America's Best Big Cities for College Students

If you need help deciding where to send your application letter, read the article and learn how to make the right choice among the best big cities for students.

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America's Best Big Cities for College Students

When choosing a college, different students take into consideration different parameters. For someone, the important thing is the quality of education, so the first thing they pay attention to is the ranking of the university or college. If you want to be an engineer and your application is accepted by MIT, you will study in this Institute even if it is situated in the middle of nowhere. At the same time, if you haven't made up your mind yet about your future profession, then you will consider not only the quality of education you will get and what doors the diploma of this college might open in front of you in the future. You will also consider the city you will live in and the opportunities it can give you. Many students want to study in big cities, and in this article, we decided to prepare a list of the best big cities in the US so that you can consider all pros and cons and make the right choice. We really hope that this information will be helpful for you if right now you cannot decide where to study. It's always good to know about someone else's experience, like when you need to find a writing service and see someone's comment that, for example, Speedy Paper writing help is the best service the person has ever used, it will definitely help you with your choice.

When choosing the city to study, you can consider several factors (like we did), such as:

Transportation system: how developed is the public transport system and whether you can do without a car. If you have a car, it will be essential for you to know whether you can find parking lots easily or not.

Affordability: if you study in a big city, you most probably will have to rent an apartment, so check whether prices are affordable for you

Nightlife: going to college is not only about studying; it's also about having fun; that's why it is important to consider the cost of going out in each city. And don't forget that if you are planning to party a lot, there is a possibility that you will need to use the writing services in order not to get bad marks, for example, you ask to write papers for me with and forget about possible problems with studies.

Job opportunities: if you want to live in the same city after graduation, you have to consider the best cities for jobs.

And the last but not the least aspect to evaluate is culture: what kind of attractions like museums, galleries, and theaters can this city offer you and whether it corresponds to your requirements.

So here is the list of our top big cities.


I guess the only minus of Boston is that it's a very expensive city. If you or your parents have money to spend on your education, Boston can be a perfect choice. Fifty-four colleges and universities are waiting for you to become their student and to have the greatest time of your life. You will enjoy the nightlife, might receive many good job offers after graduation if you study well, of course, and will be able to lead cultural life not worse than in NY, for example.


Chicago is also expensive, but like in Boston, there are also more pluses than minuses. The city has an excellent public transit system, ranked fourth, to be precise. Chicago has a most diverse collection of architecture than any other city in the country. It's famous for its ballet and some of the funniest comedians who perform nightly. And, of course, the food and restaurant.

Tampa Bay area

Tampa's minus is a lousy transportation system. Still, you will forget about it considering all the positive things: the price for a one-bedroom apartment is around $1,000 per month, the climate is almost like in Miami, and this city is known for its nightlife and live-music venues. Don't forget about beaches where you can both study for exams and get a sun tan.


We all remember how Scarlet O'Hara wanted to go to Atlanta. And yes, the city is really great. You can find world-class restaurants here, and for sure, you'll find a place where to have fun at night. It's also the cultural center of the South and is one of the most diverse in the US. If you want to stay here, the chances are also relatively high.