Girlfriend Collective Review – Ethical Women’s Activewear

Girlfriend Collective is a women's activewear brand known for its ethical manufacturing. As the brand has all the hype, we decided to review it. Read below to see this brand's insight.

Publish Date: 2020-10-22

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Girlfriend Collective Review

When it comes to women's activewear, very few options are left, as sustainability is concerned. Thanks to Girlfriend Collective, that it exists. That is why we are here presenting you with a Girlfriend Collective review so that you know better about them. 

What is Girlfriend Collective all about?

girlfriend collective activewear brand for women

Girlfriend Collective is the activewear brand for women. Their apparel range has all essential elements that help women in working out and, at the same time, save the world. 

They design apparel to fit every body type. You will find bras, leggings, T-shirts, and shorts on the Girlfriend Collective website that are comfortable for every woman of any age.

The brand aims to trigger an active lifestyle with its specialty in making performance-based activewear. All of their range is made of recycled raw materials from the oceans.

What sets Girlfriend Collective apart from others?

girlfriend collective is different from others

Their elegant sportswear is jaw dropping gorgeous. The brand makes sure that a woman manages to look good even during sweaty workout sessions. The business model of the brand Girlfriend Collective is a unique aspect. The following are some aspects that we are proud to include in this Girlfriend Collective review that set it apart from other brands.

They use recycled polyester and plastic (water bottles and fishing nets) to create durable products. 

In fact, at least 83% of recycled material is used to make all of the Girlfriend Collective clothing. 

Girlfriend Collective is an SA8000 certified brand.

They are such ethical manufacturers that they pay living wages. There are no slave or child labor.

All their activewear designs are spectacular and affordable. 

People with extreme sizes can also shop from them. There should be a separate Girlfriend Collective sizing review to highlight their policy regarding it.

The product comes in variety and range for every activity to help a woman remain focused and active. 

Even their packaging is 100% recyclable.

Why you should choose high performance workout clothes?

What if you cannot perform a refined and efficient gym workout session due to uncomfortable clothes? Definitely, without any comfortable, stretchable outfit, they are not possible. 

And since fashion, style, and comfort walk hand in hand, high-quality apparel is a blessing. Girlfriend Collective provides super comfortable and stylish activewear at commendable discounted prices through the Girlfriend collective promo code. Due to its eco-friendly approach, the brand has a strong connection with you and understands what you need in the gym and outdoors that is super sustainable. We have read one Girlfriend Collective lite leggings review which states that even their lite leggings cannot be torn apart while intensive workouts.

Girlfriend Collective apparel range

girlfriend collective apparel range

While writing the Girlfriend collective review, we come to know that their modish and stylish category has got you covered. You will not have to look here and there for the varieties you want for an active workout session.

Whether you want that stylish sports bra that covers and support your breasts or a top tank that makes you look smart. You can choose from Leggings & Jogger pants, sweat trousers, sports shorts, jackets, and hoodies. 

Initially, Girlfriend collective leggings were in demand, but gradually, all their products mark the market. 

The following are some of the workout apparel you can buy from Girlfriend Collective.

1. Girlfriend Collective leggings

girlfriend collective leggings 

Girlfriend Collective sells one of the most reliable and best leggings. They have compression, maternity, pocketed, and unitard leggings. People opt for these squat proof Girlfriend collective leggings because of their quality and comfort. Here are details of their legging collection:

Luxe Legging

Super stretchy with endless possibilities. You can use them anywhere for any activity.

•        Compressive High-Rise Legging

This Girlfriend collective leggings started it all. While doing a compressive leggings review, we discover that they made it from 25 recycled plastic water bottles.

High-Rise Pocket Legging

These are designed because of popular demand. They are compressive, ultra-high rise with double side pockets for better functionality.

FLOAT Seamless High-Rise Legging

These leggings are extra super stretchable (No seams and no limits).


We come to know about this after reading one of the Girlfriend Collective bodysuit reviews. It is a one-piece legging outfit comprise of a top and a legging as one unit. 

Maternity Legging and Seamless Maternity Legging

Specially designed for pregnant women, these leggings are breathable and flexible, designed for yoga and lounging.

Iman Drawstring Legging

Super stylish leggings with drawstring that make you look uber chic. 

2. Bras

girlfriend collective bras

One can buy various types of sports bra to get the ideal support during intense workouts on their website. Two types of bras are famous, however. One is Girlfriend Collective Paloma and Girlfriend Collective Topanga. there are many Girlfriend Collective Paloma bra review that state they are created from recycled water bottles polyester. Their entire bra collection is comprised of the following articles: 

Paloma Bra

Topanga Bra

Dylan Bra

Simone Bra

Lou Bra

Tommy Bra

FLOAT Cleo Bra

FLOAT Lola Bra

FLOAT Juliet Bralette

May Crossover Nursing Bra

Ellie Clip Down Bra

While going through one of the Girlfriend collective sports bra reviews, people testified that the Paloma style is the most supportive sports and activewear bra. It features a racer-back and longline silhouette and perfect for running and exercising. 

