How To Travel With An Electric Bike in 2023

Electric bikes are now a great alternative mode of transportation. They are best suited both for short and long-distance travel. Read more...

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How To Travel With An Electric Bike in 2023

Electric bikes are now a great alternative mode of transportation. They are best suited both for short and long-distance travel. If you want to travel with an e-bike but haven’t had one yet and don’t know where to start, we will tell you all the things you need to know in this article. We will discuss factors to consider while purchasing an e-bike, and introduce the best e-bikes for traveling and their benefits.

How to pick the best e-bike?

Before purchasing your e-bike, you should at least answer these two questions: 

  1. Are you a beginner or professional rider?
  2. What is the direction of travel?

There are three main types of e-bikes: Class 1 - the motor only activates when you pedal and stops assisting at 20 mph. Class 2 has a pedal-assist mode with a top speed of 20 mph as well as a main accelerator pedal mode. Class 3 like Class has a pedal-assist only, but support keeps going until you reach 28 mph.

For beginners Class 1 is the best match. Another benefit of Class 1 e-bikes is the affordable price. Class 3 e-bikes are expensive and are intended for senior riders. 

The next step in selecting an e-bike is to determine your intended route. There are many types of e-bikes, such as mountain, road, and cross-country, so choose one based on your route map. You should feel very comfortable on your e-bike. The right bike is one that feels it was made for you. 

Mid-Drive VS Hub Motor

Electric bikes have two types of motors: mid-drive and hub motors. 

Hub bikes are the most affordable option. They are not as effective as mid-drive motors, but they are ideal for long-distance driving on smooth roads. Mid-drive bikes cost more, yet they are more powerful and balanced. 

Benefits of traveling with e-bikes

Less pollution more health 

The first and foremost benefit of e-bikes is eco-friendliness. It is a clean and efficient vehicle that benefits the environment and people. If you want to be fit and healthy you should include electric bikes in your habits. 


One of the great joys of cycling is discovering your local environment. You can go further with a long-last battery cycle e-bike. Actually the battery cycle depends on many factors such as the model of the bike, price, brand but it is quite possible to travel a long distance and return back with a good e-bike. The high-quality e-bike battery can last from 2 to 5 years. 

Absence of driver's license is not a problem

The driver’s license is not required for e-bikes. That is just fantastic. You can enjoy your ride before reaching the age when you will be allowed to drive a car. E-bikes also are more affordable than cars. 

The age is not a problem too

You can enjoy e-bike traveling despite your age. There are many e-bikes designed specifically for seniors. 3 wheeler e-bikes are perfectly balanced. You can even put your feets on the ground and the bike will still be balanced. You can also take a lot of things with you in 3-wheeler e-bikes, because you have a big basket there and the weight distribution is not a problem. 

Easy to own 

E-bikes are affordable not only because of low prices, but also because of online retailers. You can visit local e-bike shops or simply purchase the e-bike of your dreams. There are many online stores where you can purchase an e-bike nowadays. You will find a wide range of products there.

Though today it is impossible to imagine this world without online shops, some still may elude the online purchasing process. Actually, you can just open a bank account for online purchases and enjoy your safe shopping. It will allow you to get cashbacks, do online purchases easily and have proof of payment. 

Things to consider before traveling by an e-bike

Weight requirements

Before embarking on your e-bike adventure ensure that you meet the weight requirements. Read the manual to avoid difficulties and problems.

Bike racks

For better and secure parking use bike racks. The rack should be able to support the full weight of your e-bike and include additional features to allow you to securely attach your bicycle.

No way getting on a plane

One of the dangerous items strictly prohibited on planes is the e-bike battery. So, if you are planning to go half of the way by e-bike and half by plane, all you have to do is ship it. However, you will need to remove the battery and pack it separately in order to ship it with a special safety certificate.

Final thoughts

Electric bikes have a lot of benefits and can make your travel joyful. You can ride faster and farther with an e-bike. Moreover, they are good for your health and are eco-friendly. As you can see e-bikes are definitely worth buying, just make sure to choose the right one.