is to sit back and relax after introducing your pup to Ollie. It will customize recipes based on your dog`s unique needs and recommends the perfect portion. Also, delivers the precise amount of food to your door ready-to-serve. 

How much it costs: The plan starts as low as $2/day for small dogs and $6 for average dogs. Thus, the plan price depends upon the size of your dog. 

Subscribe or Buy Now: Get 50% off on Their first box meal

2.    DoggTreats 

DoggTreats Pet Subscription

What`s in a box:  Whether it`s a training reward or something to keep your dog occupied a bit, the DoggTreats will probably help. It offers excellent monthly dog boxes, which includes healthy treats, fun and Innovative toys and accessories. All items are handpicked for their high quality. Plus, you don`t need to worry about the expiry as it allows automatic subscription renewal.

How much it costs: There are three different plans according to the dog size, the month to month plan starts as low as $19.48.

Subscribe or buy now: You can use the link to official Store`s website to subscribe to any suitable plan. Get 10% discount with FIRSTBOX promo code. 

3.    Bully Bundles

Bully Bundles Pet Subscription Boxes

What`s in a box: If you don`t want to put your dog in that rough spot of running out of bull sticks, then subscribe to bully bundles. These bully sticks will turn out to be your dog`s favorite snack as it is natural, odorless and chemical free. These hand sorted sticks are 5/8" - 7/8" thick (measured on the most compressed side). 

How much it costs: The cost of your plan depends upon the size and quantity of bully sticks you select. The subscription with minimum sticks starts from $17/month.

Subscribe or buy now: Use code RALPH20 to get 20% off on Bully Bundles.  

4.    Binky & Oliver 

Binky & Oliver Pet Subscripton Boxes

What`s in a box: You love desserts and so your dog. Binky and Oliver offer healthy gourmet dog treats, baked by hand in small batches, and delivered monthly to your doorstep. Delicious treats are made with only the finest simple, healthy and organic ingredients. You may pick from one of our three yummy packages with each one featuring a hand decorated special treat. 

How much it costs: The subscription plan starts from $12.95/mo. 

Subscribe or Buy Now: There is no latest coupon available for discounts. Use the link to subscribe to your desired plan.   

5.    PETure Perfect

PETure Perfect Pet Subscriptionn Boxes

What`s in a box: You want to keep your cuddly companion with your forever though PETure Perfect gives you a unique and memorial way to properly frame the life and enjoyable moments of our four-legged friend. You can use the photo, or the store can create a gorgeous hand-drawn the digital illustration.    Each month you will receive an adorable item like a mug, notebook or coaster - highlighting your pet as well as a couple of other goodies.

How much it costs: There are four different plans out of which Pawsome Dog photo club is most inexpensive starting from $13.99. 

Subscribe or Buy Now: Subscribe to the desired plan. Also, you have the option to have a pet portrait without the commitment of an ongoing subscription. 

6.    Pet Treater

Pet Treater Subscription Boxes

What`s in a box: If toys help your dog kill boredom, then he will love Pet Treater Subscription. It provides an endless supply of treats and toys. Each pack is filled with Each package is filled with 3-4 hand-selected items featuring a variety of super fun toys, mostly USA & Canada made treats as well as extra goodies. 

How much it costs: Give your dog a reason to wag with the cheap dog pack plan which costs $15.00/mo

Subscribe or Buy Now: Avail PT-20 code avail 20% off on first-month subscription

Subscription Boxes for Cats 

Subscription boxes under budget are a great way to introduce your cat to the innovative toys, yummy treats and things she loves to be occupied with. Many companies offer you the chance to enjoy peace of mind while they deliver exciting cat products to your doorstep – the toys and the treats. 

Here are some cat-friendly subscription boxes to keep everyone at home happy and healthy.

7.    Cat Sticker Club

Cat Sticker Club Pet Subscription Boxes

What`s in a box: Cat Sticker Club is something charming and quirky that will take you all by surprises month after month. It is a monthly subscription box curated with you cats in mind. It makes cute art of kitties, creates high-quality stickers, and brightens up your mailbox every month. From memes to videos, and fashion; the feline has taken the world by storm and is now taking the sticker world under their little paws as well. 

How much it costs: Get these exciting stickers in your mail box every month in just $3.50/month.

Subscribe or Buy Now: Use Promo code FSC10 to enjoy 10% off on your subscription

8.    Purr Boxes

What`s in a box: Purr Boxes subscription box is filled with love, treats, and items that make cats feel they are worthy. Each box is curated carefully with selected products which can be toys and gifts along with a month`s supply of cat grass and catnip. It will keep your stimulated and interested, saving other items from unwanted attention.

How much it costs: Receive a cat box in your mail for just $12.70. 

Subscribe or buy now: Unfortunately, you have to pay the full amount for subscription as there are no coupons available for this brand right now. 

