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Girlfriend Collective

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15% Off On Selected Items

The process from shopping to delivery is smooth. They are offering up to 15% off on their selected items. It is essential to visit them urgently to get off on your favorite products. 




Free Shipping On Order Over $100+

Pick whatever you like from the store, extend the cart value to over $100 and enjoy free shipping.




$25 Off Orders Over $95

Want some massive discount? Then shop over $95 and catch a great deal to save $25.




$20 Off On Site Wide

Save $20 sitewide by using this deal and shop endlessly without any worries of exploding your budget.




$10 Off On Site Wide

Roam around the site and choose the best for yourself and with this code, save $10 easily.




Sign Up & Get 35% Off On Your First Purchase Of $95+




$10 Off When You Refer A Friend

They have decent shipping times. Friendly customer service. Introduce your friend to the GF collective, and guess what? You can also get off up to $10.




Get 20% Off On Your First Sock Order

Cute and adorable shoes are worth buying, and when it is available on discount, it becomes more irresistible. Shop now and get 20% on your first sock order



New Collection As Low As $6

They have recently launched their latest collection, and guess what? Their latest collection is just starting from $6. Do check out their website and avail discounts.



Tops Starting From $38

Become a staple in your everyday wear! Cozy and comfortable in all situations. You are starting from just $38. Visit them urgently and grab your favorite one.



Legging Start From $68

They have amazing leggings. The best quality, super soft, and the perfect thickness. So don’t waste your time and purchase your favorite one starting from just $68.



Bras Starting From $38

WONDERFUL! Seriously one of their best product. They are just starting from $38. Place your order and buy the best thing so far.




Get Low Priced Item

You can buy every item at a low price from girlfriend collective. Also you can avail of great products and excellent customer service.

More About Girlfriend Collective Promo Code & Discounts

Finding the appropriate women's activewear is challenging indeed. But do not worry as there is an incredible online store where you will get them at the lowest prices possible. All of your necessities of comfort, compression, perfect fitting, and style can be fulfilled within your budget range.

girlfriend collective promo code

We are talking about Girlfriend Collective. The brand offers incredible apparel with the Girlfriend Collective promo code for your active lifestyle on a budget. Your dream of that stylish and trendy activewear for your gym workout sessions or sports is real now.

Workout and gym clothes

Keeping yourself healthy and active is necessary. You hit the gym, work out at home, or participate in outdoor activities to remain fit. It indeed has vital importance. Not only fitness gear and equipment, but the appropriate clothes for exercise are also necessary.

To perform any activity or to exercise, you need comfortable clothes. Appropriate comfortable apparel elevates your workouts, and Girlfriend Collective lets you do that efficiently.

Eco-friendly, fashionable activewear

Activewear fashion is all about expressing aesthetics while remaining active. A piece that fits you and defines you is adorable. Girlfriend Collective has made sure that you receive a product that not only represents your sense of style but also brings a difference to the community.

Also, not only is your health, but the health of our ecological system is also essential. That is why Girlfriend Collective provides every woman with the eco-friendly activewear range.

Their products are not just of premium quality, but also durable. They also have an extended range in prices through a discount offer that you can avail from Girlfriend Collective promo code.

What are their basic offerings?

Their apparel is not just available in a standard size or formal colors. You can get their activewear in all shapes and sizes (from XXS to 6XL) with a vast range of colors to choose from.

  • Their wide range of products includes tank tops, bike shorts, sports shorts, sports bras, etc.
  • They also have compressive, light, and flexible leggings.
  • The collection also comprises Art World products that can be availed at discounts through any Girlfriend Collective coupon.

Their basic working philosophy

Girlfriend Collective is a brand that believes in transparency and provides high quality substance to its customers. As much as they care about the clients through the Girlfriend Collective discount code, they also care about their employees. Also, they are working for the environment’s betterment.

That is the reason they work on recyclable raw materials and create products with zero waste emission.

Make difference with Girlfriend Collective

All women out there, listen and make the difference by wearing the activewear to look good. Get that confident feel and truly conquer the world of fitness and workout.

