21 Life-changing Shopping Hacks You Must Try

Shopping is just love! When you are sad, angry, happy, or in any mood, just go out and shop. But this kind of shopping can be a little heavy on your wallet. This article highlights some amazing shopping hacks that you can enjoy shopping every time on a limited budget. Just give it a read.

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21 Life-changing Shopping Hacks You Must Try

Want to spend less on the stuff you love? Try these shopping hacks that will help you shop smarter, score slash rates, credit rewards, and even freebies on shopping.

We all love to go shopping, but when it's time to pay, we might not be so happy. So here I am going to reveal all the money-saving hacks that are insanely amazing and will save you some serious cash. When the next time you hit the store or an online shopping site, you will not be afraid of your bills. I can bet! You will get the cost of your goods to be as low as possible without compromising on quality.

Shopping hacks to save money 

Some clever marketers provide endless reasons to buy their products, but remember, you are the only owner of your wallet, and nobody can put a gun to it. So your best protection against those impulsive purchases is to know some genius money-saving tips and tricks.

So, put your credit card back in its cover; I am here to help you save.

Check out these genius shopping hacks that will help you to shop smarter. They are super easy.

1. Shop on Wednesday for the best deals and exclusive selections

find best deals on wednesday

Everything worthwhile is worth waiting for. Wednesday is the best day to hit the supermarket or any online store. It is one of the least busy days of the week, and retailers begin their new weekly deals. You can save some bucks by holding off until Wednesday through Friday after retailers have rolled out new sales and discount/promo codes.

2. Always leave something in your cart for later purchase (cart abandonment)

cart abandonment

It is by far one of the best online shopping hacks you must try. It's when you add some products to your shopping cart but don't check out. Wait for 24-48 hours to avail the benefit from cart abandonment. Many retailers will try to rescue the abandoned cart and will send you a discount or promo code via email. You can save 10-20% with this shopping strategy. 

3. Ask for refunds if the price of the product you bought drops 

ask for price difference refund

Whether in the store or online ask what discounts are available. Usually, when shopping online, we've all seen the little chat box pop up and ask if we need help. Don't be so quick to close that screen. Ask if there are any available discounts/promo codes. You can also get them from being a loyal customer or visit the social media pages of the retailers. There are many coupon selling sites where you can buy coupons from your favorite brands. I recommend the site PennySaviour. You will find discount coupons in bulk at the site. You can even Google it to watch for current promo codes for the retailer you are making a purchase through. 

5. Sign up for rewards and customer loyalty programs everywhere you shop

customer loyalty

Customer loyalty program is one of the best money-saving hacks. Everyone has a loyalty program right now. You can earn rewards from cashback, exclusive sales, to customer rewards discounts, and more. Most of them will offer you birthday freebies, so make sure to include your D.O.B. when registering. Sites include Ulta, A.M.C. Insiders Level, Dunkin' Donuts, CVS, Petco Pals Rewards, etc. have some excellent reward programs.

6. Know the sales schedules

sales schedule

A smart way to save money while shopping is to know the specific times when the Items go on sale. For both big and small purchases, look for the predictable cycle of sales and time your bargain strategically to when prices will be lowest. Like grocery stores usually put the same item on sale every six to eight weeks. So, if you buy a box of cereal every two weeks, don't just buy one, instead purchase three or four boxes. In this way, you won't have to buy again until the price drops the next time.

7. Try shopping apps for best rates

shopping apps

This is one the favorite shopping hacks you should try, I would say always! You can shop for hundreds of retailers with your smartphone. There are apps for everything, and that means saving money on everyday buying. You can earn free shipping, cashback, and lower rates on every purchase. You can download ShopSavvy to scan barcodes and locate the best price among retailers who are selling the items you want to buy.

What are the best saving shopping apps?

These apps are designed to help you save; there are plenty of good ones out there; so make sure you choose the best one.



Swagbucks allows you to earn points which you can redeem for gift cards to hundreds of retailers. You can also use your points to add money to your Pay Pal account. You can watch videos, do surveys, and earn points for your searches through its search engine.



