PIQO Projector Review - The Industry-Topping HD Pocket Projector

PIQO mini projector helps you Stream content from all your devices anytime, anywhere with DLP technology. It is compatible with 3 million apps and other devices, project a 240-inch widescreen and has industry-leading battery life. Sounds interesting? Read this PIQO projector review for more details.

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PIQO Projector Review - The Industry-Topping HD Pocket Projector

PIQO mini projector is the rising star that delivers the best cinematic experience anywhere. It is portable and easy to use on trips. Here is the PIQO projector review for all the gadget bugs out there. 

We have been enveloped with screens in our everyday lives. From televisions, computers, to mobile phones, notebooks, and even smartwatches, screens have become a significant part of our lives. Apart from these small screens, we all adore big screens. Watching your favorite Game of Thrones series, or playing Nintendo Switch games on the big screen has its own charm. PIQO is that amazing small Bluetooth projector that is designed to reform the entertainment. You can purchase it at your pocket price with PIQO Projector Coupon.

Let's delve into the PIQO Projector review and get astounded with its exciting features. 

PIQO Projector Specifications 

PIQO Projector

PIQO Projector


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All projectors have the same functionality, to project an image onto a surface. But what makes them different from others? It's their specs. Here are the PIQO projector specs which are totally awe-inspiring.


We will start the Piqo mini hd projector review with its inspiring design that fascinates us the most. 

When you see it for the first time, you will notice that PIQO mini projector is built to adore. It seems like a mini Bluetooth speaker. The stylish cubical body is thoughtfully designed to outperform all the other portable projector in the industry. It is lightweight and has dimensions of about 2.25 x 2.25 x 2.25 inch. You can take the projector out easily. It is crafted with the premium quality material, so you don't have to worry about the damage. 

At the front side on the left corner, you will see a lens placed, which is a bit bump-up to protect itself. While at the backside in the middle, there is a remote control infrared sensor. There is also a DC-5V charging port, a 3.5mm earphone jack, and a USB port on the rear, while air ventilation, speakers, and focus adjusting knob on the left side.

Controlling of the projector is done via a touchscreen on top. You can use the media, apps, and more by simply dragging and clicking. Controlling the volume, screen dimension, and navigation is more than manageable.  


The more pixels on the screen, the better the picture quality. And a projector with a high number of pixels can be the star of the show. PIQO has got the resolution of 1920 x 1080 means a high definition 1080p best rated mini projector. PIQO is capable of projecting the maximum screen size of 240 inches diagonally. While adjusting the screen size is simple and easy. That widescreen resolution is ideal for computers, mobiles, churches, boardrooms and anywhere you go.


It is the measurement of brightness, the bigger the number, the brighter the projector. For space, when there is a lot of light coming, you need the larger lumens for a more vivid picture. And with 200 lumens, PIQO surpasses all other mini-projectors in the industry with superior brightness. You can enjoy an HD viewing experience in jaw-dropping clarity, whether it's day or night.

PIQO mini HD projector displays a brighter, more vibrant and better contrasted, picture even in the environments that aren't typically favorable for projector use. The picture quality stays the same in both night time and day time environments.


PIQO is compatible with almost 3 million apps and other devices. Stream your favorite shows on YouTube or Netflix, and play games all in 240-inch widescreen. It is capable of connecting to different devices with a variety of cords, plugs, and connections. It can instantly pair with any device regardless of the operating system. Compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and iMac devices. 

Projection technology

Piqo mini HD projector review could not be completed without discussing the projection technology. It is the key spec of the PIQO Projector. PIQO has the intelligent Keystone angle adjustment with gravity sensors that automatically adjust the projection angle for a perfect picture. With the touch of a button, the projector will correct its own angle. The DLP technology delivers Projection up to 240' (6 meters) with an LED light that has extended life.


PIQO is truly wireless. It can cast anything onto any surface from any of your devices by using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The Screen mirroring function is capable of all devices. Enjoy big-screen gaming everywhere. Play mobile, console, and PC gaming on ultra-wide 240' screen without any cables. 

Battery life

Another thing we love to discuss in our Piqo pocket projector review is its battery span. PIQO offers multiple options to power up and comes with a rechargeable battery. It has the industry topping battery life on which you can have 5 hours of video playback and 50 hours of music playback. Whether you are enjoying a movie marathon or party that lasts all weekend, PIQO won't quit.


