How to Mix and Match Jewelry with Confidence

Do you want some unique style inspirations to ace your mixing and matching game? This article will give you some out of the box ideas how you can mix and match your jewelry and look absolutely gorgeous in it. 

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How to Mix and Match Jewelry with Confidence

A piece of jewelry complements a woman’s personality and personifies her beauty.

You may have heard that less is more, but today, those boundaries are being removed. You may have also heard that mixing metals is a big no-no, but that rule is also going to be broken. 

Today, you can practically wear whatever piece of jewelry you want and match it with other pieces as long as you feel comfortable and don’t look tacky. There are some minor rules, but you can look at them as simple tips to improve your look and feel like a style icon. 

So, let’s see how you can mix and match your jewelry and feel confident and strong.

Pick a Centerpiece and Workaround It


When it comes to mixing and matching jewelry, it is easier to pick one piece and work around it. That centrepiece can be anything from a statement ring, bold watch to a chunky bracelet. As soon as you pick your statement piece, you can start adding smaller pieces that are not too flashy. For example, if you’re going to wear a gold watch, you can complement it with a few thin bracelets, and a few rings in matching gold tones.

Mixing Metals

mixing metals

Thanks to the latest fashion trends, you don’t have to match your metals anymore! Silver, copper, gold, rose gold or white gold if you have them all you can quickly wear them all together. It is encouraged to mix all the metals to complete your look and make it more alive. With different pieces on your arm, you can make it look dressier and engaging in just a few seconds. The best combination for matching is certainly silver and gold, but for more information, you can visit Jewelry Jealousy blog and learn so much about your pieces.

Add Some Color

add some colors

If you’re only sticking to metals, even though they are mixed, the whole look could look a bit dull. That is why you shouldn’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your gold and silver bracelets. For example, you can add a colorful woven and beaded bracelets to your metal ones and create a fantastic look that sparks creativity. Not to mention how you will look unique and fabulous!

Stack Your Rings

stacking rings

If stacking bracelets seems like too much of a weight, you can move on to your fingers. Stacking rings has become such a big trend, that all of the gals are doing it, so how can you leave behind this trend? This trend has never been easier to realize since we have giant retailers like H&M who are selling packs of cute rings of all sizes for all of your fingers. Plus, they come in various colors and metals! What is more, there is no limit on how many rings you can wear - you can wear two, three or even more rings on one finger and nicely combine them on both of your hands and make those digits shine.

Don’t Overdo It

mixing and matching jewelry mistake

Yes, there are no limits when it comes to mixing and matching, but you don’t want to look like a walking jewelry store. So, try to keep it reasonable but fashionable. So, don’t overwhelm the eyes of other people and make them go blind when they look at you. That’s why besides the metals you can add a few pieces of other natural materials and keep it low when adding pops of color. For example, choose one or two areas that you’re going to accessorize, such as your neck and wrists, or your ears and arms and keep it stunning but subtle.

Keep it Within One Theme

You can`t afford to look like a walking disaster and look ridiculous when mixing and matching, so stick to one theme. Keep in mind that everything should look symmetrical, and you don’t want to have too much color on your jewelry. A few accents are great but don’t wear diamond earrings with a chunky necklace and colorful bracelets. Keep it classy and stick to one size or theme, and you’re good.

Stone Necklaces

stone necklaces

You may like wearing colorful stones, and sticking to just one color may not suit your personality. So, try to mix things up a bit, but don’t go overboard. Start with mixing shades for example, and use different shades of blue stones for your necklace. Also, you can throw a bit of turquoise-blue into the mix to create a nice contrast.

Moreover, if you want to be bolder, you can mix and match more variant color stones. For example, go for a necklace with a ruby and sapphire pair or even sapphire and diamond to draw more attention. What is more, if you have different stone colors on your necklace, it will make it much easier to complete the outfit with matching shoes, earrings and other accessories you want to wear.

The final Verdict

Jewelry etiquette has changed over the years and the new trends of the modern world can make you look more gorgeous and classy. So why not add some new colors to your accessories? Or mix and layer them to transform into a diva? This mixing and matching game will make you nothing but more beautiful and stylish.

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