Back to School Tips for Mothers - Ideas for a pleasant School Year

Parents and kids both fear the return of early mornings, the strict schedules, and the end of lazy days. But, if you prepare beforehand, any task can be a bit easier to handle. Thus, check out these back to school tips for mothers to have a pleasant school year. 

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Back to School Tips for Mothers - Ideas for a pleasant School Year

Summer’s over that means it’s time to put away the flip-flops and beach balls and pick up your school bags and fall outfits for a new academic year.

Back to school season starts in August, and is the time of the year when parents rejoice at the prospect of few hours of peace; while, the kids wallow in misery over the loss of their freedom.

Retailers put up massive deals and discounts to celebrate and cash in profits from the parents and children prepping for the year ahead.

But, while 2019 back to school sales will make shopping easier on your wallet, you need a little more than discounts to make sure kids are ready for that first day of school.

Not just the little angels, but the moms and dads need to be prepared for the early mornings, homework, and bedtimes too after fun-filled summer vacation.

Thus, here are few back-to-school tips for mothers to make the year ahead pleasant and exciting for the whole family.

Your Family is Important, but So Are You

mom reading a book

We say that dedicated and loving parents are supposed to sacrifice their lives for their kids; give up what they need to make sure their children have their needs met.

Well, that’s not entirely correct.

One of the crucial back to school tips for mothers, and for every day in your life, is that you don’t hold back on caring for yourself. I mean, after all, how will you care for someone else if you don’t take the time to do the same for yourself?

Author of the book, Time to Parent, states that these early years of parenthood are the prime years for not just building your child’s character but also your career and relationships as well. It is the time that determines who you will be years down the line in your work and with your partner.

In a nutshell, if you are at peace with who you are as a person, you can make those around you happy, including your little ones and your husband. So, incorporate a mixture of stress-relieving activities into your life that boosts your serotonin levels and makes you feel lighter and happier.

Divide the Chores

kids help with chores

Take the responsibilities off your shoulders for a change. You might be the parent and the mother, but it’s not written in stone that only you will do the household work.

Getting your kids to perform age-appropriate chores around the house will help build their character and make them more self-reliant.

It’s not specifically a school hack, rather one of the tips for busy moms to ensure their children become independent, capable members of society.

But, another benefit of handing out chores is that it gets the little ones off their bums and doing something productive. It also makes it, so they don’t spend all summer playing or lazing around.

Need Help with Dinner

kids help make dinner

Here’s another on the list of back to school tips for mothers to get their children out of their carefree summer routine – get help with dinner.

Again, it’s not just for school, but as a life lesson, you can have your kids help out with meal preparations. Getting them involved will help instill a sense of responsibility in their young minds; plus, it will lighten the mood and make dinner time fun.

Another advantage is that measuring out the ingredients or reading the directions will get them to solve simple calculations and doing a little bit of reading; something, they would otherwise avoid.

So, its two birds with one stone; and, you and your little ones can both reap the benefits later down the road.

Share the Responsibilities

husband and wife doing chores

Even though I’d been speaking about moms so far, it goes without saying that these back to school tips are for both parents.

One way to take the stress of school starting off your shoulders is to share the responsibilities among each other. It’s not enough to get the kids involved; both spouses need to be equal partners to get this ship sailing.

Not just to help lighten the load, but having equal responsibilities will help you strengthen your bond and create a level of understanding and mutual respect that is otherwise seldom seen in families with both working parents.

Plus, it’ll keep either one of you from stressing out and combusting.

Let Your Creative Juices Flow

mom and daughter painting

Well, you got the kids to take on your chores; so, why not try and join them in their type of fun for once?

One of the most fun-filled (or should I say, difficult) back to school tips for mothers to apply is to sit back and finger paint with your munchkin.

Yes, you have to be the adult; and, you have to be the one to take charge, but sometimes control is overrated. De-stress for the year ahead and get creative; it will reduce the mental pressures, give your mind relief from all the worries, and get the happy hormone flowing through your system.

It’s not just to relieve your stress; but according to an early education adviser, it is also a way to instill a passion for creative arts in your little one’s young mind. It’s not all about math and science; we also need the artistic individuals to fill the world with color.

Besides, in these changing times, the world needs people who are not afraid to step outside the box with creative-problem solving skills and ingenuity.

So, moms apply these tips and see the change in your home and life outside.

Be Organized and Plan Ahead

weekly planner

With kids going back to school, a mom’s day is jam-packed with activities, running from one place to the other, sometimes without a break.

The summer is filled with adventures in the park or the backyard, but the school year has football, soccer, dance classes, and so much more.