Say a big no to casual clothes for your workout sessions. Girlfriend Collective is here with a range of active clothing perfect for your active gym sessions. They are stylish, eco-friendly, and cheap at the same time with Girlfriend Collective promo code. Forget about those expensive brands and make a difference through Girlfriend Collective.

They set the trend of eco-friendly clothing

The company prioritizes recycling. Thus, they offer sustainable products. They believe in ethical manufacturing and using recycled materials. So you will find all their clothing material produced from the waste plastic.

These eco-friendly apparel are worthy. They make the following products from their recycled raw materials.

  • Compressive Leggings: They offer compressive leggings made from 79% recycled polyester and 21% spandex. These are best when it comes to you want an ideal grip.
  • Compressive bras: Their bras are made from 11 plastic bottles.
  • LITE Leggings: They use recycled finishing net to make these innovative leggings. Also, they incorporate other waste to make LITE fabric. Usually, it is comprised of 83% recycled nylon and 17% spandex.
  • Cupro: Their tees and tanks are 100% cupro fabric. It is a delicate fiber that is made from the cotton industry wastes.
  • Reusable Pouch: The entire reusable pouch is made with the same RPET as our bras and leggings. So not only is it reusable and adorable, it’s just as good for the earth as the rest of the line.
  • Packaging: Even their packaging is also 100% recycled, and it is a highlighting fact of this excellent brand.

How to use Girlfriend Collective promo code?

Practicing an active lifestyle requires a lot of effort and your money too. The right choice of gym and activewear is utmost necessary. However, you can get discounts through the Girlfriend Collective code and maintain your personality's best impression. The apparel provides you grip and savings. Learn how to use Girlfriend Collective promo by following method.

  1. Search Girlfriend Collective promo code 2021 on google or any search engine or directly visit to avail of different types of discounts.
  2. You will get the variety of promo codes to choose from.
  3. Please go through them and reveal the choice of your code by clicking on the tab. Now save it somewhere on your PC.
  4. Now visit the official website to select the best available activewear.
  5. Select Add to cart option and then click the check out tab appear on below of the screen.
  6. Now, fill out the information o the left side section and apply the promo code on the left window of the page.
  7. Enjoy the best discounts on your activewear shopping and try unique workouts.

How can I get the Girlfriend Collective Code?

Suppose you have decided to shop for their apparel. In that case, you can easily avail of this Girlfriend Collective Coupons by scrolling up and selecting your desired coupon code on this site of PennySaviour.

You can also search for more Girlfriend Collective discount by typing either Girlfriend Collective coupon code on the Google search bar and selecting anyone from the verified results.

Top Codes

  • Girlfriend Collective $10 Off (SITEWIDE) on every product.
  • Girlfriend Collective $15 Off on order over $95.
  • Girlfriend Collective $20 Off (SITEWIDE) on every product.
  • Girlfriend Collective Free Shipping on all orders.

You can find all active coupons & offers at the top of the page.

How to win at Girlfriend collective?

Refer a friend

Girlfriend collective gives a chance to win the free legging, for real. Refer girlfriend collective to your friend and give them $10 off on their first purchase of $95 or more and get a legging for yourself absolutely free when they make a purchase. You can avail of the legging after 30 days of purchase made by your friend. Shop with the girlfriend collective promo code to access more cut on the bill or get a free legging by referring your friend it all win-win situation for you.


Become a part of the girlfriend collective. You can earn rewards by doing shopping or share stuff with your girlfriends. 

Join now the collective by signing up at the girlfriend collective and earn 25 points just by signing up.

How it works?

You are just three-step away from rewards.

Step one: JOIN

Join or sign up at the collective to start earning.

Step two: EARN

Get points for every purchase or by sharing or doing something for the wellness of the earth.

Step three: REDEEM

After earning, the last step is to redeem your points and convert them into discounts or to avail of free shipping, or to get the access to the latest collection before anyone.

Way to score points

You can score points by

  • by joining the #GOODJOBGF = 100 points
  • by create an account = 25 points
  • by follow the girlfriend collective on Instagram = 20 points
  • by making purchases 5 times = 200 points
  • by making a purchase = 1 point per $
  • on your birthday = 50 points
  • by writing a product review = 50 points
  • by referring girlfriend collective to a friend = get free legging

Redeem for discounts

The prize card is as follow

  • 100 points = $10.00
  • 250 points = $25.00
  • 500 points = $50.00.

