Find Your Thrill Exciting Destinations with Neilson Travel

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Find Your Thrill Exciting Destinations with Neilson Travel
Imagine going on a vacation where each day looks like a brand-new adventure and where you can mix leisure time with thrilling activities catered to all skill levels. This ideal combination is provided by Neilson Holidays, which makes it the best option for families, couples, and singles looking for an amazing active holiday. Here is why Neilson ought to be your choice for your upcoming vacation.

1. Destinations:

Not only are Neilson locations incredibly beautiful, but they are also carefully chosen for their potential for adventure. Every place serves as a doorway to discover nature at its most breathtaking, whether it is the tranquil seas of the Mediterranean or the strenuous paths of the Alps. From the serene Croatian beaches to the dramatic Andorran scenery, Neilson makes sure your surroundings enhance your vacation experience.

2. Variety of Activities:

The abundance of things to do is the main attraction of a Neilson vacation. They offer top-notch equipment and qualified teachers to help you acquire new abilities, whether you are an experienced expert or a novice keen to expand your knowledge. Activities include winter sports like skiing and snowboarding as well as marine activities like windsurfing, sailing, and kayaking. There are also land-based activities like hiking, tennis, and cycling, so there is never a dull day.

3. Family-Friendly Adventures:

One way that Neilson sets itself apart is through the activities he provides for families with kids. Their kids clubs provide more than simply child care, they are excursions catered to younger visitors, aimed at introducing them to new sports and activities under the supervision of amiable, knowledgeable staff members. Little ones gain new abilities and self-assurance from this, while adults are free to pursue their own hobbies or unwind knowing their kids are active and protected.

4. Outstanding Accommodations:

Neilson lodgings provide the haven you require following a busy day. Comfort and luxury are offered by a variety of accommodations, including opulent hotels, private villas, and chalets. There are plenty of lodging options close to the action locations, cutting down on travel time and increasing downtime. Delicious and nourishing food options are available for on-site rejuvenation.

5. Community Commitment:

Neilson has a strong commitment to protecting the areas in which it does business. They incorporate sustainable practices into every aspect of their business, from developing environmentally friendly lodging to planning beach clean-ups and funding regional wildlife programs. Because they are supporting a business that is concerned about the environment, guests may feel good about selecting Neilson.

6. Activities and Professional Advice:

The staff and instructors at Neilson are enthusiastic about sports and the great outdoors. Whether you are learning to snowboard or windsurf, they are not simply guides, they are knowledgeable trainers who are here to assist you acquire new abilities. Their contagious passion makes studying engaging and enjoyable.
Neilson Active Holidays aims to provide life enriching experiences for you, not only take you to beautiful locations. It is about the excitement of facing a fresh challenge each day and the tranquillity that follows well-planned vacations. They provide an exciting way to see the globe, whether you are speeding down a snowy slope or sailing on a catamaran.

Are you prepared to turn your vacation into an exciting journey?

To plan your next active vacation, visit Neilson now and take advantage of their travel recommendations, broad activity lists, and exclusive discounts. Every vacation is an experience when you go with Neilson.


A unique mountain getaway is provided by Neilson Chalet Hotel, which is tucked away in the center of the charming town of El Tarter. This chalet hotel offers tourists an amazing ski vacation, complete with cozy lodging, practical conveniences, and breathtaking surroundings.

Enchanting lodgings:

At the Neilson Chalet Hotel, visitors are welcomed with warmth and kindness. With 19 ensuite rooms, the chalet hotel offers plenty of space for guests to unwind and rest following a day of skiing. The rooms spacious layouts, abundant natural light, and rustic furnishings all contribute to their warm and welcoming ambiance. In addition to enjoying the convenience of ensuite bathrooms with showers and free amenities, guests may relax in their cozy beds, which come with soft linens and fluffy cushions.

Handy Features:

To improve visitors, stay, Neilson Chalet Hotel provides a number of practical conveniences. A small bar is located in the lounge area of the chalet hotel, where visitors may unwind with a drink and mingle with other vacationers. Guests may stay connected and share their mountain experiences with friends and family back home thanks to the lounge free Wi-Fi. In order to guarantee that visitors belongings are safe and secure throughout their visit, the chalet hotel also provides ski storage facilities.


Unbeatable Setting:

Neilson Chalet Hotel Castle prime location is one of its best features. Located at 600 meters from the resort core and 650 meters from the ski lifts, visitors can easily enjoy everything El Tarter has to offer. There are several options for adventure and leisure just outside the door for visitors, whether they want to spend the day exploring the quaint town streets or taking to the slopes for a day of skiing and snowboarding.

Snowboarding and Skiing:

El Tarter is a part of the vast Grand Valera ski resort, which has more than 210 kilometres of slopes suitable for all skill levels of skiers and snowboarders. With everything from easy novice runs to difficult black diamond routes, there something to suit every taste. To make the most of their stay on the mountain, visitors may benefit from complimentary ski instruction and coaching sessions offered by Neilson.


  • Closest lift: El Tarter 4-person chair, 650 meters away
  • Equipment store: 600 meters near the elevators
  • 650 meters at the top of the lifts is the meeting place for tuition
  • Center of resort: 600 meters

Family-Friendly Environment:

Families looking to have an unforgettable ski vacation would love staying at the Neilson Chalet Hotel Castle. Purchasing an adult lift pass also entitles children under 12 to a free pass, making it convenient for families to visit the slopes together. All ages are entertained by the resort relaxed nightlife and array of après-ski activities, which help to make lifelong memories for the entire family.

Make Your Reservations:

For your next ski vacation, Neilson Chalet Hotel offers the ideal balance of luxury, convenience, and adventure perfect for both seasoned skiers and first-timers alike. It is the perfect place for an amazing mountain getaway because of its excellent location, convenient conveniences, and attractive lodging. Make your reservation at Neilson Chalet Hotel now to take in El Tarter enchantment.