Women’s Trends: First Day Outfit And Makeup Tips To Try

Women are known to follow makeup trends and leave an everlasting first impression on surrounding. Wondering what outfit one should wear on their first days and what trends they should follow? Here you'll find out everything that can lift up your 2021 fashion game.

Published On: 2021-04-24

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Written By: Soha Shakeel

 “Women are always beautiful” Ville Valo.

The above statement is not wrong and can’t be wrong in the future too. Every woman out there in this world is beautiful and has an irreplaceable spark in themselves. Nobody can deny the fact that they are precious the way they are.

But some urge can never die. For femmes, this urge is to look more perfect and well maintained around the surroundings.

Especially when they are going to explore and meet someone for the first time. There is a very famous quote about the first impression. Please recall it with me.

 “The first impression is the last impression.”

Thank you! Because this quote is buried in their mind for years. And the idea of looking perfect is catching fire each and every day. Here in 2021, there are lots of makeup products and first day outfit ideas available that can mess up the mind.

But do not worry, my friend. We are here to help to make your first impression the best one. The following 1st day outfits tips will definitely bloom you.

First Day Outfit For School

Transferring to a new school or be it’s the first day after a relaxing vacation. Girls always want an outstanding comeback. And for a good comeback, some good dress sense is required. Don’t be obscure. There are some first day of school outfits ideas that can lift your first day at school.

  • Lazy lad after a long vacation but still can rock with this first day outfit with plus size Tee-shirt and classy denim shorts. Grab a black or white backpack and shoes to complete the look.
  • Get a new look after the break. Wear a long sleeves light-color shirt and denim pants, and match them with white sneakers.
  • For a funky and cheery girl, nothing can be as best as the shirt dye in cute and bright color with grey sweatpants and white casual shoes. 

First day outfit of school

Things to remember

  • Compliment your look with cute bangles and/or a simple locket.
  • Let your hair down open, or you can also make a sleek ponytail.
  • Do not wear too loose or too tight pants and shirts. It can be a massive distraction while finding the classes on the first day or after having lunch, you won’t feel like breathing in tight outfits. 
  • Avoid dresses and clothes that show too much skin. You are still in school, and it may be inappropriate. 
  • A pair of sunglasses will add more power to your outfit. 
  • You can also wear a cap to escape the sun, and it will also look sporty.

First Day Outfit For Work

The first day outfit for work is so important, you want to look presentable and responsible, and your outfit plays a vital role in it. The first week of work outfits should be well planned. The question is what to wear on the first day of work women the answer is;

  • For a simple and comfortable summer office day, a simple dark color (grey will be great) with a soft white shirt and a black blazer. Complete the look with the big black tote. It was trendy in 90s fashion women and still trendy among working ladies.
  • On the first day of work outfit winter, brown can never go wrong. Wear the check pattern dress pant with a black dress shirt and a long coat. Matching plaid patterned brown pouch-style bag and black loafer will enhance the look.
  • For an elegant and not-so-serious look, try this one. A white silk shirt with black contrast and black pants, go on with the black platform or any other heel.

First day outfit of work

Things to remember

  • Do not wear bright and shocking colors. The first day outfit should be dark and light colors.
  • Do not wear heavy jewelry. A simple ear cuff or earrings with a thin bracelet or a pendant will be good.
  • If you have to walk a lot while working, avoid heels.
  • Simple curls or straight hair are a plus point. Do not go for tight curls if not natural. 

First Day Outfit For University

Entering a university means you are mature enough to have a sensible dressing. Leave your teen high school fashion trends back and have some classy yet fashionable first day of uni outfit.

  • Have a simple nerdy look on your body. Wear the denim and dress shirt with the ethnic short sweater, grab a coffee cup and mark your existence from the very first day.
  • Want to be some chick and cool type of girl. Then a denim shot with a white T-shirt is for you. Add some spice with the black belt at the waist and a small pendant.
  • Starting the semester in winter, you can still be cute. Wear all black top and jeans and layer it up with the brown furry jacket and white shoes.

First day outfit of university

Things to remember

  • Again do not wear a lot of jewelry.
  • Avoid glittery and shimmery outfits, especially if it is summer.
  • Try to tie your hair in a messy bun or small ponytail.
  • Short hair is a good choice for a new and trendy look.
  • Do not wear high heels, may you have to run if you are getting late for a class.
  • Simple and cute glasses can never go wrong with any look. 

First Date Outfit

The first date is always special, and which girl does not want that the guy should have to befall at her in first sight? No one! Then take a look at these outfit ideas for an impressive first date. 

  • Have a brunch date in summer, then wear a long bright color maxi with a hat, sneakers, and matching purse or clutch, and your first date outfit summer is ready.
  • Fan of short dresses then wears a cute mini dress with plunging neck and catchy heels for a perfect drinks night.
  • The casual first date outfits are perfect for a lunch date—a checkered dress shirt and threaded jeans with the boot style heel and a casual purse, all good.