3. The perfect tee collection

girlfriend collective perfect tee collection

We will not exaggerate, but their tees are out of the world—classy, comfortable, and long-lasting. Let's have a look at how they are made.

Their tees and tanks are made of 100% cupro. 

Cupro is a delicate fiber that originates from the waste of the cotton industry.

Their yarn is made in a zero-emission, zero-waste facility in Japan. 

Later they constructed at their SA8000-certified factory in Hanoi.

You will find a lot of different styles and designs of ethically made t-shirts at Girlfriend Collective in several different color options. The Perfect Tee Collection is really perfect for any occasion (not just work out). Buy from these options:

Eva V-Neck Tee

Gia Crop Tee

Leila Long Sleeve Tee

Florence Tank

You can wear these versatile, designed t-shirts under a blazer while shopping or while you jog around the block. 

4. GF OTG collection

girlfriend collective otg collection

Girlfriend Collective also designs windbreakers, track jackets, etc. You will find them in their GF OTG collection. And OMG, while we were researching for Girlfriend Collective review, we found their savage range so fantastic. 

When you’re outside, these windbreakers are your buddies for keeping you protected from the rain or wind or any other weather condition. They’re also sweat-resistant, 100% recycled. 100% recyclable and 100% ready to go. One can buy from these available options: 

Hummingbird Half Zip Windbreaker

Summit Track Pant

Trail Short

Peregrine Windbreaker

Summit Track Jacket

Gazelle Short

5. Shorts

girlfriend collective shorts

Love wearing shorts? Whether you run, you jog, you ride a bike, or just want to lounge around, Girlfriend collective bike shorts are versatile enough to pull off. Although there are also other options, we suggest you stick to high rise bike shorts.

You will get compression and support and style while running, jogging, and working out wearing them. You can also wear the gazelle shorts that are looser in fitting and the shortest option.

6. Joggers and sweat pants

girlfriend collective joggers and sweat pants

Now enjoy your workouts in a relaxed and calm style, sporting Girlfriend collective joggers and sweatpants. They have two collections that have perfectly fit bottoms for you in different colors. Choose according to your choice and keep looking good.

You can shop from two collections that are

Classic jogger

R&R jogger

Girlfriend Collective pros and cons

girlfriend collective pros and cons

Everything in the world comes with positive as well as a negative aspect. The girlfriend collective is no exception. There are some pros and well as some cons of this brand. Read below the pros and cons of this Girlfriend Collective review:


1. They are doing great to preserve the environment.

Girlfriend Collective proved that they are doing a great job when it comes to preserving the environment. The Girlfriend Collective clothing and apparel is made of 83% recycled material. Also, the brand is SA8000-certified. It means that their manufacturing processes are 100% ethical.

2. The fabrics have the best quality.

Activewear should provide and assist you in a high-performance workout. That is why the quality of their fabric is really high. Their apparel is made of recycled water bottles and fishnets. It means that they provide extreme durability.

But that does not mean that fabric is hard. The fabric is durable, as well as soft.

3. A wide range of activewear.

They provide a wide range of activewear for women to choose from. While doing the Girlfriend collective leggings review, we learned that they offer seven types of leggings. That's pretty impressive, isn't it?

4. They support plus sizes.

While various brands are launching skinny fits and small size collections, Girlfriend Collective supports people with plus sizes and provide an activewear range for all sizes and for all body types of women. You can search for Girlfriend collective plus size review and know more about it. 

5. They buy used items from customers.

They believe in sustainability. That is why Girlfriend Collective allows their customers to sell back old Girlfriend Collective purchases to recycle them. That’s amazing.


1. Limited color options

Because they are an eco-friendly brand, they cannot experiment much with their dyes. That is the reason that one may not get a variety of patterns and designs and prints. Apparel on their website comes in solid colors only.

2. Limited styles of Bra

Although you will find many bra articles on their website, bras' style and design are boring and limited. A customer review of Girlfriend collective sports bra stated that no doubt, they are performance-based and efficient. But they are not funky and attractive.

3. Extra charges

One may claim that their awesome activewear is available at discounts through Girlfriend collective sale. But they also charge a $7 shipping or delivery and restocking fee if you want to return an item.

Our final verdict

our verdict on girlfriend collective

Overall, Girlfriend Collective is a good choice of activewear for women. If one is looking for a responsible and ethical brand that is also affordable, Girlfriend Collective is the go then. Their clothes are designed to provide you ultimate coverage and support. Also, they are incredibly soft, comfortable, and stylish fit for every body type. In this Girlfriend Collective review, we will give the brand 4 out of 5 stars. The only reason why it doesn’t get the five stars is their limited color and pattern choices.

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