How To Buy An Engagement Ring On a Budget

Buying an engagement ring is a hectic chore as you become so fussy about your budget, ring design, and material choice. It should be a delightful experience as something phenomenal going to happen in your life. So follow our tips and tricks to buy your awesome engagement ring in your budget limits. 

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How To Buy An Engagement Ring On a Budget

Not many pieces of jewelry are as vital and priceless as an engagement ring. Besides its sentimental and eternal symbol, an engagement ring is that one object that brings so much memories every time you look at it. 

So it must have a unique back story without a price tag. Let us clear you that there is no harm in choosing inexpensive engagement ring as far as your love is concerned. However, engagement rings nowadays are extremely costly. If you wish to buy something genuinely remarkable, shimmery, and sophisticated, you have to get ready to spend between 2000 and 4000 dollars or more. Luckily, there are a few rather nifty ways to get a fabulous engagement ring on a budget for your partner. And yes, it is possible without breaking the bank.

Theoretically and hypothetically, choosing an engagement ring should not be so much complicated. It should be simple process of selecting a ring, buying it, and propose to your love of life to listen “Yes”.

However, it’s not an ordinary price if jewelry. It’s an engagement ring. And obviously there is so much cultural, emotional and symbolic package wrapped up in that beautiful black velvet box in the form of ring. So it should be perfect rather than be expensive.

While choosing cheap engagement rings, men might wonder, “Is this worthy enough to be liked for the next 50 years?” or they also think about go into debt to get a more expensive ring instead of going for less pricy.

Regardless of your budget choice, you can still find an eternal engagement ring on a lucrative offer. Follow these tips below to buy engagement ring at reasonable prices. The real value is of emotions, not diamonds. So it is a wise decision to find engagement ring on a budget.

1. Set a defined budget

set a clear budget for ring

You marry only once in a life, and like most things in life, you cannot become that much frugal while choosing an engagement ring. But also, you must know how far you can stretch your budget.

Choosing an engagement ring on a budget is a tediously long process. While the process is challenging in itself as it demands your focus and attentive selection. That is why setting a clear budget in mind will able you to all run it smoothly. Obviously this is a major purchase decision, so for buying budget engagement ring you should set aside a fair amount of money for it.

As emotions indeed are more valuable than diamonds, it does not mean that you should not have decent budget for ring. You know your better half would love and appreciate the ring. So make purchasing a-keeping in mind her choice. Try to have separate savings account solely to buy best engagement rings on a budget. If necessary, cut down your expenses and you won't need to dwell much about which ring to choose when the time comes.

2. Widen your search

Most people would immediately run to the nearest jeweler and have a look at some traditional cheap engagement rings. But most probably, most chain retailers don't have a unique selection of gorgeous rings, but rather a mediocre designs with a high price tag. Go from one shop to another, ask around, check the prices all around the town, and compare the quality versus the actual pricing. Search online as well, you would be surprised how meticulously perfect, and at the same time, reasonably priced engagement rings you can find. You can have a peek at Moon Magic to see their extravagant online collection, for instance. The point is to broaden your mind and search.

3. Choose 14K gold

14k gold ring

Usually, the Platinum is used as to complement the diamond in the ring. It is the most expensive and precious metal for jewelry. But if one want to find affordable engagement ring, go for white gold, yellow gold or rose gold that are all beautiful options.

These metals will hold up with every day wear and will not cost you much. Go for 14K gold and save the rest of money to invest on stone. It is the best way to save on cost without sacrificing quality.

4. Customize your ring

customized engagement ring

Very often, some of the superb engagement ring on a budget are those that are one of a kind. Believe it or not, but custom-made rings don't have to cost that much. It is true because with customized rings, you can play with metals and replace the expensive ones with relatively less pricy. Also you can make names imprinted on them. Choose silver, gold, and add different gems like opal, emerald, and many others. You will be happy to pay a fair price and quality ring. Nobody can say 'no' to a dazzling custom-made delight created solely for your loved one as a symbol of your bond. Even if it doesn't have a diamond, rest assured that your future spouse will undoubtedly appreciate this genuine perfection.

5. 'Diamonds' - cuts, colors, shapes, and prices

diamond cuts and colors

Let's face it; most people think 'diamonds' when they go shopping for the engagement ring. Diamonds do represent an exquisite reflection of elegance and longevity, but they come with a clear specification, and that piece of paper can cost you. You must look into the diamond's certificate that proves its stone's value and authentication. The specific cut and shape can cost you more or less. Yes, you've heard it, you don't need to spend your whole life savings to buy a diamond ring, but rather a couple of thousand greens for not-so-perfectly cut diamond. Hence, if you desire to get a diamond engagement ring on a budget search for a considerably cut ring in less carat, preferably in faint yellow color on the scale.

6. Consider longevity and meaning

When selected meticulously, an engagement ring won't be such an expense. Another important step is to consider the meaning and longevity of the ring. If you only desire to bond your existing love, then you don't need to spend enormous amounts of money on a flawless ring, as you will need to save more for the wedding itself. On the other hand, if you are aware that your better half deserves only the best, then take your time to rule out a decent budget in time to get the ring she deserves.

7. Go for a family ring

family heritage ring

What is the purpose of an engagement ring? A bond creation, a present, a symbolic representation of love or and finally a lifetime memory. So the best engagement ring on a budget is the one from your family.  

You an impress your better half with the vintage, heritage jewelry piece that will not only convey how much you love her, but also save your a lot of money

8. Start saving

Depending on your preferences and current financial situation, buying an engagement ring will take much determination, patience, and bucks. A very helpful tip is to start early with the budgeting. Put some cash aside each month as if you have a special savings account.

Also look for engagement rings for every budget. It is never smart to borrow money, especially if you already have some debts or loans towards the bank. If there is no other option, borrowing money for the ring from a friend or a relative is reasonable enough. The notion of knowing that you have managed to save money yourself to get the most ravishing ring is far satisfying than having to pay off your loan or credit for it.

9. Know your partner’s preference

choose according to your partner

Before you head out spending a fortune on the ring, you might want to consider your lover's preferences. It is essential to find out what kind of style and fashion they are into, get some hints, ask around, and do your research for best engagement rings cheap in value. When you discover your partner's style, it will be much easier to go shopping for the ring. You would know whether she likes diamonds, or she is into opal gems and similar. This will narrow down our research, and above all, it will make it easier and more lucrative to determine your budget.

10. Have clear priorities

The most helpful piece of advice to buy engagement ring on a budget is to prioritize. When buying an engagement ring, most things depend on the design and value of the ring itself. Set a clear budget, prioritize your choice of gem, and ask your partner’s choice. You will be then able to stretch wider and even maximize your selection. Jewelry experts can help you immensely by telling you what exactly you can get for your budget, but it crucial to know what you want. With a steady financial goal, you can undoubtedly get a stunning ring without making ends meet later.

In the end 

Engagement ring is the most important thing for the beginning of new chapter in your life. Start early, start slow, and start smart. Buying an engagement ring should be a delightful experience since it leads to something phenomenal, so follow these tips and get the engagement ring on a budget without any worry.

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