14 Tips Revealed! How To Get Cheap Flights To Anywhere In The World

Traveling is more fun when it is spontaneous, but not everyone has deep pockets they can spend on expensive flight tickets. The trick to having adventures on a budget is to know how to score cheap flights to any destination, anywhere in the world.

Category: Travel     Written By: Haziqa Ishtiaq

14 Tips Revealed! How To Get Cheap Flights To Anywhere In The World

Traveling is one of life`s greatest joys. 

However, airline tickets are no joking matter. If you want to travel without emptying your wallet; you need to know how to get cheap flights.

With a rising economy and the threat of bankruptcy looming overhead the airlines, cheap tickets are a rare find. 

That means a lot of saving and budgeting…

Doesn`t sound inviting? 

Well, then let me tell you fourteen ways to get cheap flights to anywhere in the world:

1. Be a Sneaky Ninja 

Did the flight prices change after your third visit?

You`re not crazy if you think that. 

In fact, many airline websites use cookies to monitor visitor history. 

If you want to know how to get really cheap flights, then first you should learn how to be a ninja on the web; swift, silent, and inconspicuous. 

One way to be a ghost on the internet is to view your entire searches incognito. 

A search history might be convenient to remember where you left off but it`s not so beneficial when you are trying to find cheap plane tickets to anywhere. 

The private browsing means that the websites can`t track your search history, thereby enabling you to see the airline tickets at lower prices. 

2. Flexible Flying Dates

Flexible flying dates mean traveling when you want to, not need to. If you know you have a conference or wedding to attend, for example, book your ticket early. 

Booking last-minute for something you knew beforehand means no chance of getting air tickets cheap. 

Airfares are in constant state of flux, so flexible dates, even for just one end of the trip, gives you a chance to save up on your travel expenses. 

Average Domestic Round-trip Airfare (2017)

3. Price Comparison!

It goes without saying that you should always compare prices for whatever you buy online. This way you`ll know what the market rate is for a specific product and avoid paying a higher price.

Same is the case when looking for cheap airline tickets. 

Momondo, Google Flights, Kiwi.com, Sky Scanner are among the best flight search engines out there. 

While Google Flights, for example, directly lists pricing from the airlines as well as a few third-party booking sites; Momondo generally compares fares from the latter and even international ones. 

They all have different features but they, primarily, match up prices of plane tickets from various airlines so you can see which flight fits your budget.

So, if you want to know how to get super cheap flights, I suggest doing your research before you get that ticket. 

Remember that there is nothing perfect in life, even search engines. Thus, if you want to be sure that you`re not paying more than you need, try a combination of search engines to find the cheapest airfares possible.

4. Don`t be Picky with Your Destination

When you want to travel, especially last-minute, being choosy about your destination is not going to win you financial favors from the airlines.

The great thing about adventures is spontaneity, and the best way to be spontaneous is to choose a destination at random. 

Well, okay may be not completely random.

Look for the lowest price trips on flight search engines and you`ll have your cheap plane tickets for an impromptu vacation.

5. Know When to Fly 

If you want to find out how to get cheap flights during Christmas, for example, then you need to know when to fly.

It is a fact that flying close to any holiday means higher airfare rates. 

One way to get cheap air tickets is to book your flight months in advance, especially for the holiday season.  

Everyone tends to fly out for Christmas so, procrastinating is not an option. 

According to Airlines Reporting Corporation, in 2017, the airfares get approximately 10 percent below the average if the passenger books a flight an estimated 50 days before departure. 

The Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets

Airfares tend to rise days before departure, so booking in advance might save you a few bucks on plane travel. 

On the other hand, booking too early could mean you`ll miss out on future potential deals. 

According to surveys, US domestic flights tend to be cheaper three days of the week, namely Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. 

CEO of FareCompare on Business Insider explains why Tuesday is the best day to buy an air ticket. 

In contrast, international flights, from the US, are more affordable during the weekdays rather than the weekends. 

