How To Maintain Your Hair Clippers – A Complete Guide

When it comes to proper hair grooming, a lot of factors come to play. First, there has to be an understanding of the conditions of the hair in question.

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How To Maintain Your Hair Clippers – A Complete Guide

When it comes to proper hair grooming, a lot of factors come to play. First, there has to be an understanding of the conditions of the hair in question. Similarly, a substantial level of hair grooming skills must be acquired. And, for the sake of this article, the essential hair grooming tools must be in their best performance always.


Speaking of men’s hair grooming tools, hair clippers are usually the most expensive and the most important in every toolkit. So, it’s a no-brainer that we must give them optimum care. To that end, I have created this ultimate guide on how to care for your clippers for better performance and longevity.

Follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Get a Clipper Maintenance Toolkit

The first step to hygienic and ultra-performance clippers is the creation of a maintenance toolbox. This standby kit contains all the tools and products you need to upkeep your hair clippers. Inside this box, you must have a screwdriver, blade cleaner, napkin, wire brush or toothbrush, rotary tool, blade sharpening stone, and blade oil. For your info, when buying a screwdriver, make sure it’s a perfect fit for unlocking the screws of your clippers. Likewise, for clippers with self-sharpening blades, there’s no need to buy a blade sharpening stone.

 Get a Clipper Maintenance Toolkit

STEP 2: Detach The Blades From Your Clipper

With your toolbox on standby, you can now start the process of cleaning your hair clipper like a pro. First off, pick out your screwdriver and locate the two screws holding the blade to your clipper. Loosen those screws and detach the blade from the clipper. Also, unscrew the screws holding the top part of the clipper housing to expose the motor area as shown in the image attached below.

Detach The Blades From Your Clipper

Note: be as careful as possible while detaching the blade to make sure that it doesn’t crash unto the floor.

STEP 3: Brush And Wipe Meticulously

So, unto the main work. Hold the clipper firmly in one hand with the exposed top facing you. Grab the toothbrush with the other hand and use it to brush out hair from the clipper. Reach for crevices to brush out hidden without being too aggressive. (You don’t want to end up breaking a part of your device.) With that done, clean the toothbrush, apply your blade cleaner to it, and use it to brush the detached blade as well. Finally, wipe the brushed parts with your napkin.

Brush And Wipe Meticulously

OPTIONAL STEP: Sharpen Your Blade

If your clipper features self-sharpening blades, you have no business with this step. Otherwise, sharpening your clipper blades is a must-do for cutting precision and accuracy. Besides, no one deserves to have their hair snagged on by blunt blades. Anyway, to go from blunt to decently sharpened blades, you need the kind of sharpening machine in the image attached above. For low budgets, a sharpening stone will do. All you have to do is apply water to the stone and hold your blades onto its surface with the flat part of their tips parallel to it. Then gently swipe each blade across the wet stone until they are sharp enough.

Sharpen Your Blade

STEP 4: Oil, Disinfect, And Assemble Your Clippers

Oiling and disinfecting your clippers are two essential steps to protect the people you fix hair for and keep your clippers running at their best level. And if you don’t have a “clipper oil” branded oil, you can use olive oil or mineral oil. Whichever you’ve got, apply the oil to where the blades meet, the tips, and the sides of the blades. Finally, apply a clipper blade disinfectant and assemble the clippers back in position. Yes, you’re done. But remember, this process should be repeated at the end of every day of cutting hair.

Oil, Disinfect, And Assemble Your Clippers

In Conclusion

Whether you’re a barber or a home-based DIY hair groomer, keeping your hair grooming tools should be at the top of your to-do- list. And WiseBarber has made the process easier and more productive for you with their professional guide on clippers maintenance. But if you have questions concerning any of the steps explained so far, use the comment box below. You can also see this post to discover an ultimate guide to men’s grooming. Until next time, stay safe and never stop looking after your hair grooming tools.