Top 41 Back to School Must-Haves! (School & College Students)

August bells are jingling all the way, which means its time to go back to school and start the new school year 2019-2020. Stock up on school essentials and kick off the new school and college year in style. Here are the must-have school supplies for school and college students. Have a look at them.

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Top 41 Back to School Must-Haves! (School & College Students)

The new academic year is going to start, make sure you are prepared for it with all of these must-have back-to-school necessities! 

August bells are jingling all the way, which means summer is winding up, and the new school year 2019-2020 is going to begin. So it's time to stock up on school essentials to kick off the new school and college year in style. 

We've compiled a list of the top 41 back to school must-haves that will make the students ready to learn with a happy heart.

Must-have items to put on your School supplies checklist| School students

Kids from pre-school to elementary levels, get a big list of school supplies that are needed in their classroom when they head back to school. But there are some basic School must-haves that EVERY student needs at the Back to school time!

So here is the list of all the Back to school favorites that your school kids are going to demand to have this year.

1. Toddler Girls' Unicorn Slip-on Shoe


Little kids are more excited to go back to School with new school supplies. And this Adorable unicorn slip-on shoe will make your little girl more excited to wear it on the first day. The aesthetic designs and cute pink and multi hues are adding more elegance in it. It is the must-have School essential for your toddler girl.

2. Beginner Pattern Block Puzzles


Start your toddlers' schooling with these beginner pattern block puzzles and let them explore their little creative minds! The package has 35 puzzles including five two-sided boards with ten recessed colorful design templates. Let your kids involved in creating their own designs and matching activities.

3. Lion King Large Backpack


Backpacks are the basics among the School supplies, and for pre-schoolers, it has some extra cute factor to rejoice them and what's better than their beloved Simba? It has one main compartment and an accessory pocket with zipper closures at the front with adjustable shoulder straps. Let your little one Carry Simba around with them all day with this trendy, Polyester made backpack.

4. Junior Learning Reading Flashcards


These reading flashcards will minimize the hassle of memorizing vocabulary words, terms, and history dates. They are colorful, appealing, and enhance junior learning skills. Easy-to-use, suitable sizes, and make learning more fun. So are you adding them in your Child's Back to school must-haves list?

5. Subject Wide Ruled Notebook


Looking for School supplies for elementary school students? Choose a notebook that goes on with the busy school day. The Notebook comes in vibrant colors like Bright Orange, Lime, Yellow, Bright Pink, etc. to brighten up the daily notetaking and homework errands. The water-resistant cover will keep the notes protected all yea, and spiral Lock wire binding prevents coil snags in the backpack.

6. Ballpoint Retractable Pen


Let your kids enjoy a fluid, effortless writing experience with these Retractable Ballpoint Pens. They are must-haves school supplies for school students. The ballpoints feature sharp lines, vivid ink colors that resist smearing, help in writing powerful lines that stand out on the page. Dries quickly and creates a clean appearance. The contoured soft grips make them nice and comfortable in your hand.

7. Studio Designs - Desk Carousel


This attractive desk carousel will keep the clutter at bay. Your kids' study desk will no longer be a mess of colors, glitters, glues, pencils, and markers. It will keep all the things secure in one place. It is one of the best School essentials that you can't afford to miss. Let your kids start the new school year with a mission to keep the things in place.

8. Yoobi Double Ended Brush Tip Markers


Preparing the school must-haves list and missing out the markers set is unfair. These 8 pack of lovely color markers are the hit for the new school year. It has a brush tip on one end and a fine tip on the other. Let your kids enhance their artistic skills with these colorful marks that are made to create a beautiful, bold statement. Perfect for modern calligraphy, coloring, and hand lettering.

9. Crayola Crayons with Sharpener


Crayola is synonymous with back-to-school supplies. And why not? Their crayons stand out from the rest! That's why I am adding this Crayola Crayons in the list of must-haves school supplies. The box has 64 crayons in fab shades and a FREE Crayon sharpener to enhance the Crafts & Coloring Fun. Let your kids' imaginations run wild because there is no limit to the imaginative opportunities.

10. Mirrored Icons Pencil Case


Leave no pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, etc. behind with this mirrored-icons pencil kit. It is one of the basic school necessities that safely secure all your Child's school essentials. It has many interior and exterior pockets for storage that will rejoice Pencil case lovers. The fierce tiger icon design is the highlight of the pencil case. It's like giving the stationery a hippy home to stay!

11. Barker Creek Peace Nametag and Name Plate Set


One of the primary things you should add in the list of your Back to school necessities are the nametags. And this versatile nameplate set is ideal for school students. When the new school year begins, they require name labels for their file folders, books, planners, and more. The set has 45 peel & stick labels with 36 double-sided nameplates.

12. Crayola Uni-Creatures Mini Art Case


The little ones are eager to show off their creativity, let their skills shine with this Crayola Mini Art Case. The case has glittery 40-coloring pages on which classic unicorns and other Uni-creatures are drawn, Glitter, Metallic and Classic Crayons, and 2 Sticker Sheets. It's a must-have school supply for young artists to practice and improve their skills.