However, if you are flying from the UK then you`ll find weekend flights to be cheaper; or so says Sky Scanner. 

Moreover, as I said before, mid-summer months, spring breaks, Christmas holidays, are some of the worst times to book a flight. 

You want cheap flight tickets; you book your flight for those times at least six weeks in advance that is 1.5-2 months before your departure date.

To book your airfares, you could use flight calendars that almost every airline website offers like the one Kiwi.com has. 

Not only can you find the cheapest time to fly to Europe but also know the best time to buy airline tickets for any Holiday season. 

6. Air Miles are Handy for Cheap Flights

Are you a regular flier? 

Need to know how to get really cheap flights? 

Use those flyer miles you`ve accumulated; they`re your best bet to bypassing the inflation of airfares. 

How to Make the Most of Your Frequent Flyer Miles

If you are a frequent flyer, then you should know the best way to increase your air miles.  

Don`t worry about being stuck with one airline all your life to get cheap plane tickets; you can fly on partner airlines or ones in the same alliance as your regular airline using the same air miles. 

Isn`t that convenient? 

UsingMiles, for example, is a website that shows you where you can travel on your miles.  Not only will you have all your travel miles in the same place, but also be able to view the lowest prices of flights and hotel rooms as well as the award in your loyalty programs.

7. Avoid Booking Tickets for Groups

How to get cheap flights last minute? That`s the question of the hour, isn`t it? 

What`s the point of excursions, if you can`t be spontaneous? 

No need to fret, I have a simple solution to your dilemma. 

For one, you should try and avoid group travel when it comes to booking cheap plane tickets. 

It`s a rarity that you find one or two last minute cheap airfare, but more than that is asking for a miracle. 

8. Timing is Everything

You should consider getting a ticket to a flight that is early in the morning or late at night. 

I know no one wants to disturb their beauty sleep, but if you`re going to save a few bucks in your wallet, you should consider sacrificing a bit of rest and get an early, or late, flight out.

Another point to note is that for last minute flights, you should avoid traveling on a major Holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving if you want cheap plane tickets.

On the other hand, unless you need to be somewhere before the Holiday, then you could also take a flight out on the actual day itself. It`ll be one of the many cheapest days to fly internationally or elsewhere. 

9. Hidden City Fares

Booking a flight that connects to a city via your intended destination, rather than a direct trip is cheaper.

``Hidden City`` is different than a stopover. 

Here your ``stopover`` is your final destination; meaning you skip the last leg of the journey.

When planning to book connecting flights and getting off at the connecting airport, you should keep in mind a few pointers:

Ensure the airline you choose allows its passengers off the plane (for obvious reasons).

Don`t check off your luggage. If checked, it might go onto the concluding destination. 

Don`t book connecting flights using your loyalty rewards. 

Choosing a layover might not be illegal, but it doesn`t earn you any loyalty points and air miles, as far as the airlines are concerned. They are most likely not to be thrilled if they figure out your schemes. 

So, if you plan on being a regular flier, avoid ``upsetting`` the airlines just for cheap tickets.

10. Choose a Less Popular Destination

I mentioned previously, not to be picky with your destinations…

Let`s see why:

Destinations like Ohio, USA or Edinburgh, UK, are less popular in their tourism industry. 

So, how does that relate to booking cheap plane tickets to anywhere?

I`ll explain...

Choosing places that people are less likely to go to makes it possible for you to get a flight with low priced tickets. 

Therefore, when you choose a layover, consider a city that is not a famous tourist attraction. 

That way you might discover a ``hidden treasure`` and reach your dream vacation spot at a more budget-friendly airfare. 

If you need help with your decision, then there are apps and websites like Sky Scanner or Kiwi. 

Select any random city in the World, set the departure date, and voila – you know of the cost of the flight. 

The best way to get cheap plane tickets is to choose a city that is least expensive. 

Airlines save big, flying out to less tourist-y locations; meaning it`ll be worth your while to go a teensy bit out of your way to see a few savings in your bank account. 

