How Is Instagram Perfect For Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is on boom these days.  The social media platforms are ever changing – day after day we see the unique features and new algorithms on it. Although, Instagram is considered the best Application when it comes to social media marketing. Why? Let`s read to know.

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How Is Instagram Perfect For Social Media Marketing?

 Instagram marketing is steadily reaching high demand because of the high yield. Instagram has been able to deliver some stunning result in marketing. That is why this social media platform is perhaps one of the best places to be in, post contents which matter, and directly impact the human brain, vision, and senses. Why Instagram is such a hit and what made it so alluring for marketing is discussed here.

Some vital statistics about Instagram

Instagram was launched in 2010. Then not many people knew about it. But slowly it soared high to such popularity that now there are millions of users of this app and desktop site from all over the world. And users are also of various background and ages. The highest number of Instagram users are teenagers though, and mostly between the age group of 17 to 19.

Here are some more fascinating facts about Instagram, which will tell you how much it is in to use these days across the world:


The numbers of users of Instagram are constantly growing. The current statistics say the count has crossed 800 million globally active every month. 60% of the grownups use Instagram the other users are teenagers with most users being in the age group of 17 to 19. 

Let’s make it a little simple, go through the info graphs to know about the facts

Some vital statistics about Instagram

Hence, you can see that Instagram is such a great platform to be in to share content, post new things, make new contacts,create brand awareness, spread the message, make your market, get real Instagram followers, and get high-quality traffic. And by this time you know that you must give in time to create a business account in Instagram and use the full power of this social media engagement site.

General Operations

General Operations

To start using Instagram, you must learn a few things. You must know that Instagram can be operated from your computer and smartphone both. But when you manage it from the computer, you cannot upload photos to the account from a computer, and you will need the smartphone to upload pictures. Only from smartphone photos can be uploaded to the app.

The Secret Is In Opening a Business Account

You need a business account to operate Instagram for marketing for your website. Although you may do the same from a standard account too, yet business accounts get some special tools to fetch some Instagram user metric, which always helps more in analyzing your marketing work later and frame new ideas. 

On opening the app from your mobile, you will get the choice to login via your Facebook credentials, or use your email id or phone number to register and login. Here signing up with your business email is the first important step to follow. When you are prompted to enter the full name, enter your business name instead. And always pick a username which you want to be known as online. This will be your identity as the business, website, or the brand. Also, the username can later be updated to giving you some flexibility to think about it if you are in a hurry now.

Pick an Impressive Profile Display Picture and Design a Nice Bio

This is an important step that you choose an essential profile display picture for your Instagram account. The Instagram business profile must show that picture which aptly describes you and also serves as a brand icon or logo for your business or website. Also, remember that this image will be shown in a circular window. Hence you must choose such a picture which will be well visible in that setting too. 

You will get 150 characters to write a short bio here. And this bio will not be SEO friendly. This means you use or not keywords won’t impact search engines from the bio, and neither would hashtags. Therefore you have to write a nice introductory line here.

Why Use the Business Profile

Why Use the Business Profile

You must use Instagram’s business profile. If you have enrolled ordinarily, then also you must switch to the business profile. That’s because the business profile gives you the special tools to get insights on the account activity, the hashtag usage and views, the user activity, and many such things. These in combination are highly helpful in making your marketing strong.

Hiding Comments

In the Instagram business account, you can hide comments. You can make individual settings on your accounts page, where you can hide comments with specific keywords. This will help you prevent the display of comments which are harmful to your brand image. This feature is available in the business profiles.

Posting On Instagram

Posting On Instagram

Direct posting, sharing posts, reposting from other profiles, creating stories by using Instagram story maker, all can be done on Instagram in style. All you have to do is choose the right job with the right hashtags so that the tagging makes them appropriate for the niche and groups targeted.

Concluding Notes

Overall, Instagram has all the features to keep you engaged, keep your viewers engaged, and keep people entertained with all the exciting contents, and help you much in promotions, marketing, and displaying ads. Further, you may buy fake poll votes from Increditools to engage your audience. You have to organize the way you want to use these resources so that when you use them, you have a pattern in your mind that you follow. This will help you later evaluate what you did brought results or not and how to improve, continue or discontinue any activity. Instagram has all the flavors to make your social media marketing colorful, exciting and fun.

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