Best Halloween Costumes on Amazon

Halloween is fast approaching, meaning it’s time you start your costume shopping. For men, women, kids, and even pets, here’s a list of the best Halloween costumes on Amazon. They are budget-friendly, spooky, funny, and cute and cuddly for a thrilling night!

Published On: 2019-10-14

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Written By: Haziqa Ishtiaq

You've got the décor, carved the pumpkins, and even got the candy for trick-or-treaters, now all that remains is to decide the best Halloween costumes on Amazon.

Why only Amazon, you ask?

It is the world's largest retailer with thousands of sellers with unique products and fantastic prices. For every individual in the world, they've got something to suit your taste.

Halloween is the time when the most freakish dressing wins the contest, making it the perfect time for you to explore your inner crazy.

Thus, to help you make your decision, here are a few of the best sellers for men, women, kids, and even your pets:

Costumes for Adults & Teens

There are a plethora of costumes on Amazon fit for any member of the population, including teens just coming into puberty and adults earning a living. From horrific outfits that will give you nightmares to superheroes from your favorite movies, there are tons of options for your try.

Some of these may not be on top of the bestselling lists, but they were a bit hard to ignore; so, in a way, it's a mix of Amazon's best and my top choices.

That said check out this list of Halloween costumes on Amazon for adults& teens:


No matter how old you get you need to dress up on October 31st, so here is a list of Halloween costumes for men:

Disguise Men

#1 Disguise Men's Woody Costume Kit


In 2019, the Toy Story franchise made a comeback with the latest installment in the series. The movie is something we watched in our childhood and connects with real-life emotions and thoughts on having to grow up. So, it's no surprise the outfit is a big hit on Amazon Halloween costumes for adults.


#2 Rubie's Marvel Avengers: Endgame Thanos


The Avengers Endgame was a phenomenon finish to the ten-year, hypnotic storyline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The whole journey was inspiring enough for the sellers to create this Thanos as a Halloween costume for men; it's a steal at such affordable costs and best fit for any occasion that needs dressing up.


#3 Rubie's Jurassic World Dinosaur


Nothing scares people than a prehistoric creature that threatens to eat them; Jurassic World was a thrilling return of the classic series, and what better way to pay tribute than dressing up as a dinosaur? The T-Rex is an inflatable, full-body jumpsuit, and a bestselling Halloween costume on Amazon in the Men's category.

H&ZY Vintage Tailcoat Jacket

#4 H&ZY Vintage Tailcoat Jacket


Feeling inspired by Hugh Jackman's Greatest Showman? Then, dress up like the ring leader of the town circus with this Steampunk Vintage Tailcoat Jacket. It is a Victorian gothic coat, fashionable enough to add a stylish flair to your Halloween costume or any other occasion you feel like celebrating.

Leg Avenue Top Gun Flight Suit

#5 Leg Avenue Top Gun Flight Suit


Tom Cruise is a crowd favorite with his hit releases in the action genre. The females are dazzled by the looks, but the men enjoy the hardcore action scenes of his films; so, why not be the next Maverick this Halloween with this Top Gun Flight Suit.

Disguise Super Mario Luigi

#6 Disguise Super Mario Luigi


It's a classic and one of the best Halloween costumes on Amazon; Super Mario is the game of your childhood, and what better way to celebrate Halloween than dressing up as the virtual superstar of your younger days? The set includes a jumpsuit, hat, a detachable, inflatable belly, gloves, and a mustache to complete the look.

California Costumes Adult

#7 California Costumes Adult's Pirate Costume


Who among the male population doesn't enjoy Pirates of the Caribbean? I think Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow is a phenomenon character in the fictional world. So, if you're a fan dress up as one of the pirates this Halloween. It is one of the best costumes on Amazon that is also available on Prime.

Spooktacular Creations Day of the Dead Mariachi Senior

#8 Spooktacular Creations Day of the Dead Mariachi Senior


In Mexico, November 1st to 2nd is the Day of the Dead when people believe that the lines between our world and the other are blurred. So, dress up as Mariachi Senior this Halloween and be one of the dead for the night. The package comes with complete apparel and a mask at an affordable price.

Dreamgirl King Tut Costume

#9 Dreamgirl King Tut Costume


So what if it's ancient and Egyptian? At least you get to be royalty for a night with this entry in the list of best Halloween costumes on Amazon. King Tut was the last of his line to rule as a Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, and this set comes with accessories for a complete, authentic look.

