4th Of July Shopping Guide: What to Buy (And Not Buy)

July 4th shopping extravaganza will urge you to splurge on your favorite items, but don`t get overwhelmed with the exuberant deals. It is the time to invest intelligently and save some cash for later purchases. Here is the shopping guide of what to buy and not buy for this Independence Day. 

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4th Of July Shopping Guide: What to Buy (And Not Buy)

Chic Red, Blue, and white, every person is in the patriotic spirit. The retailers, too, have offered colossal deals to sparkle the celebrations. Check out the holiday-inspired shopping picks but keep your hands off from tech deals up till Amazon Prime Day.

In the U.S. July 4th celebrations involve barbecues, impressive firework displays, an abundance of hot dogs and beers, inspirational speeches and epic parades. But to flicker these celebrations, retailers have decorated the sales rack with the 4th of July colorful deals. 

Learn which products are the best buys and not suitable for this July 4th shopping extravaganza.

What to buy this 4th of July

Yes, it is the big day coming but make sure your excitement won`t get you in Debts. Make your shopping decision with confidence without breaking the budget. 

You will see everything that has stars and stripes on it. Walmart, e-bay, Target, Best Buy, Sears, and Amazon all of them are stocked up with the 4th of July sales. You can expect massive markdowns from these giants. But don`t forget to check out 4th of July freebies and visit your local stores for 4th of July party supplies, firecrackers, and awesome deals on food from local eateries.

Add these things in what to buy on the 4th July shopping list.



It is hard to imagine a celebration without fireworks, and when it comes to the 4th of July shopping, it`s the fireworks that steal the show. You`ll need fireworks to accentuate those holidays on the 4th of July, the weekend is the best time to hit the stores and purchase those glittering firecrackers.  

Fireworks retailers begin receiving them in starting April and late May for the coming 4th of July season. Shop before all the best items sold out. Otherwise, all you will find are sparklers and snowflake fountains. 

These are the retailers that offer the best deals.

Independence Day Flags and Patriotic gears

American flag shop

Everybody naturally attached to and crazy about their Nation`s flag, especially in July, when there is a line of patriotic day celebrations. From decor to clothing, you will find the red, white, and blue colors everywhere. Especially in Independence Day parades. 

Flags fly high as Americans celebrate Independence Day. And, this year, a record-setting number of Americans are expected to hit the road for a holiday, with the flags in hand. The retailers know the demand and put the flags on sales so you can buy them without spending much. 

These retailers will give the best bang for your bucks on country flags.

Food items

fourth of july bbq

Add the flavors of patriotism in your food and spark the spirit of freedom by spending on food items. Spend some cash on local meats, veggies, fruits, hamburger, lemonade, baked beans, snacks, cupcakes, pancakes, hot dogs, potato salad, corn on the cob, apple pie, Coleslaw, and some beverages like champagne, beer, and wine.


outdoor grills

You will find grills at many major retailers for as much as 60% off. So, celebrate this Independence Day with some grilling delights. Brighten up a weekend BBQ party at the patio of your home or seashore. You can also shop Custom grilling tools for that special backyard barbecue festivity. 

Head to these stores to hunt down grill deals.  

Independence Day inspired t-shirts 

independence day inspired tshirts

You will see those chic, red, white and blue, star-spangled shirt in stock everywhere. These fourth of July shirts express the spirit of sports, swim meets barbecues and concerts. So it`s the right time to put some sparklers in your wardrobe with Independence tops and t-shirts and celebrate your freedom in style. 

Best places to buy attractive t-shirts.

Props and decor items for the patriotic day party

fourth of july party decorations

Party like its 1776 with some twist of modern party props and decor items. You can get some big-time savings on amazing patriotic 4th of July decor items. Put subtle décor elements and party props in your 4th of July shopping basket, because the holiday is just here. 

Buy Paint, balloons, foam soap, water guns, colored powder, glitter, 4th of July flag banners, streamers, balloons, dining ware, Globe string lights, patriotic lanterns set and many more.

These stores will give you some exciting treaties for America`s birthday,

Outdoor gear

outdoor clothing store

The holiday weekend is all about having party time. Get out with your family and friends to outdoor excursions because it`s the time when the prices on the outdoor gear are too less. From picnicking, beaching, fishing, items, to camping goods to outdoor toys, retailers have offered inspiring sales on outdoor living and recreation goods. Outdoor equipment can be a good addition to the 4th of July shopping basket.

These brands will give you the best deals.

Jewelry and accessories

fourth of july inspired jewelry

Cheers to the red, white, and blue colors! You will see a graceful combination of these colors in jewelry and accessories that actually worth the splurge on this 4th of July. Many stores offer elegant pendants, bangles, bracelets, rings, and other accessories for you and your pets. You will see an exquisite mix of patriotic colors with beads and pearls.

See some inspiring edits on these sites.

Travel packages

travel packages

Summer is a favorite season for travel, and when you get a weekend off, its good time to hang out. Thanks to the Fourth of July sales and promotions, it`s an excellent time to consult travel agencies and online booking platforms. Because they are offering discounts for those searching for last-minute trips on the holiday and planning getaways later in the season.

You can save up to 50% on hotels in destinations like Las Vegas and Los Angeles at Hotels.com by July 4th.