11. Sign Up to Mailing Lists

I agree that no one wants their inbox spammed with newsletters or updates of different airlines or stores. 

However, signing up for newsletters or becoming a follower on social media is one of the swiftest ways to find extremely cheap flights, especially those that are last minute.

Some of the many benefits of being a stalker of your airline include:

  • Up to date deals for travel.
  • Via Google Flights or Kayak, track specific routes or trips and get alerted when the price drops.
  • Last Minute mystery deals.
  • Holiday deals.
  • Not all airports offer the same amount of deals at the same time, being a follower will help you separate between them.
  • Air Miles or Credit Cards.

Many airlines now offer Advantage reward programs or credit cards with perks like free checked luggage, priority boarding, and even seat selection. So, just by signing up, you get a leg up on the other passengers.

If these aren`t enough to sway your mind, then think of the savings you`ll gain when flying on cheap airline tickets.

Everybody is on social media nowadays, and it is an ideal way to get the latest on the ever-changing airfares. 

12. Look up Budget Airlines

Budget Airlines offer more wallet-friendly ticket fares than their counterparts. 

However, those cheap air tickets are more than likely accompanied by a few not-so-exceptional concessions that may make the flight difficult.

Regardless, unless you are not big on compromise, Budget Airlines are a great way to save up on air travel. 

However, there might be a few requirements to follow that, if not met, may or may not be costly.

So, if you are planning on choosing one, I suggest you do your research and read up on the many available airlines in your area. 

13. Consider a Layover

You want to know the secret to booking cheap flight tickets?

Connecting flights might not help on the time aspect of the journey, but they sure help to save a few bucks in your wallet. 

When you are in for a long flight from, let`s say Canada to Australia, then consider adding a stop-over in your journey for a little downtime and releasing the stress of travel. 

Generally, the trip from Canada to Australia will take you through LA, USA. However, adding a stop-over in Hawaii, for example, will make the entire flight far cheaper than continuing to the final destination. 

However, a point to keep in mind, when planning detours, is that you should avoid layovers that are a few hours apart. 

That won`t help you get airline tickets cheap for a flight to anywhere in the world.

What`s the point of a layover if you`re going to be stuck in the airport all day waiting for your flight?

Choosing to take a multi-day stopover will not only help you save on your journey, but you`ll also get to enjoy the sights in the city of your choice. Consider it a double holiday at the price of one. 

Also, I should probably mention… 

Make sure your bags are not checked and loaded onto the plane if you are opting for a layover. If they are, then you are going to end up having to spend days without your luggage.

14. When to Make Your Bookings

Additionally, if you want to know how to get cheap flights to Europe, for instance, try avoiding booking a ticket for peak travel times at the last minute.

More precisely, at the prime times like summer vacation or spring break. 

Getting airline tickets cheap at favorite travel times is like asking for rain in an arid desert. 


So, as I mentioned, book at least 1.5-2 months in advance if you hope to spare cash in your wallet after your trip to Europe.

Book a Holiday Deal

When you are flying out for pleasure or business, you are going to need to book living accommodations as well.

To get cheap flights to Hawaii, for example, the best thing to do is to book package deals for flights and hotel rooms.  

Booking flights and hotel room packages will help you get cheap airplane tickets as well as save on your accommodations.  

If you use your loyalty program, for an airline or hotel, you could also gain bonus points.

Last Minute Deals work Wonders

Also, you could try looking up last minute deals. 

Many apps provide you with up-to-date deals of last minute flights, for example, Fareness, Get the Flight out (GTFO), and Last Minute Travel. 

Furthermore, there are more chances of you finding last-minute package deals for flight and accommodation rather than stand-alone flights. 

Bear in mind, if you are browsing for vacation packages then read up to find out exactly what that package entails.

Final Note

There are numerous ways that tell you how to get cheap flights to your dream destination online. The key is always to keep an eye on the ever-changing airfares. However, most importantly, you should travel with a flexible itinerary, and be open to compromise with luxury if you want to save.