California Costumes Men

#10 California Costumes Men's Gangster Costume


Sometimes it's the villains that are the leading role in the story; for Halloween 2019, why don't you be a villain of your tale? Be the boss of your crime organization and look sharp in the pin-striped jacket, matching pants, and dickey with a tie.


With ten of the best Halloween costumes on Amazon for men out of the way, let's move on to the women; the female race, take a look at your ten picks:

Disguise Women

#1 Disguise Women's Jessie Costume


For Halloween 2019, dress up as the Pixar favorite, Jessie of Toy Story, and reminisce the days of youth when you first watched the film. It is one of the top sellers among Amazon Women's Halloween costumes, and the set includes a one-piece jumpsuit, with a coordinating hat that completes the look.

Fun World Hippie Costume

#2 Fun World Hippie Costume


Are you all for world peace? Why not try a Hippie look for your Halloween costume 2019? The set comes with accessories, including fringed boot covers and headband. The dress is covered in colorful prints of peace signs and hearts for a feminine look, even on the terrifying night of the year.

Abaowedding Medieval Renaissance Costume

#3 Abaowedding Medieval Renaissance Costume


I think there is a bit of sexiness in the female clothing of the Medieval Era, the kind that didn't require a lot of exposure. So, if you want a bit of vintage appeal for Halloween, try this Renaissance costume. Available in multiple colors, it is fit for October 31st and a Medieval Festival.


#4 Rubie's Captain Marvel Hero Suit


Dress up as Captain Marvel for Halloween and save the earth from destruction. Every female is a superwoman, and the hero suit is fitting for the strongest warrior in the galaxy. It is an officially licensed product from Marvel Studios and one of the best Halloween costumes on Amazon.

Leg Avenue Delightful Mad Hatter

#5 Leg Avenue Delightful Mad Hatter


We're all a little crazy sometimes; and, at moments like Halloween being the craziest is what gets you the winning prize. What better way to show your madness than the being the Mad Hatter? Available in plus size and beautiful colors, the dress is the perfect combination of stunning, sexy, and spooky.

California Costumes Egyptian Goddess

#6 California Costumes Egyptian Goddess


If your guy is dressing up as King Tut, then be his queen with this getup of the Egyptian Goddess. It is one of the best selling items on the list of Amazon Women's Halloween costumes; minus the wig, the heels, and the staff, you get everything you see in the image.

Leg Avenue Beer Babe Oktoberfest

#7 Leg Avenue Beer Babe Oktoberfest


Oktoberfest usually starts from the last week of Sep and ends on the first Sunday of October. The event may have passed, but Halloween is still to come; why not dress up as a Beer Babe on the 31st of the month? It is available in plus size, stockings included in the package.

Disguise Maleficent Black Christening Gown

#8 Disguise Maleficent Black Christening Gown


Every Villain has a sad back story, but there's no similar tale as that of Maleficent. Starting as a fierce protector, scarred by a harsh betrayal; dress up as Maleficent for Halloween and get your revenge on those scorned your heart. Purchase the staff separately to complete the look.

Leg Avenue Deadly Ninja

#9 Leg Avenue Deadly Ninja


Ninjas are cool; ask the hundreds of action, kung fu movies out there; if you too share the same sentiment, then gear up to be a sexy ninja for the night. It is one of the best Halloween costumes on Amazon for a reason as you get what you see in the image.

California Costumes Fallen Angel

#10 California Costumes Fallen Angel


Halloween is considered the day of the devil; so, play the part and dress up as a Fallen Angel. Featuring a sexy lace-up neckline, tattered sleeves in mesh, and a skirt that tapers down, the dress is the perfect mix of hot, and demonic. The wings and Halo are included in the set!

Costumes for Kids

Done with the adults, let's talk about the best Halloween costume on Amazon for the kids.

In the vast inventory, numerous warehouses, there are tons of options for the little ones too. From superheroes to villains, scary monsters to cute and cuddly devils, you can shop for your choice of costume for children of all ages, including infants and toddlers.

So, here are ten of the best kids Halloween costumes on Amazon.


Beginning with the little princesses, here are the top choices that your little girl will adore:


#1 Rubie's Hermione Granger Robe


Harry Potter is the talk of the town among the kids these days. Your little princess will love to be the most loved female wizard of the fantasy world. She's smart, sassy, and courageous and loyal; for Halloween, let your little one be the cleverest witch in town.

