How To Sit At A Desk To Avoid Back And Neck Crick

Have you got tired of dealing with your neck and back crick? Why not try these tips to relieve the pain? This article highlights the scientifically baked ways to heal neck and back pain and give you a relaxing day at the office and make you feel comfortable while studying. Read here to know the tips.

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How To Sit At A Desk To Avoid Back And Neck Crick

Sitting inappropriately at a desk with wrong postures can directly suffer the person into severe neck and back crick. Moreover, working long hours at an office can double up the effect on your body. 

According to medical science, continuing the unwanted sitting style can suffer the person into serious injuries. So, it becomes critical to know how you should sit at a desk while studying to avoid back and neck crick.

According to research, eight out of ten people can suffer in such cramps in the specific stage.

There are multiple things that you need to fix when sitting at a desk. Furthermore, if you do not correct your sitting posture, you may experience unexpected back & neck issues.

Here are some tips for you to avoid those excruciating cramps.

  • Get the Perfect Chair

One of the common reasons why most people suffer from these cricks is the wrong selection of the chair for working at the desk. All because, it’s what that is responsible for giving rest to sensitive areas of your body, so it is required to replace your irrelevant chair with the new especially made for the desk works.

Other than that, avoid using the other households sitting furniture like plastic chairs, single sofas, and other which are not suitable for working on the desk.

So, find out the best chair for your work, search on the internet, choose one that has an ideal structure and is smooth enough to sit for hours.

  • Choose the Right Desk

For computers, you have chosen such of the table that is neither high nor very low from your chair position. The irrelevant desk position has the possible link towards strange crick in several parts of the body. 

It is recommended use such desks that balance your arms towards the computer. In simple words, the ideal setup one that lets the user have easy access to the system without burdening their body.

  • Keep the Ideal Posture

The wrong sitting is what that directly disturb your body and result in a spasm in them. The back, neck, shoulders, feet, as well as your entire body structure, should be aligned suitably to be safe from the harm.

When you sit at a desk, avoid your back getting bend by keeping it straight. Set your neck at the normal position. More importantly, keep your shoulders back in their place, prevent them getting pulled towards the desk.

  • Lean on the Chair

Sit comfortably and prevent your back from leaving the lean of the chair. The back should be entirely supported to the chair, don`t let it pulled to reach to the table. Moreover, keep your neck on the level of your back, don`t push it forward otherwise it will result in you in massive crick in the neck.

To this end, the chair should be used to support your body and avoid your body to shift its position to work with the stuff of the desk. 

  • Keep the Feet on the Floor

Bending, folding and resting the legs improperly are responsible for causing stiffness and tiredness to your feet. Moreover, an unusual sort of crick can be felt if you don’t fix this.

The right way for resting the feet are to place them flat on the floor, avoid them to lean over the legs of your chair or any other object.

Moreover, resting the feet flat can also assist you in providing strength to your upper body to remain straight while working long on the desk.

  • Don’t push Yourself

While you work at a computer desk, make yourself adjust easily and comfortably. Don`t get hard in reaching your arms to the mouse and keyboards. Get the chair close to the desk so you won’t need to push your shoulders, arms and the hands to access the particular device.

Alternatively, you can keep the mouse & keyboard close to your hands so you will not need to trouble your body. The wireless mouse and keyboards will be the best decision for that.

Your shoulders should be exact in the standard, comfortable position, don`t push and neither pull them to access specific thing.

 In simple words, keep the chair in such adjustment so you will not need to try hard to work on the computer desk.

  • Adjust your neck with Screen

The cause of neck crick has the link towards wrong neck position over the screen.

So, don’t bend and nor raise it much; otherwise, there are possible chances of suffering from severe crick and crick in the neck. Adjust the screen position with your neck.

Moreover, if the chair is either high or low according to your screen, you have to adjust your eyes according to the position to view comfortably. Other than that, try to keep your neck at the ideal, comfortable position.

How to cure neck and back crick caused while studying at the desk?    

Undoubtedly, a cure for the stiffness and crick caused while you work long to the studying or your computer desk is crucially needed. So, below we have shared some of the tips that will help you get rid of cricked neck quickly!

  • Take Frequent Breaks

The prolonged stay at the desk causes spasms and stiffness in almost every part of the body. So, it makes us critical to give a side to the work by taking breaks. 

You should set sticky notes on your computer or the Smartphone so you can take a pause from your work and give a reasonable amount of rest to yourself.

To this end, a break from the bulk work on the desk is crucial to prevent the crick in your body.

  • Do some exercises

While you take a break from your work, do some stretching exercises to free off the neck and back crick caused by continuous work on the desk.

Walk for some minutes, look around the area, exercise your arms, shoulders, and back. Bend down and touch your toes via both hands to free the stiffness from the back. For the relief of neck crick, move your neck towards the right of the shoulder, take it back to center, and opposite to this, reach it to the left of your shoulder.

In simple words, you have to do some activities as possible to you after a pause from work.

  • Massage your body

Take some amount of coconut or olive oil, heat it, and directly apply it to your affected body parts, e.g., your neck, shoulder, back, etc. After that, massage them well with the help of your fingers. Do the process in round clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

For better results, visit the massaging saloon weekly as the professional workers will make do the job with their best.

  • Apply heat to neck

Pour the warm water in a plastic bottle, close it tightly and directly apply its heat to your crick neck. Keep it on the neck for some minutes and use the bottle to different areas of that. 

  • Rest your back

The correct sleeping position will be an effective way for you to cure the back crick plus get the relief.

So, it is recommended to sleep by your back, lay straight on the bed and try to give the complete support of the mattress to your back.


A day spent without sitting hours at a desk would be an unusual happening for the most. Since most of the peoples need to give a specific part of their day on the desk, so it becomes essential for every particular to stay free from the cramp and its effects.

To the end of all, the right posture, suitable workspace and some of the changes in the work style will hopefully get you rid of neck or back crick while you sit at the desk.

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