15 Best Artificial Christmas Trees You Can Buy Under $150

Decorating the Christmas tree on holidays is a tradition. So if you were looking for the best artificial Christmas trees online, we've got you covered. Go through the following options that fall under $150.

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15 Best Artificial Christmas Trees You Can Buy Under $150

Decorating a home with Christmas trees is an ancient tradition. History tells that the tradition has begun from the pagan tribe and was later adopted by Christians. Christmas tree, which is considered evergreen, was initially decorated with edibles like apples, nuts, berries, etc. But with changing times, now people bring home artificial Christmas trees and decorate them with artificial things like aluminum ornaments, glass charms, plastic balls, ribbons, led lights, etc. Also, it is a great holiday gift idea.

Unfortunately, this year's Christmas holidays will be under lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And you have to rely on online shopping. That is why retailers now offer various types and styles of Christmas trees online with different price ranges. Everyone wants their Christmas tree to be extravagant lavishly decorated, but why to spend so much on an expensive tree when you can have one under a budget of $150. We have researched and extracted 15 of the best artificial Christmas trees from various retailers online. You can use coupons and promo codes online also to get further discounts.

Go through them below to find out what kind of fake Christmas trees are best for you.


Gymax Artificial Christmas Tree

Price : $89.99

Available at : Walmart

Maybe 2020 has not been so bright, but you can make your Christmas time full bright with Gymax Christmas Tree. It has:

  • PVC tips of 1096 pieces that make the tree looks thicker and more real.
  • You will be able to save plenty of time to decorate it thanks to this pre-lit artificial Christmas tree.
  • The tree has warm white lighting that will create an ambiance so romantic and elegant.
  • The tree also has a durable metal base stand that makes it usable for a long time.


Norwood Fir Green Spruce Tree

Price : $133.99

Available at: Wayfair

If you want an instant festive feeling of a real Christmas tree without the upkeep, this artificial Christmas tree is your go. It let you get your house ready for the holidays with ease. 

  • The tree can be anchored with metal stands.
  • The hinged branches are covered with green PVC tips that freshen up its look.
  • The tree comes with pre-strung warm white lights n that round out its design.
  • This tree can be divided into separate pieces, so when the holidays are over, you can easily pack it up.

Noble House Noble Fir Artificial Tree

Price : $123.99

Available at: Best Buy

Holidays are the time to decorate your home and add some twinkles to your home through holiday décor. We suggest you this tree because:

  • With 500 sparkling lights and a hinged design, this tree is really easy to be decked in your halls easily.
  • The tree looks lush green due to 1,110 branch tips.
  • The tree is totally fire-resistant, so you can have peace of mind throughout festivities if it is placed near a fire pit.
  • Also, the tree features a sturdy stand that lets the tree stand firm and tall.

So bring home this 7’ noble fir artificial Christmas tree of Noble House available on Best Buy.


Wondershop™ Alberta Spruce Tree

Price : $36

Available at : Target

If you were looking for artificial Christmas tree rental services, hold on. Why should you rent when you can own a beautiful tree within the same price tag? Buy the Alberta spruce tree of Wondershop available on Target. The tree is on this list because:

  • It’s a 6’ tall tree and has all the natural-looking charm you always ask for.
  • Wondershop’s beautiful artificial Christmas trees come with dense boughs, lend a full, life-like look.
  • It is also pre-lit with clear lights that let you decorate this pretty tree as per your desire.

Wesley Long Needle Pine Tree

Price : $99

Available at : The Home Depot

The pine tree is love, and you can bring home Wesley's long needle Artificial pine Christmas tree from The Home Depot. It is on our list because:

  • This tree is 6.5’ tall and pre-lit with 300 SureBright color-changing LED lights.
  • Through its lighting, the tree brings an instant festive glow to your home.
  • This tree comprises 900 artificial branches that make it look realistic.
  • It also has an easy-to-use foot pedal to turn your lights on and off.
  • It is flame-resistant and also has a folding metal stand.
  • Assembling and storage of this tree is very convenient.


Puleo International Arctic Fir Tree

Price : $95.99

Available at : Macy's

What if we tell, there is a fantastic artificial Christmas tree sale that will let you grab an incredible tree at almost 60% off? Definitely, you will keen to know more about it. Buy this Puleo International Arctic Fir Tree available at Macy's. It has:

  • The tree is inspired by lush wintery forests, has 411 branch tips 250 Incandescent clear lights.
  • The tree incorporated lights that will not let you climb ladders to attach lights.
  • It is hypoallergenic and a great alternative to a real tree.
  • The tree is also needle-shed resistant, with easy to assemble pieces.

