5 Fantastic Tech Gadgets You Should Acquire Right Now

Gear up your technology cabinet with these trendy, advanced gadgets. If you are looking to buy a new piece of gadget that is both enjoyable and handy, this article will help you. Here is the list of some fantastic, must-have gadgets for your everyday need.

Published On: 2018-10-05

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Written By: Eva William

Have you ever been in a choice paralysis state? When you have so many options to chose and you end up not being able to make a decision at all?  Like, when you want an ice cream, you will have a list of flavors like vanilla, chocolate, blueberry, Pistachio, strawberry, rum raisin, chunky monkey, etc. and it makes it hard for you to decide which flavor to eat.

The tech world is also ripe with choice paralysis. You have mind-blogging options for every phone, TV, or tablet, which can make the process of buying a new piece of tech gadget more hectic than enjoyable.

I am not a tech junkie, you can consider me a tech lover, and I am habitual of investing in tech gadgets to facilitate my life. So I can help you in bringing you out from the choice paralysis state.

Here I have collated a list of must-have tech gadgets that can make your life easier. Thanks to the technology!

I have used these gadgets enough to guide you, so you don’t end up wasting money and merrily welcome these gadgets to your shopping list.

Google Home

Google Home

‘Hey Google, tell me a joke.’

‘Hey Google, play The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra.’

It’s so much fun to order the assistant, but it gets annoying when it cannot infer what I am asking from it. Commanding Google Home is my favorite hobby that gets me through boredom. However, when I researched about the gadget, I got to know that Amazon was the first company to introduce smart speakers. Google followed Amazon’s lead by coming up with its own version naming it Google Home. The speaker has siblings as well, and they are called Google Home Mini and Google Home Max.

My Google Home could not only tell me jokes, but it was also capable of doing so much more. And I wasn’t aware. Apart from making me laugh, I got to know that my assistant can manage shopping lists for me, check local news and obtain information regarding a song.



Connected to my smartphone, I find my smartwatch pretty cool. And I believe you should invest in one too. I mean this gadget saves you the hassle of carrying the phone in hand all the time. You will get a notification for every message or call. Apart from that, it allows me to keep track of my heart rate and the number of calories I have burnt after a workout session. However, I was unaware of the fact that my watch is smart enough to answer the messages by sending a voice note as a reply.

Excuse my ignorance!

Keychain Flashlight

Keychain Flashlight

I bought this gadget two years ago and have been carrying it with me ever since. Before this, I used to rely on the torchlight of my phone. But it wasn’t always convenient to use it; especially when I am on a call or replying to an email. The two in one functions and the compact size of the light make it an all-time favorite. However, one must not underestimate this gadget by its size. The torch that I own it has a 5mm LED light (I googled it, of course) and provides an excellent beam power. It was not that heavy on the pocket either. Although there are many expensive variants out there you can always choose a less expensive one. Stream light has durable and affordable options to select from.



I have an iPad (it was a gift). Anyhow, now numerous companies offer smart tablets. From Samsung to Amazon to Google, every tech giant has introduced its version of a tablet. Amazon named it Kindle and was released in 2007. However, Kindle was no more than an e-book reader. With time came evolution and today Amazon is giving fierce competition to tablet manufacturers. Google name their version of the tablet as Nexus while Samsung named its model Galaxy Note 10.1. But these companies are not the only ones offering this gadget. Numerous other companies have launched tablets, and that leaves you with a vast variety to choose from. Pick up your favorite tablet, get high speed internet with Spectrum Internet service, play online games and become a gaming Pro.

This tablet will be your best travel buddy when you go on a long road trip.



An iPhone vs. Samsung debate has always been associated with the word smartphone. While numerous companies have started offering smartphones, these two remain a hot favorite amongst the people. In my opinion, iPhone iOS user-friendly (maybe because that’s the only mobile I have ever used). No matter which company you choose, owning a smartphone is a necessity these days, if not want. It serves the purpose of a laptop and phone, making everything accessible without carrying much with you.

Owning gadgets is like keeping an eye at the cutting edge of technology and I pride myself that I have that eye. These technologies have made our life a lot easier and we should thank the tech giants who invented these gadgets by purchasing them. So In my opinion, everyone should own the gadgets as mentioned above. It is not necessary to opt for expensive versions.

If you want to avail discounts, keep an eye out for sales and Optimum Deals on e-commerce sites, so you can buy the latest gadgets at an affordable price.

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