How To Save Money On Eye Care Cape Coral FL

Having an eye care treatment, and issuance of corrective lenses while in Cape Coral can put holes in your budget. But with a little effort, you can save cash. Read this guide and get to know some smart money-saving hacks while in the town.

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How To Save Money On Eye Care Cape Coral FL

A 2017 Community Health Needs Assessment Report with proponents found in Lee County, USA found that 8.5% of its adult population are either blind or have difficulty seeing even with corrective lenses. Eye care services and related products can become expensive. Comprehensive eye exams, eye emergencies, and the issuance of corrective lenses may put holes in budgets. Continue reading to know how to save cash on eye care while in Cape Coral, FL. 

1. Do Your Research

do your research

If it`s not an eye emergency, take your time to research the available eye care services in the city. You can start by creating a list of eye doctors in the area. Also, consider the costs of commute or gas. If you live near Del Prado Boulevard, there may be one or two eye doctors in your area. If you can, skip out in taking public or private transportation and walk to the eye care facility.

 If you live on the far side of town, maybe in the northern part of Chiquita Boulevard, take note of the money you have to spend to reach the nearest eye care clinic. Otherwise, if you live near Country Club Boulevard, you can visit Quigley Eye for eye care services.  

2. Use Vision Insurance

vision insurance

 Vision coverage can be a rider or an additional feature to your existing healthcare plan. It provides financial help for many conditions regarding ocular health. Policyholders may also use this coverage to cover the cost of essential eyewear. Otherwise, this benefit may also be useful in paying for eyewear enhancements like:

●    Progressive lenses

●    Anti-reflective coatings

●    Photochromic lenses

●    Transition lenses

Different health insurance policies from varying insurance firms may offer various coverage for ocular care. For instance, one vision insurance rider from a particular insurance company may provide cover for the total price of contact lenses. Another insurance organization might only provide financial help for half of the cost of these lenses.

It`s recommended to talk with your insurance agent or review your policy to check the ocular health coverage from your plan. 

3. Look for a Free Checkup

look for a free checkup

An extensive eye examination might already be an investment for certain people. Add the costs of other eye care products and services, and the total fees may break banks. Still, failure to take care of your eyes might make it difficult for you to see beautiful things in the city. For example, you might have trouble seeing the exhibits in the Cape Coral Historical Museum. Otherwise, you`ll find it challenging to differentiate animals in the Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve.

If you think the initial price of the eye checkup is already expensive, you can opt for the free referral service from EyeCare America. These facilities are for qualified U.S. citizens or legal residents. There are different requirements to get the free eye exam from this service. For instance, U.S. citizens or legal residents aged 65 or older who have not seen an Eye M.D. in three or more years. If you qualify, you can get the free medical eye exam plus up to one year of care without any out-of-pocket fees.

  4. Shop Around for Discounts

look for discounts

 Aside from getting discounts on groceries from Bravo Supermarket, you may also chance upon coupons for glasses and other eye care products. Many providers of corrective eyewear honor discounts on top of price markdowns. Like, if you have a coupon for a pair of glasses, you can lower the price even more by using an AAA discount.

 You can also bring your old frames if you only want to replace the lenses. In doing so, you only have to pay for the new lenses instead of buying a complete eyeglasses package. Furthermore, use your coupons for even more substantial savings.

5. Don`t Pay for Extra Features if You Don`t Need Them

 Specific providers of eye care products or services may offer you additional offerings on top of your current purchase. For example, you only want to replace the lenses on your eyeglasses, but the sales representative provides you with scratch-resistant coatings. If you bought plastic lenses, then it already has an anti-scratch coating built into it. Also, many modern lenses can protect wearers from U.V. light, so you don`t have to pay additional cash to get those extra features.


Last, perhaps the best way to save money on eye care while you`re in Cape Coral, FL (or anywhere else) is to keep your eyes healthy. If you have a desk job that demands you to sit in front of a computer for eight hours or more, take a rest for a few minutes every hour. Also, don`t forget to eat food that can help improve eye health. These methods may not look like much, but they can help prevent a costly eye operation in the long-term.  

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