Fashion Color Trends From Pantone’s Spring/summer Report 2019

Fashion is ever changing, and there is always something new to follow. Find some new color inspiration to wear in the coming year and add some alluring hues into your new year’s wardrobe. This article highlights the most fashionable colors you can wear in New Year to stay gorgeous and stylish everyday.

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Fashion Color Trends From Pantone’s Spring/summer Report 2019

Face the future with enduring colors that deliver confidence and spirit; that is uplifting; playful hues that lend to joyful artistic movement. Move down to a path of creative and surprising combinations with the mindset to conquer to the world. 

This article features the combination of 12 stand out colors and 4 classic neutral tones from Pantone’s Spring/Summer report 2019. These colors will enhance your beauty and open doors to new opportunities.

Here are some stunning collection. Watch out!

1. Fiesta ( PANTONE 17-1564)

As the bright, cheerful color that exudes the energy of passion and the power of youth, fiesta undoubtedly becomes the exciting addition to your spring wardrobe.

Try this warm color to make your style more vibrant and keep yourself outstanding in the crowd. Red maxi dress, red blazers, red sweatshirt will be a nice choice!

2. Jester Red ( PANTONE 19-1862) 

Adding depth and intensity, Jester Red combines rich elegance with urbanity. It`s versatile for different skin tones and for sure to dominate the year ahead.

With a hint of pungency, turmeric can enliven our temperament. This warm and autumnal tone is ideal for brightening up your look and adding an extra color to your cold-weather wardrobe.

3. Turmeric ( PANTONE 15-1264 ) 

4. Living Coral ( PANTONE 16-1546 ) 

Living Coral is an affable and animating shade whose golden undertone gives it a softer edge. This color tone is quite pleasant to present your tender vibe and enhance your elegance.

5. Pink Peacock ( PANTONE 18-2045 ) 

This pink hue has been gaining ground in women`s and men`s collections in recent seasons. The tone, although hard to wear, it`s still one of the favorite hues with designers.

As a distinctive color that attracts attention, designers use it to make creative details, giving us a feast for the eyes. It will be flawless when paring with a statement designer white oversized shirt.

6. Pepper Stem ( PANTONE 17-0542 ) 

As an environmental color, this color encourages our desire for nature`s healthy bounty. It can also intrigue a beautiful color combination when paring with other fashion outfits, suchas white loose linen pants, black boots, even Pink Peacock / Fiesta clothes.

7. Aspen Gold ( PANTONE 13-0850 ) 

It is primarily for spring collections. It helps you to brighten your dreary days and stimulates feelings of joy and good cheer as well, which is available for all seasons. 

8. Princess Blue ( PANTONE 19-4150 ) 

Princess blue is another interpretation of royal blue. It`s the most outstanding of the cooler colors, giving us a solemn, majestic yet elegant feeling. I`m pretty sure it will continue to glisten and gleam in the fashion world and this New Year! 

9. Toffee ( PANTONE 18-1031)

Toffee is meant to be a much richer tone along the line of chocolates; its natural color tone reminds of sweet, tasteful and delicious candy.

The hue flawlessly works for classic white or black, choose this color with black wide leg corduroy pants or accessorize with white outfits, as it`s shown below. 

10. Mango Mojito ( PANTONE 15-0960 ) 

It`s kind of a warm color that feeds our craving for pleasant comforts, but also a depth attached to it. It`s a must-have closet staple that can display a youthful 90s vibe. 

11. Terrarium Moss ( PANTONE 18-0416 ) 

Terrarium Moss is neither overwhelming nor ordinary. This natural color tone can almost go well with any colors and surely can be worn from one season to the next.

Fendi, Esteban Cortazar, A.F.Vandevorst have shown us how it works in Fashion Week. 

Fendi Spring/ Summer 2019

12. Sweet Lilac ( PANTONE 14-2808 ) 

The soft shade shows us a gentle and quiet charm. It proves that this endearing pink will have a lasting presence in the fashion world. Plus, there is no doubt that it`s helpful to update your look and create a fresh vibe for you. 

And about the spring/ summer 2019 Neutrals: 

Soybean ( PANTONE 13-0919 )

As one of the neutral colors, soybean is versatile for different skin tones.

It`s easy to shape a fresh and reliable image when the dark-skinned girls/women wear it. On the contrary, for those who have fair skins can wear it for a clean, elegant and sophisticated look. 

Eclipse ( PANTONE 19-3810 ) 

Even though this deep navy is both dangerous and mysterious and not comfortable to wear, it`s still hard for us to escape and this deep blue redolent. 

Try it on to show off your fascinating charm and give yourself a brand-new look. 

Sweet Corn ( PANTONE 11-0106 )

Sweet Corn tempts with its soft and buttery attitude. Its naturally femininity and tenderness will attract you. 

Brown Granite ( PANTONE 19-0805 ) 

Pantone describes it as 'a grounded, strong color' and it`s understated, authentic and timeless. As one of the primary and classic colors, this one works well with any dark-colored hues, and you will be surprised by this supportive and robust brown. 


These are the fashion colors to watch for in 2019 for the most gorgeous and stunning look. These vibrant hues will make you look ten times more appealing and classy every day. Choose the one that best suits your skin complexion and enhances the charisma of your personality. So, get ready to sizzle up your wardrobe with some mesmerizing colors.

Stay in-style!

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