13. Fiskars Softgrip Student Scissors


Compiling the list of Back school basics and skipping the scissors can be unfair to your middle school artists. The scissors deliver adult cutting performance with a more comfortable grip. Help reduce hand fatigue during continued use, and the trendy color handle makes cutting even more fun. Perfect for children ages 12 and up.

14. CYPER TOP Color Pencils Set


In the world of oil pastels, crayons, and watercolors; lead color pencils have their own charm and one of the most favorite school supplies. Cyper top colored pencils have 80 elegant shades, made of premium quality pencil lead, anti-fading, break-resistant and the richly saturated pigment enhance the vivacity of colors. Perfect for blending, shading, and layering.

15. Ball Bearing Compass and Protractor


This metal compass and protractor set is everything a middle or high school student needs for their math and drafting classes. Equip your kid with this compass set and let them explore the infinities of mathematics. Whether they're measuring, creating circles, curves or graphing, this combo set will create a perfect figure every time and make them the star of their math class.

16. Metal Paper Clips, Colored Binder Clips with Smiling Face


Go on a smiley-face scavenger hunt with these cute binder clips every day. These grinning face binder clips are all your kids need to keep their projects organized and will be an excellent addition to Back to school basics. These colorful, happy face clips will bring joy in daily student life. Open quickly, good elasticity and clamp down tightly on documents.

17. Card 12 Noris HB Pencils + Free Highlighter


As the new School year begins, students start looking for new writing pencils that deliver a smooth and clean finish. And Noris pencils are an ideal choice because they have a FREE highlighter inside. Write bold black, effortless lines, with a glossy finish and get compliments on your writing every day from your teachers and friends.

18. Boston Manual Pencil Sharpener


Sharpeners are a must-have for school students. And the Boston sharpener has that X-factor that will delight the kids. It is built with steel, easy to use, versatile, and adjustable for 8 pencil sizes. Conveniently mounts to desk or wall with adjustable mounting screws. It is ideal for constant use and enhances the experience of pencil sharpening.

19. 5-Compartment Bento-Style Kids Lunch Box


A lunch box is one of the most favorite school supplies, and your kids always ask for a new one. Bentgo will make lunchtime more exciting and classy with chic fun patterns that showcase your Child's personality. It has 5 practical compartments, keeps snacks and meals fresh and mess-free during transport and Made with rubber-coated edges to protect from damage.

20. Ampad Double Sheet Graph Pads


Keep your kids from leaving behind in their math class with these double sheet graph pads. They are the must-haves for back to School, but we can't promise that they will make geometry any less confusing. It has twice the number of sheets of a standard pad, plenty of space for drafting, drawing, and note taking

21. Pilot FriXion Ball Erasable Gel Pen, Purple,


Give your children a new way to write and let them learn from their mistakes. These erasable gel pens allow students to erase and rewrite repeatedly without any damage to the documents. The smooth needlepoint tip creates clear, precise lines, and the thermo-sensitive gel ink formula disappears with erasing friction. Available in a variety of colors.

22. Strathmore 400 Series Hardcover Sketchbook, 70 Sheets


Sketchbooks are the essentials for art classes. And they should be added in the back-to-school necessities. This hardcover sketchbook is ideal for graphite and colored pencil, charcoal, sketching stick, soft pastels, marker, or oil pastel. It has a sturdy double wire construction that allows it to lie flat and enhance the sketching experience.

23. ColorCover 5 Pack Book Covers.


Back to school is the time ti buy new textbooks, planners, and notebooks. And book covers come in handy to protect them from everyday wear and tear. So add these stretchable book covers in your Back to school must-haves and protect your books from unwanted damage. Their stretchy design and slip-free fabric will keep the books in excellent shape.

24. Stainless Steel 24 Ounce Monaco Water Bottle

$15.76 - $26.89

A water bottle is a must-have school supply when you are going back to School. Having a personal water bottle will let your kids drink enough water throughout the day and meet the daily hydration goals. The stylish stainless steel and double-wall insulation will keep the water icy-cold. No more leakage means no more destroyed notebooks!

25. Dixon Ticonderoga, Pencil Shaped Erasers


Pencils, pens, markers, colors, sharpeners, all checked! But wait, you forget the erasers. Your Child's pencil kit would be incomplete without them. They would be a cute addition to their collection of school supplies. So, add Ticonderoga 3-Pack Pencil-Shaped Erasers in the Back to school must-haves because they help students get rid of errors without leaving blots on the paper.

26. Gorilla Glue Grip


Your Child's Back to school essentials list will go on and on, the whole year. But I will give a full stop to my list of back to school must-haves for students with this Gorilla glue. It has fastest grab that bonds with metal, fabric, glass, paper and more in seconds. 100% waterproof, flexible, crystal clear contact adhesive that makes a permanent bond.

