When Chinese Fashion Meets Modern Fashion

Chinese fashion has its own charm; imagine if it combines with the aesthetics of modern fashion? The fashion world will be going to explode with beautiful dragon patterns and playful aesthetics. This fashion guide is worth your time.

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When Chinese Fashion Meets Modern Fashion

As many fashion designers inspired by traditional Chinese culture, those designs that combine with Chinese elements and modern fashion are displayed on different runway shows, letting a number of celebrities, stars, and fashion influencers have picked up this trend.

One of the most important components of Chinese culture is embroidery that plays a vital role in the fashion world. Dragons, phoenixes, and cranes are always popular patterns since they symbolize prosperity, fortune, power, and all the best wishes.

Chinese and Modern Fashion

Etro Spring / Summer 2019

Etro Spring and Summer 2019

Cheongsam, the other representative for Chinese culture, are improved a lot under the influence of modern fashion. Although “ pankau” is still a must, cheongsam is not just a slim-fitting dress. Now it is further westernized, tailored to flatter body shapes, meaning that it`s much larger and looser. Also, almost all of the traditional cheongsam are designed with mandarin collar, but designers change it into V-neck, crew neck or sweetheart`s neck instead, making it more in line with modern aesthetic requirements.

Heaven Gaia  Spring / Summer 2017 Paris

Heaven Gaia  Spring and Summer 2017 Paris

A new conception came into being in casual clothing design, with no limitation to one style and advocating Chinese fashion beauty, clothes are designed with embroidery, panko decoration, thus bringing a Chinese ethnic and vintage vibe to clothing culture. What`s more, people like to wear flax clothing or silk clothing to present natural and typical Chinese beauty.

Below I`ve rounded up 5 fashion pioneers looks that prove how Chinese fashion goes well with modern elements.

1.    Chinese style shirt dresses on Lookbook:

Chinese style shirt dresses on Lookbook

One knee-length dress is designed with a mandarin collar and accessorized with pearls, which makes it more cheongsam-like. The cotton fabric is also versatile for daily wardrobe. Chiffon dresses have a flowing beauty, and knee-length design is suitable to lengthen leg lines and make you look taller.

2.    Street snap by Vanessa Jackman: 

A good example that shows us how Chinese vintage fashion goes well with the modern style. The bright yellow reminds us of an image of Chinese imperial robe, and the phoenix pattern is a symbol of wealth and power. However, flare sleeves, long slits, and belt ornament add a new modern vibe to the look and make it much suitable for street-wear.

Street snap by Vanessa Jackman

3.    Etro Pre-Fall 2019 Fashion Show on Vogue Runway:

Etro Pre Fall 2019 Fashion Show on Vogue Runway

Etro Spring/ Summer 2019: Etro is famous for its paisley pattern and variations on this theme. But this year, something changes. Designers boldly adopt the Chinese elements and vintage flowers patterns to show oriental beauty and some ethnic features. Whether these vintage maxi dresses or the suits, they all highlight an oriental vibe, but the colors and prints are harmonious with each other, softening the overwhelming feeling and making it more eye-catchy instead.

4.    Street snaps during 2018:

Street snaps during 2018

Street snap is actually, a Chinese-styled staple is for sure to make your style totally brand-new and take your look into next level. With the help of some vintage elements, such as embroidery, jacquard, prints, pankau, etc., I believe they will add an extra oriental vibe and will arouse your Chinese-styled interest as well.

5.    China fashion week 2019: 

Exquisite embroidery is a key on the catwalk this season, whether silk, satin, chiffon are offering a delicate and vintage appeal. At this runway, glisten is created by a glossy material and all the looks are completed by given them fringed, transparent details.

 China fashion week 2019


These fashion trends are sure to inspire every fashionista. Not only Chinese women, but women all over the world can wear these fashionable staple. It’s time to inspire people and ignite the runway with a gorgeous, celebrity-inspired look.