So, here is a tip for organized working moms – plan your day!

Pick up a planner and note down all your appointments and things to do so that you’re not running to get ready at the last minute. There are so many pretty ones in the market these days that being organized can be fun too.

If you have two children or more, you can color code or add your little ones’ favorite cartoon stickers to mark their appointments; that way just one look will let you know where to be and who to take.

No more last minutes struggle to pack a bag or change your clothes; plus, if you delegate a specific task to a particular time of the month or year. Then you don’t need to worry about that throughout the year.

For example, you can take trips to doctor’s for their annual or bi-annual check-ups early in the year and mid-summer. And, you can make your work appointments at specific days of the week; that way you are not overbooked and have enough time to spend with the children.

De-stress Exercises Help the Mind and Body

mom doing yoga

Moving on with our list of back to school tips for mothers; here is one you hear as part of every healthy lifestyle blog – exercise, exercise, and more exercise!

It’s not just about going to the gym to stay fit, but a healthy workout with yoga or breathing exercises can help you de-clutter your mind and find mental peace.

The fact is sitting idle or having too much to do with not enough time can create negative thoughts that spiral out of control every minute. Thus, when you move around, your state of mind shifts too.

Yoga helps you to cleanse your mind and soul of all the worries that hold you down; breathing exercises pull you out of that fight or flight state of mind you are under when overburdened with stress.

As I said before, if you take care of yourself you can look after your family better; so, use this healthy back to school tip and add yoga to your daily routine for a calm and peaceful year ahead.

Give out Hugs to Your Kids for Fewer Tantrums

mother and child hugging

Tantrums are a part of every child’s genetic makeup; while some have silent episodes, others are more expressive of their inner thoughts. But, as a parent, you need to be able to predict and diffuse these situations before they even happen.

So, tips for moms? Hug your little one then take deep breaths.

I know it sounds weird and possibly something you already do; but, the fact is that at times in the hustle and bustle of the day and stressing about one thing or the other, you might have neglected your child’s emotional needs.  

They show their need for attention via tantrums that you can curb immediately with this neat trick.

Give your young one some motherly love with a hug and take deep breaths; they’ll be sure to sync their breathing and calm down. Even when they are too upset, the technique will eventually sit in their minds, and they’ll learn how to do it themselves; and, you’ll face fewer tantrums as they grow older.

Say, “I’ll think about it.”

mom says no

As a parent, you have to keep a perfect mix of good cop - bad cop when dealing with your little ones. Too much sugar will spoil them, leading to tantrums when they don’t get their way, whereas, too much sourness will leave them angry and bitter.

So, when you find yourself at a point when you have to say no, then say, “I’ll come back to you,” or “I’ll think about it.”

It will give you the time to think about what you want, and you can come up with a solution that meets them in the middle. That way, your children are happy, your boss or clients are satisfied, and so are you.

It is one of the school hacks from your trusted working mom survival kit, but both parents can apply these techniques in their professional and personal lives to manage their work and kids.

Maximize Quality Time

family quality time

Children need more than to hear the phrase “I love you”; you need to spend a bit of time with them too. Show them what they mean to you and bond with them on a deeper emotional level.

It’s not enough to read bedtime stories or watch a bit of TV together, have dinner as a family and so on. Instead, try to give out short but consistent bursts of attention throughout the day.

On the list of back to school tips for mothers that one might be the most vital!

Every little minute of the day where you give them undivided attention can have a lasting impact on your little one’s development and even help strengthen your bond. You find 15 or 20 minutes free in your schedule then head out for a walk around the block, maybe get some ice-cream.

A bit of fresh air always freshens up the mind; and, if you are a little clear-headed, it’ll be easier to tackle any situation that follows.

Set a Similar Routine Year-Round

kids routine chart

Not just the kids, but everyone finds it hard to get back to a routine after a long break. While adults can work into it, for the young ones, you need to make things a little easier.

So, here’s a tip for organized working moms – set a similar routine year-round!

You won’t have to get back into a schedule when it’s the same all 365 days a year. For the summer break, you can sign up your kids for different activities during the day like camping, if they’re old enough.

Or go for some football, soccer, maybe dance lessons or piano classes. Have breakfast with them when you get up for work and then start your day together. That way, it’ll be much easier for them to wake up early and go to bed at a particular time when school starts.

Start Your Back to School Routine Earlier 

morning routine for kids

If you don’t follow the same schedule for the whole year, then an alternate route is to start a back to school routine closer to the end of summer.

Well before the schools open, you can get your children to follow a plan that they are comfortable with both mentally and physically.