Ebates advertise different promotions and deals of sites like Macy's, Old Navy, and many more. When consumers shop at those stores through Ebates, the stores pay a commission to them for advertising. While the buyer also receives a part of it and up to 20% cash back at some stores. You can get your amount via PayPal or check.

Walmart Savings Catcher

walmart savings catcher

It is a fantastic shopping saving app. Walmart usually has the lowest prices, but oftentimes CVS steal the show by putting their Coke products on discounts for $0.99 per 2 liters. If you still buy your soda for $1.48 that Walmart charges at that time, scan your receipt with the app and Walmart will pay you back. Savings Catcher is ideal for a lower rate and pays you back the difference.

Amazon filler item finder

amazon filler item finder

Use this app to reach that $35 minimum needed for free shipping if you don't have Prime. Instead of worrying about those processing fees, just check out the Amazon Filler Item Finder. Visit the site and type in the exact amount you are required to spend to reach the $35 threshold, the Filler Item Finder generates a list of items that are around that price and good enough to qualify you.



Just register to Ibotta, and add offers by completing tasks. You can use it at over 300 different retailers. After applying the offers to your account, make your purchases within 48 hours and try to complete the offers.  Ibotta will credit your account with a reward if you complete the offers on time. All online purchases will credit automatically. If shopping in an actual store, you just need to snap a picture of the receipt an upload it. 

8. Try before you buy

try before you buy

Now, this is one of the favorite shopping hacks that can save you from overspending. Trying samples before buying! Stores like Lush and Sephora allow you to test out samples before purchasing the full product. Amazon prime offers you to try clothes, shoes, and accessories before you buy them with Prime wardrobe. This amazon shopping hack will save you from spending money on the things that look great on the shelf, but not good when you use them.

9. Price matching 

price matching

Always compare the prices of a product you want to buy from different sites. For instance, if you want a new videogame, don't buy it right away. Search around the video game shops, wholesale retailers, and check online to see who has the cheapest rates. Also, ask about price matching for in-store purchases. Most stores offer price matching. Just pick up the item from another store on your phone, show them the lower rates, and they'll match it on the spot. You can also use price tracker tools like CamelCamelCamel to track your desirable products' prices. 

10. Always buy one season 'ahead'

buy during off-season sale

Off-season discounts are the best shopping hacks you must try. Both big and small items go on off-season sales. Shopping on particular days of the week can slash your spending. Like, purchasing summer clothes in September and winter clothes in February when they are out of season can save you more money. You could also save 50% on fitness gear by purchasing them during January sales, or up to 90% off on bikes in June.

11. Avoid the shipping costs

avail free shipping

After making purchases, paying those extra dollars as shipping charges often disappoints you. Avoiding them is undoubtedly one of the best money-saving hacks. So, when you make purchases and fall short of say $7.95 to standard shipping threshold at a store, instead of paying the remaining amount, consider adding a useful low-priced filler item like a pair of socks. You can also score free shipping at kohl's, Sears, Target and other retailers by applying some smart shopping tips and tricks. 

12. Open a store credit card

 store credit card perks

It is one of the best online shopping tips that will save you serious cash. Many store credit cards offer discounts on first purchase, but the actual winners are those offering continued savings. Brands like Gap, Old Navy, or the Banana Republic, offer 10% off on Tuesdays. Victoria’s Secret cardholders can access all deals before non-cardholders and get birthday coupons. You can also avail bonuses for travel purchases with Hotwire credit card. Store cards can earn you 10 to 15% off, or extra money back occasionally.

13. Switch to incognito mode to avoid dynamic pricing

avoid dynamic pricing

This shopping hack is very sneaky! And here's where you can prove that you are way smarter than the machine. Some online merchants, especially Airlines, hotels, and other sites, utilize dynamic pricing. It shows different prices to people based on their browsing history, location, spending patterns, and current demand of the product.