Spooktacular Creations Royal Victorian Vampire

#2 Spooktacular Creations Royal Victorian Vampire


Dracula is the classic choice for Halloween and one that doesn't get old no matter how many years pass. Thus, for Halloween 2019, turn your princess into a queen of the night with this gothic, Victorian royal outfit. It's what you see, what you get for girls up to the age of 14.

UNICOMEDIA Skeleton Bodysuit

#3 UNICOMEDIA Skeleton Bodysuit


Another one of the best Halloween costumes on Amazon for girls is the traditional skeleton bodysuit. This one glows in the dark, but the unique feature is the colorful prints over the 'bones.' They add a soft, feminine touch, perfect for girls of 7-8 years of age and older.

DaHen Princess Ana Fancy Dress

#4 DaHen Princess Ana Fancy Dress


There's a new Frozen 2 movie coming in November that I'm sure has the young ones excited; with the first one being such a hit, it's no surprise. So, for October 31st, give your little girl the chance to be the princess she adores. It's a perfect fit for 2-3-year-olds.

Cokos Box Elsa Coronation Dress & Accessories

#5 Cokos Box Elsa Coronation Dress & Accessories


Ana wasn't the only princess in Frozen; if you've got two princesses in the house, then set a theme with the Princess Elsa costume. A little ways away from the spooky setting of the Halloween, but the dress is perfect for all sorts of costume parties and comes with accessories included.

Party City Decendants 3 Audrey Costume

#6 Party City Decendants 3 Audrey Costume


If your girl adores the Disney creation, Descendants, then she's going to be ecstatic with this getup of Audrey. Going trick-or-treating or attending a costume party, it is one of the best Halloween costumes on Amazon and includes belt and fingerless gloves. Pair it with the shoes and wig for an authentic look.

Monika Fashion World Witch Costume with Black Hat

#7 Monika Fashion World Witch Costume with Black Hat


A light-up costume for the little girl that lights up your world! Did you cringe? Me too, but do you deny it? No? Good! The Witch costume is the traditional Halloween outfit, but did you know that witches were once the brightest and wisest of people? Your baby girl is sure to fit the bill!

JiaDuo Princess Jasmine Costume

#8 JiaDuo Princess Jasmine Costume


How about we go back to the princesses of our time? Even today, the kids love the Disney stars we grew up with, including Princess Jasmine of Aladdin. So, for Halloween 2019, dress your twenty-first-century daughter into a princess of the nineties. The set includes top and pants with an elastic band for a perfect fit.

Amscan Girls

#9 Amscan Girls' Cop Costume


Does your little princess say she wants to be an upholder of the law? Get her the costume that fits her passions for this Halloween. The female cop outfit is one the best Halloween costumes on Amazon that comes equipped with a belt, hat, gloves, tights, and even handcuffs at an affordable price.

AFG Media Mavis Costume Kit

#10 AFG Media Mavis Costume Kit


It's not on the list of best sellers on Amazon, but I think it is one of the best Halloween costumes in their catalog. Mavis of Hotel Transylvania is the cutest vampire in the mythical world. The set includes the dress, headband, striped tights, mesh gloves, as well as a wig to complete the outfit.


That concludes the list of costumes for girls; if you've got a boy at home, here are the best Halloween costumes on Amazon for the little man.


#1 Rubie's DC Comics' The Flash


The Flash is one of the DC Comics' superheroes and, of course, a crowd favorite among the little munchkins. The costume is an officially licensed product and includes a jumpsuit with attached boot tops, belt, hooded piece, and the mask. It is available in multiple sizes at budget-friendly rates.


#2 Rubie's Harry Potter Robe


If your daughter is dressing up as Hermione, then why not let your son be Harry? It is licensed merchandise and one of the best Halloween costumes on Amazon. You can be sure to find a Gryffindor crest on the robe with attached hood; the perfect dress for the bravest wizard!


#3 Rubie's Black Panther


Black Panther is one of the superheroes of Marvel's Avengers; meaning, one of the favorite characters for the little ones. The outfit is officially licensed and is packed with a jumpsuit and attached shoe covers, plus mask. There are various sizes available, so check for the one that'll fit your boy and have spooky Halloween!