Costway PVC Christmas Tree

Price : $109.99

Available at : Walmart

Costway’s PVC tree comes with ideal Christmas trimmings. With simple green color and lights, it looks so lavish that your heart goes out to it. It has the following outstanding features.

  • It comes in three heights i.e. 7', 7.5', and 8'.
  • The tree appears fresh-cut due to its fade and crushes resistant PVC needles.
  • It has a heavy iron base to keep the tree in an upright position.
  • The tree also comes with pre-installed LED lights to provide warm white lighting effects.
  • This tree is great for Christmas decoration as well as indoors.
  • It comes in 5-pieces for quick and easy assembling.

Dunhill Fir Slim Christmas Tree

Price : $149.99

Available at : Wayfair

If you want to decorate your house's corners, small rooms, or the areas with limited space, consider this tree. Although it was expensive, but due to Black Friday sales, you may find this artificial Christmas tree under $150. There are the following features of it:

  • This Fir tree has multi-colored lights and a slim profile, great for corner display.
  • The tree has a three-section structure having hinged branches for easy assembly.
  • The stand of sturdy folding metal included.
  • The tree is durable due to all-metal hinged construction, while branches are intact to the center pole.

Noble House Cashmere Mixed Needles Tree

Price : $81.99

Available at : Best Buy

If you are looking for the cutest artificial Christmas tree under $100 that will not bother you for further decoration, pick this one from Best Buy. It is the awe-inspiring one. It has the following features:

  • The tree is pre-lit and pre-decorated.
  • It is hinged with cashmere mixed needles.
  • It has snow and glitter branches decorated with frosted pinecones that let it stand out from others.
  • The tree comes with green as well as clear lights.

Wondershop™ Virginia Pine Tree

Price : $69.00

Available at : Target

It's another artificial pine tree that people are drooling over. Available on Target at a very reasonable price, this tree has the following great features:

  • It has a height of 4.5’, perfect for festivities or a general decoration for any room of your home.
  • This artificial tree is style so realistically to look like a Virginia pine beautifully.
  • It has lightly flocked and dense branches that give it a full look that you will appreciate.
  • The tree has 150 clear lights, making it so glamorous and easy to style.

Perfect Holiday Balsam Christmas Tree

Price : $92.99

Available at : Macy's

If you were looking for a unique artificial Christmas tree for under $150, we suggest you opt for this one. What so unique about it is as follow:

  • This is a classic evergreen half tree with a full top.
  • As most of the trees in this list it is also pre-lit with warm white LED lights.
  • The tree creates a soft glow that results in an inviting, welcoming ambiance.
  • It has a perfect small size suitable for small apartments or corner décor.
  • This half tree has a metal base, and UL rated plug as well.


Goplus 8' Christmas Tree

Price : $139.99

Available at : Walmart

It's very tough to find real looking artificial Christmas tree. But to ease your worry, we suggest you buy Goplus 8' tree. It features:

  • It is designed to imitate a real Christmas tree with simple green color, pine cones, and numerous branch tips.
  • Heavy metal bases keep the tree position upright.
  • The 600 warm white LED lights provide mesmerizing effects.
  • It is 8' tall, which means it looks so good when fully decorated.

North Valley Green Spruce Tree

Price : $129.99

Available at : Wayfair

Whether you want an avant-garde holiday decoration of your home or simply go creative with your festivities, this lush faux spruce tree is a perfect choice with the following features:

  • This tree makes a whimsical, striking statement in a traditional aesthetic.
  • It comes with multi-colored radiant lights that can be plugged in.
  • Also, it has a green metal stand.

National Christmas Tree Company North Valley Spruce Tree

Price : $144.99

Available at : Target 

  • This tree has a slightly thinner profile but maybe a better fit for small spaces and limited areas.
  • This tree is three-sectional with a classic cone shape.
  • It has hinged branches for easy assembly, a sturdy metal tree stand, but no LED lights.

Nearly Natural Inc. White Mountain Pine Artificial Tree

Price : $49

Available at : The Home Depot

Perfect for an ultimate holiday scene in your home or office, this evergreen Christmas tree has the following features:

  • 4' height that makes it easy to place anywhere.
  • It is an entirely maintenance-free and incredibly realistic looking Christmas tree.
  • It has a rich collection of pines with 177 branches that are easy-to-bend.
  • It has pre-strung 100 clear LED lights.


Cheer, celebrate, and enjoy these holidays around above mentioned best artificial Christmas trees. These all are budget-friendly and fall under $150, so you will not have to break your bank to buy them. Decorate them with whatever you want and add a little charm to your home. 

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