To save yourself from it, and get a lower price, you should clear your cookies or browser history, and use Incognito/Private browsing mode when you make your purchase. Ensure your privacy with VPNs before shopping.

14. Give a present of gift cards to yourself

gift cards

You can score best deals even when items aren't on sale with discounted gift cards. Use either digital gift cards or gift cards to pay for the things you like on your favorite websites or stores to earn steep discounts. Check sites like GiftCardGranny and Cardpool to look for discounted e-gift cards for any site where you plan to shop. You may save from 2% to 30% on your purchase anywhere and hack the merchants with some excellent savings. 

15. Use the search box of the site to buy a specific product 

use the search box of the site

Avoid scrolling through links to reach your desired product at the site. It will take you to impulsive buying. If you are searching for a new mixer, just type the name into the site's search bar rather than moving through the category links like Shop All Departments > Kitchen> Small Appliances>Mixers. Shoppers who use the link method make three times as many impulse buying as compared with those who use the search tool.

16. Be a Bargain Hunter

Online shopping presents consumers with ease of bargain hunting. Before shopping via the Internet check out saving sites to get hooked up with online bargains. You can also read blogs of different shopping sites for some useful shopping tips and tricks and get your online shopping chops. From getting inspiration of gift ideas to the best time of the year to make purchases and promo codes, the sites yield better deals. If you want a more focused search, try Google's Product Search page.

17. Use the layaway program to purchase big items


Looking for more shopping hacks that will save you money? Try Layaway! It is always a good option for saving money on bigger investments. If you like an item and have no money to buy at that time, you can pay the price in chunks. If the cost of your item increases within a few months, you will get it on the original price. You don't have to pay any additional cost.

These stores offer the best layaway plan in-store and online with better saving options. 

  • Walmart
  • Bestbuy
  • Marshalls
  • Sears
  • Toys R Us
  • Kmart
  • Burlington Coat factory
  • T.J. Maxx

18. Get advantage of your student discounts 

student discount

Are you a student? If so, then you can get V.I.P. treatment form tons of stores on your shopping. Many stores offer discounts for students. For example, Amazon provides six months of free prime, including all the perks with Prime student program. Other retailers also offer discounts ranging from 10% to 20% with a valid student I.D. You can also get rewards on credit cards as well.

19. Sign up for mailing lists

sign up for emails

Join the mailing list of the sites you like to shop. You can be in the know to sales and other special offers before anyone. PennySaviour can be your best bet in this matter. Some sites even send coupons, birthday discounts, or offer bonuses for referring a friend. You can also be well-informed of deals and other freebies by following your favorite brands on social media.

20. Before buying an item, ask yourself:  'Is it really worth it?' 

It is just a waste of money if you're not going to wear the item you buy from sale more than once, even if it is the cheapest thing. So make sure you will definitely rock those $8 pearl earrings before swiping your card. Would you really purchase it if were not on sale? If so, then pick it up.

21. Hunt for free stuff 

Groceries, movie tickets, cosmetics, or hotel rooms when it comes to saving money, you can’t beat getting your favorite things for free. You can get almost everything without paying a dime with some shopping hacks. It just takes a little creativity, a little flexibility, and some compromises, and you can earn a lot of free stuff.

How to get free stuff?

how to get free stuff

  • Use your library card
  • Take online surveys
  • Sign up for a no-cost trial of subscription boxes or music streaming.
  • Use travel rewards credit cards 
  • Browse freebie finding sites like TheFreeSite.com, Hunt4Freebies, or subreddits like r/freebietalk, r/freebies, and r/efreebies.
  • Look for Secondhand Sites like Freecycle Network where people give away unwanted items to others in their area. You can see offers for toys, books, sporting goods, clothing, appliances, furniture, and computers, in every condition.

Wrap up

The savings are undeniable! Who doesn't want to score savings and get free stuff? You don't have to wait for Black Friday and Christmas to get great deals. You don't even need to mess around with refunds, or fake programs that promote savings and don't deliver. Try these genius shopping hacks and become a smart shopper.

Happy bargaining!

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