Knee Brace for Your Small Dog? Here Are Reasons Why They Can Be Useful

If you have a small dog struggling with its walkies, maybe it's time to consider a knee brace for them. Read the reasons why they can be useful.

Category: Pets     Written By: Eva William

Knee Brace for Your Small Dog? Here Are Reasons Why They Can Be Useful

Dogs wear a knee brace to support their knee joint. You can check out Hero Braces for options if you are already looking for one for your pet. While they're typically used by those who have suffered an injury or have a medical condition that affects their knees, they can also be helpful in some areas.

Reasons why your dogs would need knee brace

Below we will take an in-depth look at how these devices can be helpful to your furry friend.

On-the-go support

Dogs are active creatures. But not all of them get to be as busy as they'd like to be. Small dogs especially have trouble moving around because of their size and weight. 

Even seemingly inconsequential things like jumping up onto furniture can put a strain on their joints.

In addition, they also tend to run around everywhere, and if they're having trouble walking due to joint problems, this can cause them extra stress. Thus, a knee brace will give them additional support while running around so they don't hurt themselves.

Knee cap correction

A knee brace for a small dog can help to correct the position of their kneecap if it's misaligned.

This is especially important for small dogs with arthritis or other joint problems. It's also helpful for dogs with weak joints and ligaments because it can provide support during exercise and movement.

Cruciate ligament injuries

The knee is a complicated joint, and cruciate ligament tears can devastate a small dog's mobility and quality of life.

The cruciate ligament is a stabilizing ligament in the knee that connects the femur and tibia. However, cruciate ligament injuries are common in large animals but can also affect small dogs.

This injury can occur after a sudden impact or from repetitive stress. They often involve both knees at once, although one leg may be injured more severely than the other.

The other major ligament in this area is the medial collateral ligament (MCL). It runs along the inside of each leg from the thigh to just below where your pet's paw would be if he had one.

If this ligament gets injured, it usually causes instability in your dog's leg because it can no longer stabilize his knee properly during exercise or even walking around your house.

So if your dog has a cruciate injury, it will likely have difficulty getting up or down stairs or walking on slippery floors without slipping.

Statistically, cruciate ligament injuries are among small dogs' most common orthopaedic conditions and one of the most common reasons for euthanasia.

However, knee braces are not a cure-all for cruciate injuries. They won't replace surgery or help you avoid it. But they can help your pet regain mobility after surgery and may give you peace of mind that they are less likely to reinjure the knee joint.

Final Thoughts

Knee braces for dogs can be helpful at different stages of your dog's life. So, for pet owners with small dogs, knee braces can be a great way to provide comfort, a feeling of security, and an extra layer of protection.