9.    MeowBox 

MeowBox Pet Subscription Boxes

What`s in a box: MeowBox is sure to keep your frisky and playful cat entertained, healthy and happy. It is a pet toy box that emphasize on customizing your cat`s subscription experience.  Each box is a surprise as you don`t know beforehand that what it would contain. It may have freeze-dried meat treats, felt toys, catnip-inside felt toys and a battery-powered chase toy. 

How much it costs: The first MeowBox will cost you $22.95 with free shipping 

Subscribe or Buy Now: Receive 10% off on your first subscription by applying Promo code MAYA10

10.    KitNipBox

KitNipBox Pet Subscription Boxes

What`s in a box: If your furry feline friend likes to play with gadgets and innovative toys, then she would super enjoy digging KitNipBox. After research and analyzes, each box is filled with fun toys and delicious treats; they include accessories, latest gadgets, health and hygiene items, and even some surprises. 

How much it costs: This Pawsome monthly subscription box starts at $19.99

Subscribe or Buy Now: Don`t forget using Promo PawProject coupon code to save 15% on first subscription.

11.    Whisker Box

Whisker Box Pet Subscription Boxes

What`s in a box:  Each month whisker Box comes with a new theme to make your furry friend fall in love with it. This affordable cat box brings handcrafted toys, delicious treats, and one-of-a-kind treasures that your feline friend. Also, it is customizable by filling in all of your cat`s excellent points.

How much it costs: Whisker Box subscription will only cost you $34.95 every month.

Subscribe or Buy Now: Surprise you cats with this amazing subscription using discount code MSA10 and save 10%. 

Subscription Boxes for Horses

Today it seems like there are subscription boxes available for like everything – even subscription box for horses and ponies are available for the people who love them. So if you are a horse person you may keep your pet happy by subscribing to these budget-friendly subscription boxes. 

12.    My Horse Box

My Horse Box Pet Subscription Boxes

What`s in a box: Grooming products, treats, supplements? Or what else you want for your horse to keep it healthy and happy? The Barn Box is a box of heaven for hippophile; it delivers a box of excellent horse merchandise that both you and your horse will enjoy the right to your barn steps on a regular basis. Along with four full-size premium equestrian products, it has other bonuses too.

How much it costs: To receive goodies for you and your horse you just need to pay $44.60. 

Subscribe or Buy Now: Subscribe to a plan. There are no coupons available for discounts currently. 

13.    A Horse Box 

A Horse Box Pet Subscription Boxes

What`s in a box: For many avid equestrians, owning horses is not the only luxury it`s a complete lifestyle; so A Horse Box is for those who need smart resource management. It delivers both horse and rider approved collection from popular brands. Thus, spoil your pet with handpicked items - from the best grooming products to gourmet horse treats & more.

How much it costs: Plan starts at just $25.99 

Subscribe or Buy Now: Sign up for a plan here

Subscription Boxes for Rats and Bunnies 

Are you tired of finding subscription boxes for your rats and bunnies that worth your money? If so, then your search is over as there are many companies which know how to take care of these small animals

14.    Ratty box

Ratty box Pet Subscription Boxes

What`s in a box: You rat surely going to love it. It`s not necessary to go nasty if you have a pet rat at home. From chews to cage accessories, toys and other goodies; Ratty Box carefully chooses each and every one of the five products in the package. Notably, it avoids ingredients such as raw peanuts, alfalfa, hay, dried whole corn kernels, all of which can be harmful to ratties. So be ready to get the ratty goodies delivered to your doorstep.

How much it costs: Monthly ratty box costs you $19.99 including shipping cost. 

Subscribe or buy now: Subscribe to your desired plan. Use Promo code RATTYLOVE to claim 10% off.

15.    My Bunny Valentine

My Bunny Valentine Pet Subscription Boxes

What`s in a box: You love your long-eared friend and so My Bunny Valentine. It is a monthly subscription box which is curated with the eternal love of bunnies. Each purple box is packed with bunny merchandise from around the world which includes 4 to 6 of the items: Jewelry i.e., Custom-Branded Stress Toys, Apparel, Bags, Purses, Cinch Sacks, Plushies, Umbrellas, Travel accessories and more.

How much it costs: The monthly plan starts for as low as 13.33/mo 

Subscribe or Buy now: Discover the specially curated merchandise by subscribing to the suitable plan. 

16.    Bunnies That Lunch

Bunnies That Lunch Pet Subscription Boxes

What`s in a box: Bunnies that Lunch is a monthly subscription box that is delivered right to your door step. Each package is jam packed with Bunny friendly toys and healthy treats then sealed with Bunny love. From tough rubber toys to chewy & festive balls, you will get everything make your bunny feel worthy.

How much it costs: The monthly plan starts from $19.15.

Subscribe or Buy Now: For subscription go to the link.


Life is too short to show your pet some love. You know what? Same treats for pets over and over again is annoying, and they crave for something delicious and tasty. So what is better than subscribing to a suitable pet plan? Let`s face it; pet subscription boxes are not cheap today, in fact, many don`t worth your money. So consider this list before ordering any. 

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