Best Online Store To Buy Fresh Seafood In The US

What if instead of waiting several hours for a catch, you order fresh seafood from your cozy couch? It seems impossible. But not anymore, these seafood stores will deliver the fresh seafood to your doorstep. 

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Best Online Store To Buy Fresh Seafood In The US

Catching Fish is a huge entertainment but not that easy as it seems and roaming around at fish markets is another pain in the head. So instead of walking down to the market or squander time trawling, you can consider buying fish online.

We do understand that fish takes no time to stale, and buying an item like seafood can quickly get rotten and can stop you from purchasing it online.

But now, there are several retailers using the best techniques, equipment in keeping the seafood unspoiled.

So if you abhor the sun and don’t want to get out, you can order seafood online from the comfort of your home—no need to pondering more. Trust us. It’s pretty safe and healthy to order seafood online now.

Below you will discover a few of the perfect stores to purchase seafood. These stores are utterly affordable and deliver the order at a low shipping fare. So be alongside us and track down the online fish store.

Want To buy frozen seafood online? Check out these coolest stores.

The seafood stores that are listed below assure you of the best seafood in town. But never forget! These stores are located in different places. So it will take time to deliver at your house maintaining the quality. So buy fresh seafood from such stores that are nearest to your location.

List Of Seafood Store To Shop Online

All Fresh Seafood

All Fresh Seafood

If you are looking for succulent seafood, there is no better spot other than All fresh seafood. They are not the No.1 just because of their premium quality but all the measures they take to conserve the products. From fresh pond seafood to meat, they offer the best quality at an affordable price tag.

They aim to provide customers with palatable food in the quickest time frame. So customers never have to wait to have an appetizing meal. Moreover, the website is user-friendly; from ordering the food to the checkout, everything is easy.

Reason To Shop

  • They procure high quality products from the No.1 producers of meat and seafood.
  • To maintain international standards, the product undergoes multiple tests for quality assurance.
  • No added antibiotics or hormones to preserve the quality of seafood.
  • The orders are packed in recycle material but offset the carbon emissions.

How It Works

  • They guarantee to find the best meat producers, so you may never have a second thought about quality.
  • Before delivering the product to you, they test it multiple times, so only the best reaches your table.
  • They take all the measures to deliver you in froze condition to keep it fresh.

Vital Choice

Vital Choice

Guest are arriving, and you don’t have enough time to go to the supermarket to shop fishes. Don’t worry, Vital choice is the best option that you can opt for when it comes to fresh seafood. The store was established in 2001, and as time passed, it developed into the one-stop of premium seafood from healthy, well-managed fisheries around the globe. Vital choice also allows the customers to redeem Vital Choice Coupon if they want the best seafood product at a discounted price tag.

Their special offerings are wild Salmon, wild white fish and shellfish, etc. You can even have the chance to make your own boxes or directly purchase from the store. In addition, you can customize by adding your products from over 800 products.

Top Products With Benefits

  • Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon: The most highly rated product is well-known for its succulent and firm texture. It contains more vitamin D than any other seafood.
  • Wild Alaskan Halibut: Alaskan halibut is the parent's finest choice for their kids. Usually, kids don’t enjoy eating fish, but Alaskan halibut is a simple, fresh, versatile flavor and delicate texture.
  • Wild Pacific Spot Prawns: Spot prawns are extraordinary, with a pure, sweet flavor and firm texture.

Reason To Shop

  • Vital Choice products are high in natural omega 3. Which contains several health benefits and helps fight against various health problems, including Depression and Anxiety, Improve Eye Health and Reduce Symptoms of ADHD in Children.
  • Products are 100% free of antibiotics and GMOs. Ensuring the natural preservatives.
  • The products are well-frozen to avoid getting them rotten.

Avail of the exciting opportunity and Vital Choice Promo to unlock great deals.

Wild Alaskan Company

Wild Alaskan Company

Few people are overly obsessed with seafood. For all those, this store can truly satisfy their appetite. Wild Alaskan Company can get you ocean fresh seafood regularly. You just have to become their member by monthly membership, and they will deliver you freshly caught product at your doorstep. They catch and process all their fish from various sea locations in the US, such as Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

Reason To Shop

  • Don’t have to order repeatedly, as it comes with 12 to 24 Individually-Sealed Packs.
  • No additional cost of shipping
  • Well preserved and frozen. No chance of getting stale or rotten.
  • Caught & Processed in the USA

How To Shop

If you want to order fresh, sustainable and healthy seafood from your cozy beds, you can do it by following the guidelines.

Step1: place your order by visiting Wild Alaskan Company's official website. Clicking the option 'Get started.'

Step2: You will be directed to a new page. Then you have to pick your preferred box from wild salmon, wild combo, and wild white fish.

Step3: Afterwards, chose your Box Size. A 12 pack order will cost $131.88, and for a 24 pack order, it will cost $ 236.76.

Step4: End the process by adding your contact details and enjoy mouthwatering seafood.



Have you organized a family BBQ party in your backyard? But forgot to place juicy crab order online. And now you are missing it too badly. But it's never too late when Rastelli's is around you. The business was never that huge. It was all started from a one-room butcher shop, and gradually they stepped into the seafood business.

You can easily find some of the best mouthwatering seafood items in their bucket. Their seafood item includes

  • Bacon-wrapped shrimp,
  • Panko crusted tilapia
  • Wild-caught Atlantic flounder, etc.

They might don't have a wide selection of seafood items. But you can order beef, chicken and pork all in one place. 

Reason To Shop

  • You can order all the meat items from beef to seafood from a single location.
  • Maintain the highest quality preservation.
  • No chemical to preserve the quality.
  • Easy peasy refund policy.