The collective has three tiers of reward. Once you jump to the next tier, you unlock more rewards. The three tiers are

  1. MINT: free to join
  2. JADE: it unlocks after the $250 lifetime spent
  3. SAGE: it is unlocked after the $450 lifetime spent

Life is the whole amount you spend on purchasing at girlfriend collective to date.

Sign up

Get the exclusive discount of 15% off on your next purchase by simply signing up for the girlfriend collective newsletter. And also, stay updated with the latest news, offers, and freebies.


Regirlfreind option will be opened to you when you sign in to the account at girlfriend collection. The regirlfriend gives you an offer to go green by recycling the girlfriend collective wear, including compressive legging.

  • Buy a shipping label
  • Drop your girlfriend collective item in the mail
  • The girlfriend collective will recycle it into a new gear
  • And you get a $15 reward for your next purchase.

Hover over the account tab and click the ''regirlfriend'' but, scroll down and tap the ''GET STARTED'' button.

Girlfriend to girlfriend 

The new initiative by the girlfriend collective, this allows small business and individual freelancers to create content for girlfriend collective. In return, the store will pay them or donate to the charity of their choice.

Size guide

The number one problem in online shopping is to find the perfect size. Although the girlfriend collective picks a solution by creating the guide according to the measuring tape method. Measure your size with the measuring tape correctly and match with the one raw or column it sets fit and order your perfect fit with the perfect price by using the promo code.

 Try before you buy

This program is only available for US residents. They can try before making the actual purchase. The trial period is consists of 14 days from the day the product is delivered to the customer. Unfortunately, the offer is not eligible for anyone outside the US.


The item can be returned within the trial period. The return should have to be in the original condition.

If the product did not return in its original condition or somehow lost, stolen, or damaged in shipment during the trial period, your credit card will be charged.

How to claim a return?

In case of returning a product, visit the girlfriend collective website and scroll to the last till you reach the end. Find the “return” button at the right side of the page. Click it, and a new page will open. Enter your order no or ID and ZIP or postal code and start your return.

Privacy policy

The detailed privacy policy includes the topic that is stated below, and anyone can read it from their website.

  1. information we may collect
  2. how we may share your information
  3. how you manage your personal information
  4. how we protect your personal information
  5. disclaimer of warranties
  6. limitation of liability
  7. representations and warranties
  8. indemnification
  9. intellectual-property ownership
  10. trademark
  11. account access
  12. use by children
  13. payment methods
  14. general
  15. updating this privacy policy

Terms and conditions

The detailed terms and condition can be found on the website and include the following topic

  1. Creating an account
  2. Validating your order
  3. Grder acceptance/confirmation
  4. Taxes
  5. Orders limitations/limited quantities
  6. Shipping risks
  7. Return and refund policy
  8. Term of use
  9. Collections
  10. Product updates/error on site
  11. Pricing policy
  12. Postings
  13. Intellectual-property ownership
  14. User comments, feedback, and other submissions
  15. Links to other websites
  16. 'Try before you buy'' program
  17. Return policy
  18. Credit card processing
  19. Restrictions
  20. Refer a friend terms and conditions
  21. Dispute resolution
  22. General

Girlfriend Collective, a reason for your efficient workouts

Girlfriend Collective apparel is incredible and lightweight. They make you feel so comfortable that you can easily do a workout and any activity hassle-free. The designs are fantastic, and fitting is commendable.

Now impress your gym mates and yoga instructor without the high cost by using the Girlfriend Collective discount code. Wear their outfits where ever you work out, where ever you run. You will find yourself in the comfort zone you always willing for opting their clothes.

The feel of carrying no weight of clothes on your body during a workout makes your performance impressive. That is the reason your activewear outfit should feel like a second skin to you. The outfit of the right choice makes sure that you do not feel restricted while you make movements.

Your best workout represents the best of your ability, and Girlfriend Collective clothes let you get that right. Girlfriend Collective, in addition to it, offer Girlfriend Collective promo code so that you can get pretty low prices for the outfits you like.

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