The trick is to begin with something small, baby steps to get them situated into a busy routine. That way, when school starts they’ll be used to it and so will you.

Ask Your Kids to Help Plan a Daily Chart

kids chore chart

Another back to school hack for mothers is to get your young ones involved in the planning part of the schedule.

It’s a fact that when you have a say in something, you tend to be more attentive and invested in following through. So, have a family meeting, get your husband and kids to sit around the dining table and decide on the daily chart; who’s going to do what and when, the bedtimes, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The written chart will not just get your kids eager to do the task, but it’ll help you with accountability. You can check who’s holding up their responsibilities and who’s lagging; plus, before school starts, it’ll be a way to get them out of their lazy summer phase.

Record and Store the Important Papers

files for kids papers

When it’s time for back to school, there are a lot of papers and documents you need to dig up and have at hand for the new academic session.

So, save yourself the trouble and time by being prepared beforehand. One of the back to school tips for mothers is to organize and store all the essential school documents at a specific place, file, or drawer in their home.

You can color code the folders for each child and keep their essential class papers, numbers, teachers’ notes, and more in there; besides hard copies of the documents, you can create a digital file in your computer.

Another school hack is for the moms to put the dates, class information, and contacts on the calendar. All that you need to know for the first week of school will be right there in front of you, meaning you can save time rushing around.

Start a Scrapbook or Pick a Passion Project

create a scrapbook

While your kids are at school or whenever you find time to yourself, a passion project is an ideal way to occupy your time.

You can create a scrapbook that holds all the memories from the start of the school year to the end; either continue along as the days go by or wait until later when you narrow down what you want to keep.

Another way to look at that back to school tip is that you can even turn your passion project into a business. If you have a love for baking, for example, then you can cook up some delicious treats with your kids and sell them around town.

It will be a bonding experience with your little ones; plus, if you give away the profits to charity, then it’ll be away to teach the young ones a bit about giving back and helping those in need.

Another benefit is the exposure to the economy, to people who have found their purpose; it instills hope in the kids that dreams are possible.

Plan Your Meals

daily meal plan for kids

Most of the time for mothers is spent on thinking what to make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; so, here is a back to school tip, follow a meal plan.

If you want something new to cook, then keep a recipe book at easy access. That way, you can look up what you want to try rather than racking your brain to think up something new.

Another school hack is to get your family to pitch in their choices; every week every member picks what they want to eat, that will take the burden off your shoulders, and they’ll have to finish without complaint since it was their idea.

You could even keep frozen meals at hand; they are not as healthy as fresh foods, but they are time savvy and a break from having to slave away at the stove.

Expect the Unexpected & Be Prepared

bad day for mom

One of the most crucial back to school tips mothers need to keep in mind is that you need to hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

Not everything in life ever goes as planned, especially where the kids are concerned. So, while you plan out your day and try to stay on schedule, don’t fret when things start going out of sorts.

All that planning won’t matter if you can’t keep a level head when something goes unexpected. Stay realistic and understand that you are a mom, not a miracle worker; go easy on yourself, and you’ll be able to come up with a way to tackle any situation.

Raid the Back to School Sales

back to school sale

Back to school sales start showing up between May and April, but they last till August before school starts in September.

As a mom working with a tight budget, be sure to raid these deals to find the one that fits your need. They’ll give you the chance to get new supplies for your kids, including stationery, uniform, backpacks, and more without breaking the bank.

But one of the best savvy back to school life hacks is to make a list of what you need and what you can reuse for another year.

Lunch boxes, water bottles, shoes, and other such items are something that lasts more than just a year; therefore, if you don’t need new ones, then don’t buy them.

Also, individual states have back to school tax-free weekends; check to see if your country is one of them then you can buy what you need without a hefty sales tax attached to the initial cost.

Shop Kitchen and Home Essentials on a Bargain

back to college dorm items

Another benefit of these massive back to school deals is that you get to restock your kitchen cabinets and countertops with new appliances and other essentials on a bargain.

Take a page from the back to school survival guide and buy what you need for the kitchen or the bedroom from deals available for college and dorm students.

There are tons of offers for small appliances, bed sheets, furniture, décor items, and much more. Top-tier retailers like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and others have a plethora of deals to browse for electronics and other home living products.

It’s a two for one bargain; you get new things for your home, and it doesn’t cost you more than you make.

Parting Words

Well, there you have it – back to school tips for mothers to get you and your young ones prepared for the year ahead.

The idea is to be prepared and manage your time well between your family and work, and everything will fall into place.

So, draw out a plan, stick to it, and have a very happy back to school session.

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