5 Must-haves for Solo Female Travelers

Traveling alone is certainly a scary thing especially women have a hard time deciding to do it. But it can be pretty amazing if you prepare yourself for different situations. Check out these travel must-haves that can save you and your assets while traveling Solo.

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5 Must-haves for Solo Female Travelers

Traveling alone is certainly a scary thing to do. Women especially have a hard time deciding to do it. However, it can be pretty amazing in some aspects. It enables you to discover different cultures, meet people, get to know yourself more, and become more independent and capable. But your safety is way more important, and you should have to prepare yourself for different situations while traveling solo. 

That is why we are bringing some traveling must-haves for every solo female traveler. 

Portable Wi-Fi hotspot and power bank

power bank

Technology will always be at your back wherever you go. And it is no wonder since almost everything you need is there. While traveling you may be going to lose the phone’s battery fast. This is why you need a power bank while traveling. Portable chargers are handy and help you charge your phone while you are in your hotel room. You don't have to worry about your phone turning off and not being able to use it. 

One more thing to think about is not having Wi-Fi access everywhere. For these situations, a great portable Wi-Fi hotspot will enable you to use the Internet anywhere, anytime. It is certainly cheaper and better to communicate with your friends and family, and if you need maps, information, direction or anything, you can quickly get it. It will also provide you with games, movies, or social networks when you are feeling bored. You can also get these two as a joint product, which is way more practical.

Your phone-the greatest gadget of all


Of course, everybody will bring their phone with them today, that’s a given. Our advice will concern some tips on how to get extra use out of your smartphone. Firstly, have all emergency contacts in your phone, so that you can access them easily if you need something. Install a dictionary or a translating app if you are traveling to a foreign country so that you will be able to talk to them. Download maps that you are going to need and make sure you can see them offline if you don't have the internet access. Another great tip is to travel card-free because there are fewer possessions you have to worry about. You can download your bank's app and use to pay everything or pay bills while you are not at home. If you are visiting a foreign country, a good app for you would be a currency calculator to know the exact costs. 

Reusable drink bottle and grocery bag

drink bottles

Traveling is all about stopping at different places, buying food and drinks, and unfortunately, in many cases, not caring about the environment. Well, there is a way to be eco-friendly as well as make your trip more accessible and practical. The first thing we would suggest is reusable drink bottles you should carry everywhere with you. Staying hydrated is an essential thing, and with reusable bottles, you don't have to buy one at every gas station. You can fill it anywhere if tap water is safe to drink. The fact is you will save some money which you can spend on other important things. Another plus that satisfies women's esthetic nature is that you can get these bottles in different colors and prints. Another reusable item you should get is a grocery bag. You can get one of those that are easily packed and use them whenever you are grocery shopping. 

A secret hiding place for your belongings

travel backpack to save small stuff

 You are probably going to travel with your documents, money, phone, and many more valuable things. To be extra safe since you are alone, you can get some of the items that allow you to hide your belongings efficiently. Keep your shoes and clothes in your luggage, and the important things you can hide in separate shoe bags that have secret compartments for this use specifically. A revolutionary thing you can get is a bra with a stash in the middle where you can keep your money or cards and be extra safe.  Another great tip is to get a travel backpack and bag with many straps and zippers so that there is no easy access to everything inside. Get a security lock for your suitcase and don't share your security combination with anyone. 

Traveling pillow 

travel pillow

A traveling pillow is a must when you travel. Long hours spent in the same position can make you even more tired, tense, and can cause you neck and back pain. These pillows will provide you with a natural posture and help you get some good sleep, so you arrive rested and fresh at your destination. They can be of great help even at your accommodation if the pillow of the hotel room doesn't suit you. An ostrich pillow or hood are the good options if you want to go one step further. They may look odd, but never the less quite useful because they provide you with a micro sleeping environment. This means that no light or sound will distract you from a good snooze. This may be more appropriate for frequent travelers, but you can try it if you are not ready to give up on quality rest time. 


Traveling solo may seem scary and a tough decision to make, but it can be a lot of fun if you go prepared. These travel essentials will make the trip more comfortable and enjoyable, and let you relax as you don't have to worry that much about your safety. Besides, they will be there for all your future adventures.

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