Suit Yourself Green Arrow Costume

#4 Suit Yourself Green Arrow Costume


You won't find this one in the list of best Halloween costumes on Amazon, but it is still the coolest outfit for young boys. Green Arrow is another one of DC comics' creations, and the set includes a jumpsuit costume, mask, quiver, and even thigh holsters. It's a complete set for your boy who wants to fight crime!

California Costumes Soul Taker

#5 California Costumes Soul Taker


Myths about Halloween say that dead roam among the living on that night; thus, a soul taker is a fitting costume for your son. If he's not afraid of the dark, then purchase the robe with a screen print attached-hood and transparent face cover. The scythe, gloves, and shoes are sold separately!


#6 Rubie's Star Wars Darth Vader


Your little one might not be that familiar with the Star Wars franchise as you, but you can share your childhood joy this Halloween. It is on the list of best Halloween costumes on Amazon and includes a jumpsuit with boot covers, printed cloth belt that ties in the back, as well as the mask.

Disguise Buzz Lightyear

#7 Disguise Buzz Lightyear

You've got Jessie and Woody of Toy Story; why not bring your son into the mix dressed as Buzz Lightyear? The product is primarily a jumpsuit with a hood but features authentic graphics on the front. The character is the lovable best friend to Woody, perfect for your munchkin.


#8 Rubie's Avengers Endgame Captain America


Here's another one of the Marvel's Avengers in the list best kids Halloween costumes on Amazon. Captain America was known for his loyalty, bravery, and dedication to his country; with such remarkable qualities, the ensemble is the best fit for your boy. Officially licensed, the set includes mask and jumpsuit attached with shoe-covers.


#9 Kangaroo's Police Costume


A police outfit for your boy to match with your girl! Dress your munchkins as the defenders of justice for Halloween. The costume comes with a shirt, hat, pants, belt, holster, and even a whistle. It is available in various sizes, including toddlers, making it one of the best Halloween costumes on Amazon.

Fancy Me Creepy Clown Costume

#10 Fancy Me Creepy Clown Costume


The creepiest clown returns in IT Chapter Two; if your boy has no fear of clowns, then turn him into Pennywise to scare the kids around town. The outfit is perfect for Halloween, fits the theme, and may get your little one the first prize in the costume contests.

Costumes for Pets

You can't forget to dress up your pooch or kitty on Halloween. For the people who think of pets as family, here's a list of the best Halloween costumes on Amazon for pets.


#1 TOMSENN Dog's Lion Mane


Cats and lions are said to be part of the feline family, but this lion's mane will turn your dog into a king of the Jungle too. Recap the Lion King with your pooch as Simba, and have a fun Halloween! It is ideal for medium to large dogs and comes with a gift.


#2 Rubie's Winnie the Pooh Eyore


Who doesn't enjoy the Disney classic Winne the Pooh? Growing up and even now, the animated series holds a special place in our hearts. So, share the joy with your canine this Halloween and order one of the best Halloween costumes on Amazon featuring Eyore, the donkey; or browse the other characters in the list.

CARNACH Bat Wings Collar

#3 CARNACH Bat Wings Collar


While the dogs turn to lions, dress your cat as a bat. The bat wings collar for the felines is one of the best pet Halloween costumes that is simple to put on and affordable for your wallet. Couple it with your witch outfit, and you've got a complete spooky theme for the holiday.

NACOCO Pirates of the Caribbean Costume

#4 NACOCO Pirates of the Caribbean Costume


When you wear the costume for Jack Sparrow, include your puppy as your partner in crime with a matching 'Pirates of the Caribbean' outfit. It is among the best Halloween costumes on Amazon for cats and available in multiple sizes for dogs. Inside, you'll find clothes and a hat to complete the look.

California Costumes Spider Pup

#5 California Costumes Spider Pup


Spiders are one of the symbols of Halloween; so, what better costume for your pet than the creature with eight legs? Available in various sizes, the outfit is perfect for all pets and includes a headpiece with many eyes for the spider. It's a budget-friendly mix of spooky and adorable!

Final Thoughts

Wow! That list turned out longer than I thought! 

But, now you have the chance to see costumes for men, women, kids' and your pets. So, which Halloween getup are you going to try? Did you think they were scary or funny? Share your thoughts in the comments and shop the best Halloween costumes on Amazon for a spooktacular night of fun.

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