Best destinations for travel deals,

Taste the savings at restaurants

fourth of july celebration at restaurants

After the celebration of mother’s day and father’s day, restaurants come up with offering new holiday promotions. You don’t have to provide a full price for your food at restaurants, just use Coupons to get good bargains and enjoy the patriotic day with all the flavors of freedom. 

Avail all the 4th of July restaurant deals at,

Patio Furniture

outdoor furniture

Fourth of July is the season of grilling and barbecues, and if you need patio furniture for your next B.B.Q. Party, 4th of July is the best time to shop. 

Last year Home Depot offered up to 50% off sitewide which covered patio furniture and other larger items, and Target took up to 30% off outdoor and indoor furniture.  

So, keep an eye on the brands, they will offer discounts this year for sure. Make the most of the Fourth of July shopping festivals to enjoy the holidays at its best.



As with any holiday deals, the Fourth of July also gives a fair share to the mattress. If in any case you missed President`s Day, and Memorial Day sales, it`s high time to grab an attractive mattress offers at major retailers. Last year these stores offered up to 60% off on mattresses during 4th of July sales 2019. This year is also favorite for mattresses. 

Find best deals on mattresses from these stores.

What not to buy on 4th of July

On the patriotic 4th of July festive, you will find fantastic deals everywhere that urge you to spend all of your bucks. But be a smart shopper and invest your money wisely, because there are more opportunities to grab astonishing deals on Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday in July, and Back to School Sales.

I will put these items in 'what not to buy on 4th July` list in this Fourth of July shopping guide.

Laptops and tablets

laptops and tablets

Do not look for the electronics, especially laptops and tablets during the Fourth of July sales 2019. I know it`s difficult to resist yourself from buying your favorite tablet when you see 50% off. Wait for few more days as the Amazon Prime Day is soon to be approaching on July 8th and it`s famous for its tech deals. During the Prime Day week, other retailers like Dell, eBay, Microsoft Store, and Newegg will also be coming on strong with tablet and laptop deals. So it`s better to wait now to grab something big later.



Many retailers release new deals on HDTVs on Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday in July. So if you want to snatch more savings, then do not purchase HDTVs during the 4th of July sales. Wait for Black Friday in July which revolves around Amazon Prime Day. Last year, it took place on July 16 and 17.



Fourth of July is mostly about patriotic themes, and if you want to buy everyday clothing or party dresses, then it is not the right time to purchase. Clothing was the top item for deal hunters last year in Black Friday in July sales, and about 47% of people said that they were looking for deals on clothing. So, it`s better to postpone your plan on this 4th of July.

Kid`s bags and accessories

kids bags and accessories

Some incredible deals on kid`s bags, clothing, stationery, and other accessories are soon to be knocking at the door. So hold off from buying them on the 4th of July and wait for back-to-school sales. When the schools are about to open after summer vacations, many retailers offer incredible deals on these products. So if you want to save big on these items, add them in not buy to your 4th of July shopping checklist.

Smart home appliances

smart home appliances

It`s not a wise decision to shop smart home appliances right now when you can get up to 40% off at stores like Sears and Best Buy later. You can score some big deals on stovetops, fridges, washer-dryers and other major smart home appliances from top brands like Samsung, and Kenmore in Black Friday sales.

Bunch of coupons for your Fourth of July shopping trip

4th Of July Coupons & Promo Code

Make sure you have excellent Wi-Fi access on the 4th of July weekend. Retailers are offering some serious savings to celebrate Independence Day. I have tracked down the best promo codes to make your cost-cutting easier.

Sears: Save $50 on purchasing any Kenmore appliance worth over $400 by using the Sears Promo Code “KENMORE50.” 

Target: Save 15% on furniture items by using the Target Coupon Code “DEAL.” 

Kmart: You can save up to 50% on Patio Furniture collection. Get Kmart Coupons and deal today. 

UberEats: Get $20 off on your orders and free delivery by using UberEats Promo Code “EATS-ELIZABETHR1647UE.”  

MODLI: Get up to 45% off on all Dresses. Why not grab this and other amazing MODLI Deals

LEVI`S: Get 30% off sitewide and shop endlessly by using the LEVI`S Promo Code “HOL30.” 

Jewelry and Findings: Get up to 89% off on Best Seller Collection. Get Jewelry And Findings Deal right now. 

RockFord Collection: You can save 5% on all men’s diamond rings all year round on using the RockFord Coupon Code “RF5OFFAF”.  

Couchbed: Want to save up to 25% on Red couch bed? Get Couchbed deal now. 

Woombie: Get 10% off while purchasing Muslin blanket and swaddle by using Woombie Coupon Code “Muslin10.”  

Big Lots: You can save up to 50% on buying Patio Umbrellas and stands. Avail this exclusive Big Lots deal.

The Home Depot: Gain 10% off Pot Racks for your home organization project by using The Home Depot Promo Code “POTRACKSAVINGS.”


I hope that this 4th of July shopping guide will help you in making smart decisions before purchasing anything. Keep the patriotic spirit alive and whoop it up this Independence Day without breaking the bank. 

Spend smartly, enjoy liberty, and celebrate independence with joy! 

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