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More About Zonkd Coupon & Promo Code

In today’s busy world, people sometimes ignore the importance of proper rest and sleep. A good night’s sleep is required for the appropriate functioning of our body and also for achieving efficiency in our daily tasks. The number one thing that you need for restful and deep sleep is a good-quality mattress. If you are looking for good quality and efficient mattress, then go online and search for the Zonkd mattresses. Zonkd is a company that manufactures superior-quality mattresses, mattress foundations and pillows. 

Zonkd offers you a personalized experience as the mattresses are designed according to varying firmness levels. You have the option to choose whichever firmness level you desire. Furthermore, the mattress comes with cooling gel layers that keep you cool and sweat-free throughout the night. Bring these mattresses to your home now at a discounted price with the Zonkd Promo Code. 

Get a peaceful sleep and remain active and efficient during the daytime. 

How Do I Know Which Firmness Level Is The Best for Me?

It’s not at all difficult to judge which firmness level is right for you; they have characterized the firmness of the mattresses based on the sleeping positions as well as the kind of support the mattresses provide.

Zonkd offers the following firmness levels in their mattresses:

1. The soft mattress:

The soft mattress is made in such a manner that it reduces stiffness and stress on the heavy spots of the body such as shoulders and hips. This mattress is suitable for the side-sleepers.

2. The Medium Mattress:

You should select this mattress if you prefer a mattress that is neither too soft nor too hard. People who sleep in different sleeping positions will like this mattress.

3. The Firm Mattress:

If you suffer from backaches, then you should definitely get this mattress. It offers the most support and is perfect for people who sleep on their backs. 

To get the mattress of your choice at discounts, don’t forget to use the Zonkd Coupon and Zonkd Promo Code which will significantly reduce the price of the mattress.

Which Materials Are Used In The Construction of The Mattress?

The best of materials are used in the manufacturing of the mattresses. The company uses only the premium-quality foams and fabrics in the construction which is why the mattresses are so durable. 

Talalay Foam

The number one material used in the mattresses is the Talalay foam which is composed of latex. Latex provides greater softness and durability to the foam. This foam is manufactured with a process that gives it its signature breathability. Moreover, the Talalay foam is bouncy and flexible and molds with the contours of the body without sinking too much. 

Copper Gel-Infused Memory Foam

The next material used in the Zonkd mattresses is the memory foam. Memory Foam is known for its softness and comfort. The mattresses have high-quality Memory Foam material that doesn’t wear down in a few nights of sleep. Plus, to keep the foam from heating up, a copper gel is infused in the memory foam which keeps it cool and provides a peaceful sleep.  Zonkd also offers some impressive discounts on their products through the Zonkd Promo Code.

What Makes Zonkd Better Than Other Mattresses?

These mattresses offer the best of features at a much lesser price that other brands offer at a higher cost. Some of the features of the mattress that other brands lack are:

1. Copper-Gel infused Memory Foam

2. All-Natural Latex

3. Varying Firmness Levels

4. Certipur Foam

5. 110 Night Risk-Free Trial

So, what are you waiting for? Avail all these features at a much-discounted rate by using the Zonkd Promo Code.

Are The Firmness Options Also Available For Pillows?

Just like the mattresses, the pillows also offer three types of softness levels.

1. Down Alternative Pillow - Ultra-soft pillow, ideal for those who change their sleeping positions at night.

2. Hybrid Pillow – For those who like something in-between softness and firmness; perfect for side-sleepers.

3. Serene Foam Pillow – This pillow provides much greater support and molds in the natural shape of the neck and head. Those people should buy it that usually sleep on their backs.

You can avail discounts on the pillows too if you use the Zonkd Coupon and Zonkd Promo Code. 

Are the Products Offered In Bundles?

The products are also offered in the form of bundles which will allow you to save some major bucks. You can completely customize the firmness level of the mattresses in the bundle offer too. Furthermore, upon using the Zonkd Discount code, further price-cuts can be availed. 

What Is The Return Policy Of The Company?

The company has an easy return policy through which you can get a full return within 110 nights of use. The only condition is that you give the products 30-day trial before returning them. For initiating the process of return, you will have to send an email to support@zonkd.com. After receiving the email, your mattress will be picked up during some time-frame, and you will be refunded in full. 

What Are the Payment Options Offered By The Company?

The company offers two payment options: Paypal and Google pay. While making a purchase, don’t forget to use the Zonkd Promo Code for discounts on the products. 

What Sizes Are Offered In The Mattresses and What are The Dimensions Of The Mattresses?

The mattresses are offered in the following sizes:

•    Full

•    Queen

•    King

•    California King

The price of the mattress slightly varies with the size however you don’t have to worry about the cost as you can avail the Zonkd.com Mattress Promo Code. 

The dimensions of the mattresses are given below:

Twin - 38''x 75''x12.''

Twin XL – 38''x 80''x12''

Full – 53''x 75''x12''

Queen – 60''x 80''x12''

King - 76''x 80''x12''

California King – 72''x 84''x12.'

Are there any financing options available for the products?

Customers have the option to pay in easy monthly installments through Klarna. When you proceed to the payment method during checkout, there’s an option of ‘slice it. Pay overtime with Klarna'. Upon selecting this financing option, you will be redirected to the Klarna website where you can complete the payment. You will just have to pay $61 per month if you avail the financing option. Moreover, you can also use the Zonkd Mattress Coupon Code and Zonkd Promo Code for discounts on products.

Does The Company Offer Free Shipping?

Yes, the company offers free shipping through the Zonkd Free Shipping Coupon Code. Use this code and receive the mattress and other products completely free of any shipping cost. 

How Long The Company Takes To Ship the Order?

You will not have to wait long; the pillows are shipped within 1-3 business days while the mattresses are shipped within 3-5 business days. 

Does Zonkd Ship Internationally?

The products are only shipped within the United States.

How Much Warranty Zonkd Offers And How Can I Claim It?

Customers get a 10-year limited time warranty on the mattresses. For making a claim, you have to send a written request and description of the issue with mattress combined with the original sales receipt or the order number on their e-mail address. The company will also cover the shipping costs associated with the returning of the mattress. Zonkd will either repair or replace the mattress and ship it to you without any shipping cost. 

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