7-Days Calories Plans for Soccer Players

Maintaining the fitness level is very important for a professional soccer player or any athlete. They need to have a lot of stamina to ace in their field and this can only be maintained if they have a proper check on their calorie consumption. Watch out this 7-day calorie plan, follow it and boost your stamina and achieve your goals.

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7-Days Calories Plans for Soccer Players

It is not an easy thing to play any game at the professional level, mainly soccer. Professional soccer players are expected to have a lot of stamina because they have to run continuously. Even one kilogram of extra weight can hamper their progress. The best thing is that a proper check should be kept on calorie consumption. 

What do professional soccer players need to eat? Which meals have to be avoided? How many calories have to be burnt daily? In the case of soccer players, you need to have specific answers to these questions. A macro calculator can help in achieving this task. To maintain your calories growth, use calculators.tech calorie calculator. It will surely help you to find out how much you should have to lose calories, and how many food items you should have to add in your diet.

A macro calculator estimates macronutrients

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For any professional athlete, merely knowing about the calorie reduction count is not enough. A breakdown is required. With the help of a macros calculator, you can know about the carbs, proteins and fat which can be consumed to achieve the desired weight target. Here is how this tool works.

To use the macro calculator, you have to provide specific values including body weight, height and level of physical activity as well. Once you enter all the input values, the calculator would produce key outputs including carbs, proteins, fat and calories to be burnt. In other words, a macro calculator provides you with a complete picture.

All these details are essential for professional soccer players as they are connected to the performance level they deliver.

Key points related to the 7-day calorie plan

For a professional soccer player, keeping the weight under check at all times is necessary. It is undeniable that when your weight increases, you would not be able to deliver optimum performance on the field. Some key points related to this plan are mentioned below.

  • Complete the plan in advance

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A professional athlete should have a complete calorie plan prepared in advance. You should only start with the implementation when the plan is finalized and contains all the details.

For instance, you should have a clear list of meals that would be consumed each day. If the meals are different for each time, it should be mentioned as well.

If you are going to have fresh yogurt for breakfast, it should be mentioned along with consumption quantity.

  • Choosing the correct healthy meals

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Will a calorie reduction plan work if you have not chosen the correct meals? The answer to this question is no. A lot of people make these mistakes; they make a clear plan, but the meals are not healthy. This has a negative impact on overall performance.

In a nutshell, you should choose the correct eating options for each meal time. You can obviously check the carbs, fats and proteins in the meal before you have it.

  • Breakfast meals for soccer players

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Having the correct breakfast is very important when you are a professional soccer player. Soccer plays have a training session in the morning when they begin their day. Sufficient energy is needed so that the training session can be completed successfully.

Not having an appropriate breakfast can also produce injuries and hamper the performance level of the player. Most soccer players have oats, cereals, fresh fruits and milk. Most professional soccer players opt for low-fat milk so that additional calories are not attained.

All these are highly nutritious edibles, so soccer players get the energy needed to carry out a successful training session. Even in the case of matches, the same meal options would be chosen.

  • Lunch and mid-afternoon meals

The body muscles of a professional soccer player have to be refuelled after the initial training session. Players who do not have healthy lunches are likely to have cramps. One of the best options for the lunch meal is a light sandwich. Having a sandwich does not mean in any manner that it should be stuffed with mayonnaise and cheese.

These edibles increase the weight as well as the calorie count. A light sandwich should comprise of low-fat bread, fresh salad leaves and a thin layer of meat. You can either choose turkey or chicken for this purpose. Beef should be strictly avoided because it reduces the agility level in the players. Other than that it increases the level of cholesterol.

  • Dinner meals

Even if you are not a professional soccer player, having a heavy meal at night can cause uneasiness. The primary reason for this is that most people do not exercise or even walk after they have taken dinner.

As a result, a lot of acidity is caused. For soccer players, taking light meals for dinner is the key. A lot of people professional players have broccoli for dinner along with a lightly smoked tuna sandwich. Along with that, cherries act as a good option of a fruit diet.

  • More implementation than talking

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Even the best soccer players fail to follow the 7-day calorie plan properly if there is a lack of dedication. If you are a professional player, always remember that having an overweight body would affect your performance on the ground. Simply making a 7-day plan is not enough and you need to abide by it strictly if the best results have to be obtained.

A macro calculator makes things much easier for you as it provides you with an exact breakdown of what you can eat and the things which should be avoided.

Summing It Up

Professional soccer players have a tough routine and a strict lifestyle as well. For them eating the wrong meals can end their career in quick time. Thus, the 7-day calorie plan works best for them. It helps them in burning all extra flab in a short duration without consuming any supplements.

Soccer players have to keep a strong check on the constituents of what they are eating. Every meal option contains comprises of carbs, proteins and fat. Depending on the weight loss target you have, a macro calculator would highlight the correct combination of these macronutrients which you should consume. Keeping a check on the consumption limits of these macronutrients helps a lot in reducing weight and removing flab.

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