How To Acquire a Casual Chic Look on a Budget

Every woman wants to look classy without overspending. If you are a fashionista and a savvy shopper then you might get budget blowouts at the end of the month. Take a look at this guide and get to know how you can turn into a diva without getting a dent to your wallet.

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How To Acquire a Casual Chic Look on a Budget

Everyone wants to look good and presentable. But, not everybody can afford the cost of wearing outfits that make them look chic. Although smart dressing comes with its own expense, the price is not as unreasonable as we think it is. 

A lot of people believe that to look chic and presentable, you have shell out a large chunk of your income to buy high-end outfits from top-notch stores. The truth, however, is that you can attain a casual chic look even with a lean budget. 

In a moment, this article will outline a few ways in which you can attain a casual chic look in the budget. 

Here they are:

1. Know your budget

Before you invest in clothing, you should have a clear cut budget. When you have a clear cut budget, you will know how much you want to explode on apparel. It will also help you to plan your spending and not overspend on irrelevant pieces of clothing. 

 2. Buy timeless pieces

Another way in which you can attain a casual chic look in a budget is by purchasing timeless pieces instead of trendy ones. A timeless piece is any piece of clothing that stands the test of time and does not go out of trend with changes in fashion.  

Although timeless clothing may cost a bit, it is still advisable to invest in them. This is because you get to wear them for a long time. Some of the enduring pieces that you can invest in are; slim-fit jeans, Oxford shirt, bomber jackets, white or cream blouse, black suit, and low-cut sneakers. 

3. Invest in custom-made clothes 

Investing in custom-made clothes allows you to look stylish without hurting your purse. And with the help of a seasoned tailor, you can turn a piece of ordinary fabric into something chic and edgy. 

Hiring a tailor will not only save you money but also allow you to wear clothes that fit perfectly to your body shape. These clothes will thus look good on you irrespective of how much it costs.  

4. Invest in thrift wears

Thrift wear is another option for you if you want to look stylish without breaking the bank. To get thrift wears, you will need to sift through different racks of clothes displayed at a thrift store. 

At the thrift store, you can get elegant looking clothes at a very affordable price. However, to get the best out of thrift stores, you need to spend time to pick out good looking for clothes from the racks of dresses available.  

Shopping at the thrift store is another way to get quality clothes that are in good condition at affordable rates.

5. Shop at stores that offer flash sales

Also, you should shop at a store that sells affordable and quality products. While there are many stores, some of the ones that sell affordable materials are; Sail to Sable, ASOS, Fashion NOVA, Bay, Esty, 6 pm, and Poshmark. 

Most of these stores offer flash sales on their products and thereby making their products more affordable. Some of these thrift stores have quality products from big-brands at a giveaway price. 

6. Search for online coupons

Also, you can scour the internet for online coupons. When it comes to getting online coupons manually, most people look for it manually. While this is effective, it restricts you too. 

To eliminate you having to go the manual route, tons of websites house coupon codes from different online stores. A good name to mention here is PennySaviour. Some websites are available in the form of browser extensions, thereby making shopping super easy. Some popular extensions are; Ebates, Wikibuy, The Camelizier, Slice Watch, and so on. 

7. Learn how to mix and match apparel

Another way to look stylish on a budget is to focus less on buying clothes and more on how to combine them. While everyone can buy high-end clothes, not everyone knows how to combine them nicely. It doesn’t matter what high-end outfit you wear, it won’t come out well, without knowing the art of mixing and matching. So it is crucial to know what goes well with what. For instance, a silk blouse goes well with jeans, and satin trousers are perfect with a cotton T-shirt. Also, you should always try out different combinations of clothes in your closet, and when doing so, be open to new ideas. 

8. Buy black clothing

Black wears look stylish, simple, and professional. So when next you are shopping, you should endeavor to buy black shirts, dresses, tops, pants. However, you combine your black dress with colorful and bright accessories like bags, necklaces, and belts. One significant advantage of black clothes is because you can wear them over and over again.

9. Buy one-colored dresses

One-colored apparel is elegant and appealing to wear. They can be combined with different attractive accessories like shoes, bags, and jewelry. Some colors that you should consider are black, sky blue, chocolate, and emerald green. Unlike multi-colored clothes, one-colored clothes are comfortable to combine with accessories like shoes, bags, and jewelry.

10. Invest in shoes and bag 

Shoes and bags play integral roles when it comes to dressing. They make you look gorgeous. They also complement your dressing. Although shoes and bags are expensive, they are worth investing in. It is preferable to buy a classy bag than to buy tons of cheap bags and shoes.  

It is also advisable to invest in trendy and quality shoes that you can wear for a long time. However, when buying shoes, you should go for something very comfortable. 

11. Replace plastic buttons with pearls

One way in which most people can tell how much your clothes cost is by looking at the buttons. Cheap clothes come with plastic buttons, which is a major giveaway. To look stylish in cheap dresses, you should replace its plastic buttons with pearls. Doing this will make your clothes to look more expensive and elegant. You can get pearls at a cheap price at stores like Forever21 and H&M. 

12. Stop being a trend junkie 

Stop following trends blindly. Instead, you should learn and create your own style. Also, the following trends are quite expensive, as it costs more money to buy what is in a fashion that casual wear. Also, you cannot wear trendy things for long, and it becomes undesirable and unfit to wear as soon as it is out of fashion. Instead of following your trends, you should create your style around your lean budget, and that reflects your personality.

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