Audio quality is also as important as visual quality. You can't overlook it. PIQO has a built-in speaker with the acoustics manufactured by professional engineers to emit quality tones without distortion. The sound is crisp enough to keep things exciting, but if you're not happy with the integrated speaker, you can easily plug in external speakers. You will enjoy nuanced mid-range tones, crisp audio, and deep bass and watch your favorite shows, movies and listen to music while on the go. 


It has a built-in memory of 16GB for saving offline content so that you can watch or listen without an internet connection. To ensure the projector runs smoothly, the company has used a 64 bit quad-core CPU in it.

Bonus accessories to complement PIQO

PIQO pocket projector review cannot be completed without its bonus accessories. PIQO comes with a remote, 3ft USB Cable, and a DC 5V plug (dual voltage). But you can also purchase other accessories to make the viewing experience more enjoyable.

Waterproof scratch-resistant carrying case

Custom Fitted Premium Carrying Case is made from waterproof nylon fabric to keep PIQO completely protected while on-the-go. It is custom made with a velvet-soft interior to ensure a secure fit and prevents scratches.

Flexible Tripod

The PIQO tripod is exceptionally flexible. Its legs bend and hang from any surface. You will find the perfect angle with this ultra-adjustable accessory. For maximum coverage, wrap the legs around objects or hang the tripod from a tree or shelf. Super lightweight, rubberized spring and foot grips hold fast in any ground.

Premium Aluminum tripod

This accessory will let PIQO project at any angle. It is portable, sturdy, goes anywhere and doesn't dislodge once its feet are down. Made with pure aluminum, and medical-grade plastic. It is the perfect tripod for PIQO. It is waterproof, rustproof and has rubberized foot grips that bring tremendous cinematic experience on travel.

120' Portable screen

Bring your own cinema-quality projection screen in your backpack with PIQO. This rugged matte-white screen is ideal for outdoor movie nights and is custom made for PIQO's dimensions. It is lightweight, machine washable, and wrinkle-free. You can enjoy 120' 1080p awesomeness in a blink. The screen will stay smooth and scratch-free regardless of the folding and shoving. Folds to the extent of a pair of pants, capable for easy hanging, taping, latching, or draping from any angle. Double-sided projection screen means no more Projection fudging as you run for more popcorn.

HDMI Cable

Set up PIQO to watch movies and play games by adding on premium quality high-speed HDMI cable. It can go with HDTVs, MP3 players, digital cameras/camcorders, and other HDMI devices. Six feet cable length with gold-plated conductors that resist corrosion and enhance connectivity and improves signal quality.

32 GB USB Stick

You can triple the PIQO storage with this USB stick. It is a perfect companion for watching movies or listening to music offline. It is a compact, high-speed flash drive that adds more storage to PIQO, game consoles, laptops, in-car audio, and more. Write up to 15 times faster than basic USB sticks, transfer a full-length movie in less than 30 seconds.  

Wall Mount

Add a custom wall mount to any wall or ceiling with its spring-loaded mount that attaches PIQO in seconds. It is the safest, most reliable wall mount that can quickly detach while you take PIQO on the go. Ultra-light, durable, made from military-grade aluminum alloy while the colorless mirror design makes it practically invisible.

Is Buying PIQO Worth It?

PIQO is a powerful 1080p pocket projector designed to travel with you. It is the next generation of on the go entertainment that turns your average media viewing into a cinematic experience. 

It is inexpensive and easy to set up and the best buddy for your family excursions or a tour with a group of friends. It is quite versatile in terms of connectivity and has got all the smart features that make it irresistible.  

What else you need when you have all these smart features in a single box weighs only 7.5oz (210g)? It is totally worth buying it! And After reading this PIQO projector review, you will going to buy it for sure. 


Those days are long past when you used to bring bulky projectors for any business presentation. Now the things have been changed. It is the era of smart and portable projectors that can deliver the best results with its advanced features. This PIQO smart mini projector review will help you make a good investment. So, if you're looking for something to shine a movie on the go, PIQO is the right choice. Go for it without delay.

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