First date outfit

Things to remember

  • Do not wear a brand new outfit. You may not know what problem it may cause. It may be itching or/even uncomfortable.
  • Do not go for too much skinny and short dresses.
  • Do not wear heels if you aren’t an expert on them.
  • Wear minimum jewelry.
  • Wear a scarf for a supplementary look.

Make Up Trends 2021

The makeup enhances the beauty of women and gives compliments to the dress and her overall look. It is now an essential part of every women's everyday routine. They cannot imagine a single day without it. There are hundreds of trends the makeup industry has, like colorful eyelids in the 80s and messy eyeliner edges in the 90s, and many more. So what are the makeup trends and makeup looks boiling in 2021? Let's have a look.

 Colored Mascara

Colored Mascara

Color mascara is one of the most iconic products now. It gives a vibrant texture and enhances the eye makeup looks. This can go best for the day to day wear. It will be more appealing for the first day of school outfit one. It gives a colorful and cheery vibe and goes best for casual and funky school days. 

Stained Lip Color

Stained Lip Color

Stained lip color is a stylish and new way to keep your lips tinted for a long time. It is the perfect look for makeup over 50 ladies, as they do not like vibrant and glossy colors, so this can go best for them. The tinted lips are also very in, in young ladies. Now they have a huge impact on the last longer makeup looks. 

Long Lashes

Long Lashes

Long lashes are always an ideal type for women. They are always trendy, and for these millions of false lashes designs appeared. Although extra-long lashes cannot be included for day-to-day good makeup looks, they can go perfect for an occasion like your friend's birthday bash or a Christmas party at your neighbor's house. 

No-Makeup Look

No-Makeup Look

No makeup look is not exactly no makeup but minimal makeup. The light makeup look give a fresh and new look to the skin. It can be achieved by a good moisturizer and a high quality BB cream, nude color lipstick, and a touch of mascara. This look will go best with the above work outfits, natural and professional. This is the best makeup for older women as they prefer minimum makeup. 

Bright Eye Makeup

Bright Eye Makeup

Bright eye makeup was a class in itself in the 80s. And it is again here. Bright colors on eyelids making their presence. The shocking and popping colors like blue, orange, yellow, green, and many more are up-to-the-minute in 2021. They are giving rebellious vibes. The bright eye makeup are far from natural eye makeup looks as that look is not so trendy right now among the young girls. While the eye makeup for older women still cast bright color and blend it wisely with several makeup tricks for a flawless outcome.

Rosy cheeks

Rosy Cheeks

Rosy tint on the face in winter is the natural blush, but this year women are crazy to get those looks in summer. So the rosy cheeks become fashionable. Rose blush gives the winter vibe in the hot weather and natural tint. These rosy cheeks can go perfectly with your university outfits for a sparkling and natural look. Or even if you are attending online classes, this is the perfect makeup for zoom.

Liquid Contour

Liquid Contour

Contour helps for the perfect shape of your face. It illuminates and gives the idea of perfection to the one who is looking at you. But this year, the contour is trendy but in liquid form. It is more absorbable and gives a better result than the powder or solid form. This product is the base of the makeup for round face, heart-shaped face, square face, and other shapes. 

Glossy Lips

Glossy Lips

Matte lipstick, Outdated! Glossy lips are the new trend in 2021. The plump lips are just a gloss swap away. This is nothing but a simple method to in the fashion trends. The matte lips fashion is so 2018 now. The new way is glittery. The glossy lips can go hand in hand with the maxi date outfit. The red color will enhance the charm.



Freckles are natural, God-gifted. But these freckles that are supposed to hide back then now are fashion trends. Girls make fake freckles with the help of foundation and cotton swabs. These are the new way to showcase a natural skin makeup look. These freckles can go vibrant with the school outfits for a nerdy look. 

Graphic eyeliner

Graphic Eyeliner

An out-of-the-box approach and creative way to express eye makeup. This 2o21 trendy eye makeup is all you need to try. It may look something odd but believe it is the most trendy eyeliner stroke of the year. You can go all creative by yourself and play with your eyeliner pen to get the perfect line above your lids. 

Bold brows

Bold Brows

Last but not least, brows may acquire a small space on your face but has a huge impression. Right now, the bold brows are in fashion. Do not shape your brows extra light. Just use the tweezers and get rid of excess hair and let the brow in its natural shape. Do not smudge a lot of brow powder. Use the brow pencil to fill the outline and give it a form. 

Bottom line

No doubt every woman wants to be beautiful, as we discussed above, and also they want to be trendy and wish to go with the fashion trends. Ladies are always up to date on what is going on in the fashion and makeup industry. Which outfit ideas are trendy and which are over dated? Which trends of online shopping is active? 

Hopefully, the above outfit's ideas will eventually help you to rock the first days. Does not matter if you are going to school or university, on work, or on a date, you will bloom. Just pick the right makeup trend of 2021 with your outfit to complete the overall look. Do not try altogether. Pick wisely and nicely, and no matter what's the obstacle, you will definitely blow it with your power. 

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