How to Get Free Shipping at Kohl's

Shopping at Kohl's is always a good experience because you can buy all your favorite items at good bargains. But sometimes while shopping online you have to pay the standard shipping charges even for a $20 item. These tips will help you get free shipping at Kohl's on all of your purchases. Check them out.

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How to Get Free Shipping at Kohl's

Learning a few tricks to get free shipping at Kohl's can boost your savings. Avoid the shipping cost with these 7 most useful and least-known hacks.

Kohl's is the most beloved shopping destination because of its constant sales and steep discounts throughout the year. As it says in the slogan' expect great things,' but to cash all the great things you need to know some tips and tricks to shop at Kohl's. You can bypass most of the hefty charges when shopping online at Kohl's, and shipping charges is one of them. But it is only possible if you strategize. 

It is always disappointing to see 'you are $8.95 away from free shipping' after using all your Kohl's promo codes and Kohl's cash. 

So if you don't want your order total to be a hurdle for standard shipping, try these genius ways and avail kohl's free shipping every time when you shop.

1. Purchases of $75 or more

If you make a minimum purchase of $75 or more, you can get free standard shipping which usually takes 3 to six business days.  No promo code is required.

But in some conditions when Kohl's Cash and Discounts are applied, your subtotal will drop down the required amount of $75, and you have to pay the shipping charges. You can see an example of such a scenario in the image below. 

order summary at Kohls

So always make sure your subtotal is over $75 after applying all the Kohl's cash and promos.

2. Use Buy online, free store pickup option

Kohl's offers another way for shoppers to get their online purchases at home without any shipping cost. You can decide to pick it up yourself for free at the local Kohl's store near me. This is the best option for your orders that are below the $75 free-shipping threshold. 

Moreover, you can get some Kohl's cash ($5 usually) when you select the in-store pickup option. If you are lucky to qualify, you can get your Kohl's Cash with your pickup confirmation email.

How to place your order for free store pickup at Kohl's

Click on the 'free store pickup' tab and select nearest stores while purchasing a single product online. You can also choose the option during checkout for all your orders. Make sure you pick up your order on time because this option has a quick order-to-pickup time. 

How to place your order for free store pickup at Kohls

3. Use the Kohl's in-store kiosk

If your favorite item is only available online, and you don't want to pay the shipping cost, check kohl's in-store kiosk and get free standard ground shipping. For this to work, you must need kohl's app and have your phone's location services on in your mobile at Kohl's store.

It allows you to search inventory and track down the size and color of the item you need at 

Kohl's in-store kiosk is handy when you want to send wedding or holiday gifts straight to your friends and family.

4. Use Kohl's free Ship to Store offer (available for selected stores)

Kohl's also offer FREE Ship to Store if you buy something online. But the offer is restricted to selected stores. You can order your products from merchandise and collect them at your Kohl's store when it arrives. You will see 'FREE Ship to Store' option only on the products that have the offer as seen below.

5. Be the kohl's most valued customer(MVC)

Kohl's offer free shipping to its MVCs. MVC (most valued customer) is a designation only given to Kohl's Charge cardholders and Kohl's charge only given to those who spend $600 or more per year. 

How to get Kohl's free shipping for MVC?

Kohl's free shipping with no minimum is one of the perks of having an MVC status. You can get kohl's MVC free shipping code via email alerts during a monthly free shipping event each month. You need to enter the Kohl's free shipping MVC code online at checkout.

6. Use Kohl's free shipping gift cards

Don't want to spend $75 to get free shipping at Kohl's? Buy yourself a Kohl's gift card instead. Kohl's offer free shipping gift cards for its customers.

If you are purchasing an item for $25, you can add on a $50 Kohl's gift card, and avoid the shipping cost. You can use the gift card for later purchases as well. 

7. Use Kohl's free shipping Promo Codes 

Another great way to earn Kohl's free shipping is to find Kohl's free shipping Coupon codes and use them at checkout. 


These Kohl's free shipping hacks can help you save from paying those extra $8.95 which you can later spend on other items. Try these smart strategies and always get kohl's free shipping on your purchases.

So, what is your favorite Kohl's free shipping hack? Share your tips with us in the comments section.


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