Popular Instagram Based WordPress Themes That You May Try

It`s a fact, where social media platforms are invading all the other mediums of marketing; Instagram is considered as the great source of content on any website. Whether those photos are from your own account Or another fellow Instagrammers`s profile thanks to these WordPress Instagram based themes, getting that content into your site has never been easier.

Published On: 2018-10-24

Blog Category: Social Media

Written By: Eva William

Instagram is currently the hot favorite social media platform, and if you choose any one of the top Instagram WordPress themes, you would surely be able to integrate Instagram seamlessly with your WordPress website. Instagram is focused on presenting high-quality visual content. Videos and images are shared on this powerful social media channel, and just by using the right kind of tools, you could showcase this attractive content on your WordPress site. Remember if executed properly, every firm, brand, company or even creative person could take maximum advantage of this robust social media platform. 

If you publish the fantastic content on your Instagram profile using the excellent WordPress Instagram themes, there is a considerable possibility of promoting your brand further.

Connect your Insta-feed on your WordPress website, and you could be using it as an extra attention-grabber. Everyone loves to see breathtaking photos and video clips, so that is the underlying reason for Instagram`s phenomenal success and immense popularity worldwide.

If you start using some of the fantastic Insta-ready WordPress themes, your feed could be showcased flawlessly on your website. You could blend the Insta-feed perfectly with your website`s overall layout simply by using all the premium features. Your readers must be given an opportunity to appreciate your creativity and peep into your life and know what you have been doing on a regular basis. Let us examine some of the most popular WordPress themes.



EasyNote would be giving you an easy and straightforward way of incorporating an Instagram widget effectively to the footer of the WP theme. It is supposed to be a clean theme with minimal design elements that give your content an ample room to breathe. The choice of layouts is just right for a broad spectrum of article formats. Now upgrading the navigation system could be an easy task because of the brilliant mega menus feature. Visit Gramblast for perfect suggestions.

Instagram Journal

Instagram Journal

Instagram Journal is a brilliant WordPress theme and plug-in double pack which provides all the tools you require for publishing your Instagram content on a distinct website. In case you still have not started your site, this theme could be a fantastic option.

Instagram Journey

Instagram Journey

In case you are a traveler, blogger, illustrator, photographer, food lover or you have something crucial to tell the entire world; Journey Theme could be the right choice. Tell the exciting story of your life using this fantastic and truly unique WP blog theme. Because of a simple and clear design with elegant and gorgeous details, Journey would be making your publication stand out from the rest.

Life is supposed to be a journey. Creating and running a website is undoubtedly a part of your trip. Your trip involves a lot of stories and adventures worth sharing with everyone. You may love to share the fulfilling experience of building a website that is currently being used by you. There could be some aspiring bloggers who would like to enrich their knowledge by reading about your experience. 

A theme that could be used is Journey. The Journey is regarded as a personal WP blog theme. You could come up with a captivating account of your journey. Try to be very creative to grab the readers` attention. The Journey would be providing you with specific ready-to-use demos plus a host of exciting features that help you in translating your dream of creating a blog, into reality. As far as, Instagram is concerned, the Journey theme seems to be fully-equipped with the necessary social media icons and a footer feed. Start your fascinating and thrilling blogging journey today.

Cavan Instagram WordPress Theme


Cavan is supposed to be a useful Instagram WordPress theme just perfect for creative bloggers who are generating content on a broad spectrum of topics. Every time, you are publishing a new article on your WordPress website, you could get to choose from an impressive selection of layouts of posts and make a decision regarding which sidebar widget would be showcased alongside the content. There is an Instagram feed among a remarkable variety of widgets that assists in integrating your WordPress site seamlessly with Instagram, the most popular social media platform.



CheerUp is supposed to be the bestseller theme for magazines and blogs on Themeforest.net. It is a beautiful theme with a host of modern built-in features. 

CheerUp is tremendously compatible with all sorts of minimal blogs and even elegant magazine websites. Over 500 plus demo combinations seem to be available with 11 unique and innovative layout designs. You could be building your blog by simply installing all the pre-made demos using just one single click. Alternatively, you could consider customizing the blog by selecting the blog header, slider, and footer styles from the demo.

You all must know that quick loading speeds are quite vital to the success of a blog. A fast loading site would be gaining highest ranking on the Search Engine Rankings Page.

 CheerUp is known to optimize the design and code for a brilliant performance. It achieved a score of 99 out 0f 100 when the blog is tested using favorite Google PageSpeed tools. Moreover, a striking characteristic of CheerUp is that it integrates with WooCommerce and is a unique WooCommerce theme. 

CheerUp helps you build a chic personal blog with absolute efficiency and flexibility.



Personal WordPress blogging is taken to a whole new level with Piemont which is a perfect WP theme. It is undoubtedly one of the best, cleanest, fastest, most intuitive and responsive WP themes for personal blogging with WooCommerce support. This theme could be utilized for business or individual needs for quickly creating and launching your WordPress blog.  Piemont is undoubtedly one of the bestselling WordPress blogging themes available on ThemeForest from 2016 through 2018. Piemont is supposed to be highly responsive and swift. It would be supporting the WooCommerce plug-in. It is a prevalent WordPress e-commerce theme. It offers five demo designs for importing demo data with just a single click.

Piemont is marked by universal homepage design. Thanks to this unusual feature, it would be helping you to create a blog using an individualized or personalized style.  You are free to custom tailor your blog with unrestricted color themes and header variations.


Themes are a way of giving up conventional design concepts and coming up with something unique. The Instagram WordPress themes are uniformly priced and offer immense possibilities.

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