Must-have Back to School Supplies Checklist| College Students

Not only school students, but college students are also heading back to their dorms, so our focus is not limited to school students. We have compiled a list of Back to school must-haves for college students too. The older students need some fun things to deal with all those hectic schedules and books, with a happy heart. 

So, here is our Back to school essentials for College students. Check them out; they are too cool to buy.

27. College Backpack with USB Charging Port


A sturdy backpack with extra pockets for USB and laptops is an absolute must-have, especially for college students. And going back to college with Modoker fashionable laptop, college backpack would be a great idea. It has external USB charging port, set-in charging cable, 6 Compartments to save your belongings, well-padded and adjustable strap to fit your body.

28. Fineliner Color Pen Set


This multi-color pen set will make your notes more readable and perfect. Use different colors for headings, points, quotes, and decorate your notes. Fineliner pack has ten color pens, acid-free ink, and superfine, metal-clad tip and leaves outstanding performance in graphic, design, illustration, and writing. Comfortable to write.

29. Poly Project Organizer, Letter Size


Get organized with your projects and stay focused with poly project organizer. Heading back to college means more projects. Poly is perfect for multiple projects, great for keeping the stuff in one place. It has a clear zippered pouch at the back cover for storing small stuff. Ideal for classroom and too awesome to ignore.

30. Sticky Notes Page Markers Colored Index Tabs Flags


Sticky notes can be your best pal when you are attending lectures. They keep you informed about the little details, tasks and other important things. So it is a must-have for college students. The pack includes two rectangular mini note pads, 6 pads of sticky note index arrow flags, in multiple bright and vivid hues. It's compact and slim and easily fit in your bag.

31. Lace up Canvas Flexible bottom Sneakers


Sneakers help you get out the door faster and keeps you comfy the whole day. Add this chic canvas flexible bottom sneakers in your Back to school essentials. It is made of the breathable cotton lining that keeps your feet fresh and goes great with shorts and jeans. Slip on your sneakers, add a sporty look to skirts and go to college in-style.

32. HP Laptop


College studies are incomplete without a laptop. It is a must-have school supply for college students. This Hp laptop has a durable battery that keeps you connected and productive all day. Responsive and reliable to surf, stream, and a lot more and ample storage for your projects and presentations. Sleek, stylish, compact, and looks as good as it performs.

33. Arts Edition Laptop Sleeve - Polka Dot


College students need a laptop sleeve to protect their devices. So this slim and lightweight Arts Edition Sleeve is also one of the favorite school supplies for college students. It delivers the essential laptop protection in a charming polka dot design.

34. Targus 4-Port USB Hub


USB Hub is another gadget that college students need. Sometimes students have more projects to store in multiple USBs and to connect them on any laptop a 4-port USB hub is a must-have college essential. It connects up to four electronic devices with a plug-in USB 2.0 hub that's sleek and functional.

35. Oxford Filler, Loose-Leaf Paper, 3-Hole Punched


More lectures, means you need more papers, and this mega-pack of Oxford loose leaf filler papers are the handy back to school essentials for college students. The pack has 500 college-ruled letter sized, 3-hole punched sheets to fit standard ring binders and ideal for note taking, list making, and all the academic endeavors.

36. Case-it 2' Binder with Tabbed Closer,


College students need binders for all of their academic subjects. This best-seller binder is with a closed tab is a great option to keep the papers safe and organized. The elegant design and the vibrant color makes it the best bet for college girls and boys. It is sturdy and affordable.

37. Casio Fx83 Scientific Calculator


A scientific calculator is a must-have school supply for college students. It is a part of their studies to solve complex math problems. So before heading back to the dorms, don't forget to purchase this scientific calculator that can help you become a math genius.

38. Lace Up Drawstring Sweatershirt Hoodie Top


Start your new college year with a new hoodie top that makes you look like a Goddess. The elegant rainbow solid lace-up drawstring sweatshirt hoodie top is all you need to go back to college in style. Made from high quality polyester fabric, soft and comfy, and perfect for a casual day.

39. Polka Dot Knotted Bow Red Headband


So what's new hairstyle you are going to try on your first day of the new college year? Is it a messy bun, or high ponytail? A classic headband with vintage polka dots is perfect to complete your look. This bold headband with red and white polka dot pattern and knotted bow accent on top is also a must-have school supply for college girls.

40. Swingline Quick Touch Stapler


College students should have a mini quick touch stapler in their bags as they never know when they need it to attach multiple pages for a class assignment. So it is a must-have school supply which is worth their investments.

41. Swingline 3 Hole Punch,


There has to be a hole punch as well in the bags of college students to keep all course material, worksheets, and assignments organized adequately. To file the worksheets in a binder in an organized way, it will minimize the effort.


This Back to school must-haves list comprises of the most common needed school supplies for school and college students. There must be a lot more things that we have not added. Don't forget to look for the back to school offers August 2019 popping out there where you can buy all the school necessities at affordable costs. Stock up all the favorites and go back happy.

Have a great new Academic Year!

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