How To Order At The Store?

  • In few easy steps, you can place an order on their website.
  • Start the procedure by visiting their user-friendly and well-designed website and move to the shop option. Then, add your preferred seafood, beef or pork to your cart.
  • Add the items according to your need, but you can enjoy free shipping when you place an order of more than $200.
  • Click the checkout option and choose your payment methods. Then, end the process by entering your shipping information.

Fulton Fish Market

Fulton Fish Market

If you want to have seafood directly from the seafood market. Fulton Fish can deliver it to you. Now you don't have to visit the famous fish market in New York City. Fulton Fish has announced an online store where you can order all kinds of seafood while staying at home. Now you can get your hands on all those seafood items that you have never heard of before. The list includes: 

  • Barramundi
  • Bluefish
  • Oysters
  • Whitefish, among others.

 If you have a BBQ party, you can order in bulk by visiting the website's bundle section.

Reason To Shop

  • Placing an order at Fulton Fish comes with lots of benefits. First, you can purchase the freshest seafood caught overnight.
  • A user-friendly website allows you to order in a couple of seconds.
  • The order is prepared by experts and packed in eco-friendly boxes to keep it frozen throughout the year.
  • Generally, other retail stores take 5-7 days to deliver. Where else their fast-paced delivery can ship in 48 hours.

How To Shop

  • Ordering your favorite seafood was never that easy before. But now you can begin with choosing your items from the list provided at the store. Make sure to select your best items as they offer an extensive list of seafood.
  • Once you add, you can move on to the check-out option. You can redeem a discount code or gift card.
  • Finalize your order by providing them with personal and shipping information.

Wulf's Fish


The leading fish store located in Boston, Massachusetts, specializes in the delivery of premium seafood. A large number of fishers and farmers working tirelessly to ensure the health of their devoted seafood-mongering individuals. Their professional team works day and night to deliver the best quality at your doorstep.

Wulf's Fish put forward a wide selection of seafood, including kelp from the Atlantic seaboard of the U.S. Their seafood collection is all you were hunting for. From tilefish, cod to Scallops, this store is a universe of the best seafood. From lobster to boiling crab order online, they only offer the top product into the stock.

Reason To Shop

  • All their seafood product is handpicked from the best fishers.
  • Before they shipped the item, they individually vacuum-packed and super-frozen all their products.
  • From New York to Napa, their high-standard products are shipped daily to the nation's best restaurants.

How It Works

  • To place an order at Wulf's Fish, you first have to visit their website and hunt for the item you want to order.
  • After you have made your mind, move to the shop option and add items to your cart. If you add items of more than $99, you can enjoy free shipping.
  • Move to the check-out option and enter your shipping address. Then, end the process by choosing your payment method and enjoy your dream fresh seafood.



If you want fresh and clean seafood, then you should try Purefish. All the companies have their cleanness level, but still, they can't match the quality packaging of PureFish. And what is even more incredible is that it comes with safe aluminum tray. You have to add seasoning and put it right into the oven.

You would never get tired of eating their mouthwatering fish. From salmon to steelheadeverything is well preserved.

Reason To Shop

  • There is no way you can neglect the quality. When it comes to quality, no other company can do it better.
  • An exciting opportunity is waiting for you. Avail 10% Off Your First Order
  • The well-known chefs always ask for Purefish.
  • Ready to oven products! No need to cook.

How To Shop

  • Similar to any other store, go to the shop option on their official website.
  • You can customize your box by adding your favorite items.
  • After adding your items, you have to select the option of how often you want the delivery.
  • End the process by providing the shipping details and enjoy appetizing seafood.

Interesting Frequently Answered Questions

How to make seafood sauce?

Marie Rose is the most nosh sauce with seafood. The sauce is cooked by a combination of mayonnaise, tomato sauce, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, paprika and garlic. But make sure all these items must be added in a measured quality. Otherwise, it will ruin the taste.

 Why choosing buy seafood online?

Many people prefer to place juicy crab orders online because they find it challenging to catch them. Additionally, such online stores qualify for international standards and are more sustainable than purchasing them from the department store. Moreover, you can grab discounts from these stores for example Vital Choice promo lets you shop with a cut on your bill.

What is the best online fish store?

A huge number of online retailers believe that they can deliver you fresh and high quality seafood. But many things have to be considered while ordering, from a range of products to shipment timing. And most importantly, how far stores can go to preserve. Considering all the parameters, we would prefer Vital Choice. They follow all the international standards to their fullest.

Where to order seafood online?

To order Salmon online or any other fish, several websites and retailers are available. That can frequently deliver you the best quality seafood at your doorstep.

How to buy seafood at a low cost?

If you are looking to purchase seafood at a dime a dozen price tag. You can do it by redeeming Vital Choice Coupon at Vital Choice store.

Where to buy fresh seafood near me?

If you are wondering that where you can find the best seafood near your location. You can easily find out by searching on google. Otherwise, you can place an order on these websites but make sure which store can deliver quickly.

Is it beneficial to buy Salmon with Vital Choice seafood?

Vital Choice is the perfect spot to order fresh salmon online. That ensures quality preservation and shipment at your doorstep.

Our Final Verdict

Purchasing seafood was never that easy. But thanks to these online stores that have made the work pretty straightforward by delivering seafood directly to your plate. All these stores discussed above can deliver the item to your doorstep, maintaining top-notch quality and preservation, giving the best to their customers. So if you haven’t visited or tried these online stores, then we recommend you to do so, if you really wish to enjoy fresh seafood

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Best Online Store To Buy Fresh Seafood In The US