Tips on Saving Money When Visiting Syracuse Restaurants

Syracuse is a great place to hang out and enjoy savory meals at the restaurants. But make sure your frequent visits to the restaurants won`t get heavy on your wallet. These money saving tips will help you taste the exciting flavors at Syracuse restaurants on a budget.

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Tips on Saving Money When Visiting Syracuse Restaurants

Syracuse has a wide range of restaurants you can try. There are places where you can buy cheap meals, experience luxurious fine dining, and everything in between. However, eating out, even if it’s at a reasonably priced restaurant, still costs more than home-cooked meals.

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself and your family at restaurants from time to time, but if you want to save some money when dining out, here are some tips for you:

Split Your Meals

Some restaurants serve huge portions of meals that may be too much for one person. When you eat at, you’ll find that you may even take some home after you fill yourself up. The barbecue is authentic, and you can even enjoy great music while there. You can also bring your pets with you if you like.

Splitting your meals can help cut the cost because instead of buying two meals for two persons, you’ll only be paying for one. But if you decide to purchase separate orders and you have leftovers, you can bring them home and eat them for dinner. Therefore, you won’t have to buy and even save on preparation time.

Avoid routine dining at restaurants

Eating out at restaurants is not a kind of regular thing. The weather in Syracuse is mostly cold, so if you’re not a fan of the chilling winter months, you may not be up for always going out to eat. The cold may be a good reason to lessen your visits to restaurants.

Treat going out at restaurants as special, and eat at home on ordinary days. Aside from saving a lot of money, eating home-cooked meals is healthier than routinely dining at restaurants. It’s because you have more control over what you put in the food, as well as your eating habits.

Be On The Lookout For Coupons and Gift Cards

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Coupons and gift cards are a great way to save on your restaurant meals. You can browse online for some websites that sell gift cards at your favorite restaurants in Syracuse. Sometimes you may also find coupons on newspapers and magazines, so keep your eyes wide open.

Another way you can have coupons is by signing up for email lists from your favorite restaurants. You may get some tips, news, or specials most of the time, but occasionally, you’ll also find coupons that you can use to save on your next meal.

Skip The Beverages Besides Water


Skipping the beverages that come with your meal order can cut the price for a few dollars. Some of the drinks that usually up the cost of your meals include:

●    Sodas

●    Tea

●    Coffee

●    Wine

●    Alcohol

Ask for glasses of water instead because they’re free and a healthy option. Don’t ask for bottled water because those may come with a price.

If the restaurant allows it, you can bring outside drinks that are cheaper than what the restaurant offers. Water helps to clean your palate so you can enjoy the taste of every kind of food you eat. Some drinks may go well with your meal, but it may overload your taste buds so you may not enjoy it as much.

Skip The Appetizer

Unless the restaurant offers free appetizers such as bread or chips, maybe you’re better off skipping the appetizers. Munch on the free food, so you don’t have to buy an appetizer to satisfy your hunger while you wait for your meal.

Order the Appetizer with a smaller main dish

This is in contrast to the tip above, but depending on the restaurant you visit, you may be able to save more if you order the appetizer instead of the main course. If you’re not looking to eat the main dish, some appetizers may be able to fill you up already. Or you can order the appetizer, and get a smaller main dish.

Follow Restaurants On Social Media

Nowadays, restaurants have social media pages to increase their marketing strategies. Customers can ask questions and find information about the restaurant, such as the menu and reviews from previous customers.

Aside from the general information that you’ll see on their pages, you may also come across some deals that the restaurant may be offering. You can know when your favorite restaurant may be offering 50% off on special items on the menu or maybe even buy-one take-one deals.

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