The Chronology Of E-Cigarettes: Are They Beneficial For Your Health?

E-cigarette might seem a good alternative for traditional smoking, but it also has some silent scary effects on your overall health. However, e-cigarettes will help you quit smoking for good, but research reveals some shocking facts about e-cigarettes, read here to find out.

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The Chronology Of E-Cigarettes: Are They Beneficial For Your Health?

Multiple pieces of research suggest that vaping may help adults quit smoking conventional cigarettes, and have an impact on your health, but not all results are positive.

Several reasons have been identified that have led people to smoke cigarettes. Among those reasons, a prominent reason that always sprung up is peer pressure (the demand to fit into a particular group of people.) This has led to millions of people getting addicted to smoking. 

If you probe a little deeper, however, you will realize that a significant part of this peer pressure includes the fact that smoking is depicted as “cool” and “stylish” in several movies. If we overlook this factor, it would not have posed such a huge problem.

The Awareness about the Hazards of Cigarettes on Health

The Awareness about the hazards of Cigarettes on health

Fortunately, however, the world soon began to realize that cigarettes are excessively harmful to human health. When this knowledge stirred within communities for a while, people decided to act on it. Soon enough, there were warnings posted about the hazards of smoking, even packs of cigarettes began to bear these warnings, to try to keep people away from smoking. 

People around the world were finally beginning to understand that their quality of life definitely was more important than a habit induced by peer pressure. 

However, this awareness alone was not enough to end the addiction. You see, cigarettes are incredibly addictive, which is a part of the reason that its sales are always up. So, although everyone knew how harmful cigarettes are, they just could not bring themselves to quit smoking.

Several manufacturers from different industries invested heavily in Research and Development to come up with a way to curb this addiction. Numerous products were introduced, like nicotine patches, chewing gums to curb nicotine addiction, toothpaste that reduces the urge to smoke and what not. Nevertheless, people went on smoking.

The Rise of E-Cigarettes

The Rise of E-Cigarettes

When it seemed that nothing could really scare people quit smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes were introduced. Banking heavily on the awareness campaigns running around the city, e-cigarette manufacturers began to advertise them as the right alternative to cigarettes. The product took a while to take off, but smokers who had no other way to quit eventually did try e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes offered their buyers a tobacco-free cigarette with the ability to vary flavor and nicotine content. This seemed like the perfect way to combat cigarette addiction: plenty of flavors and lowered nicotine content. The plan was a success and soon sales of the product skyrocketed. As it turned out, e-cigarettes did indeed fight cigarette addiction.

Health Concerns

Here the question arises, are e-cigarettes really beneficial to health as manufacturers advertise about them? Or is it just another way to increase sales? When people attributed this suspicion, they found a negative image of nicotine inhaling devices. On the other hand, some of the vape wholesale companies in the US are putting efforts to conduct awareness sessions and practical experiments to prove that it is healthier.

Device Explosions

Vapers’ fears were affirmed when some of the initial testing devices of modified versions of e-cigarettes actually exploded. Although the fault lied with the batteries and not the devices themselves, vapers around the world were alarmed. Moreover, FDA intervened and pulled these devices from the markets. However, soon enough it was made public that the problem was with the batteries used. But still, the seeds of distrust were sown.

Tobacco and Tar

Apart from the device explosions, however, there was little proof that e-cigarettes brought any direct harm to vapers. Since cigarettes are the real comparative instruments here, we will compare them to Vapes to make all the deductions.

When it comes to Vapes, it is common knowledge that they offer a tobacco-free nicotine intake. However, not many people know about the absence of tar. Tar is a very harmful, thick material that is known to deposit itself in human lungs and cause several types of cancer. This tar is present in massive proportions in cigarettes and is the reason behind several diseases that cigarettes lead to.

Toxic Chemicals

Tar is the primary reason actor behind a lot of harm that cigarettes bring; it is not the only one. The entire blame goes to tar because apparently, that is the most common name that people around the world knows. So, when people say tar, they actually mean the entire range of harmful chemicals contained in cigarettes (which are believed to be more than 1500, while combustion produces more). These toxic chemicals include metallic compounds like cadmium and arsenic, cancer-causing agents like formaldehyde and other toxins such as cyanide and carbon monoxide to name a few. All these are entirely absent in Vapes.

So, Are E-Cigarettes Beneficial Then?

So, Are E-Cigarettes Beneficial Then?

The answer to this complicated question is very confusing. To put it bluntly, I would say Yes and No. The fine line between both these answers is often blurred. Although several types of researches aimed to find any correlation between e-cigarettes and harmful diseases have produced no relation between the two, the very little scientific evidence to experiment on, to begin with, hinders the accuracy of the research. But still, the little data that there is does prove that e-cigarettes do not lead to any harmful diseases. 

However, it must not be ignored that the devices are still a medium of nicotine inhalation and nicotine itself is not a very desirable substance for your body. So, even if Vapes lack tar and toxic chemicals, it can still cause diseases such as popcorn lungs or even severe dehydration. So, there is no condition where Vapes can be beneficial to your health instead of when its use is aimed primarily at ending cigarette addiction, which then makes it an act of greater good.

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